Makeup Giant Geoffrey Rodriguez Talks RMS Beauty: The First Artistry-Inspired Organic, Non-Toxic Makeup

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Top makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez chats with EcoSalon on the RMS Beauty brand, the power of less-is-more, and the revolutionary new product we should all have in our makeup bags.

Geoffrey Rodriguez is as in demand as it gets: He’s worked with the most influential faces in the worlds of fashion and celebrity, such as American Vogue Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, Harper’s Bazaar’s Editor-in-chief Glenda Bailey, and actresses Emma Watson and Blake Lively, just to name a few.

To say he knows his stuff is an understatement. (Check out his full portfolio here and get ready for a jaw-meet-floor moment.) He’s a trailblazer for authentic beauty. It’s no wonder we wanted to pick his brain about RMS Beauty – the first artistry-inspired organic, non-toxic makeup brand – and how it’s changing the face (no pun intended) of how we approach our beauty routines, steering us toward a fusion of beauty, wellness, and minimalism.

Here’s what he had to say:

EcoSalon: What separates RMS Beauty from other natural beauty products?
Geoffrey Rodriguez: RMS is the first artistry-inspired make-up line that’s completely organic and non-toxic. As a contemporary lifestyle brand, it really answers the call for ‘minimalist’ beauty, which has become so important.

ES: How does RMS Beauty translate organic and natural beauty products into wellness, and vice versa?
GR: Each of the ingredients utilized in RMS Beauty were selected for their healing or restorative properties, so when you use the products your skin is getting a lot of great benefits.

ES: How has RMS Beauty educated the public on the intersection of wellness and beauty?
GR: I think it’s inspired a lot of thought about what we’re actually using on our skin every day, particularly when it comes to cosmetics. So many brands that launch bend the rules with certain ingredients. RMS is completely pure.

ES: What does sustainability mean to you?
GR: Using and purchasing products that are made exclusively from sustainable ingredients and standards of farming, harvesting, etc.

ES: What inspires you on a daily basis?
GR: Knowing I can make someone feel authentically beautiful is extremely rewarding!

ES: What’s your personal favorite RMS Beauty product?
GR: The Lip2Cheek color in Beloved, and the new mascaras.

ES: Speaking of the new mascaras, what makes them different from other natural mascaras on the market?
GR: There are two formulas [ one volumizing, one defining ] and they’re completely non-toxic! They’re also the first natural-based mascaras I can professionally say works as well as commercial mascara.

ES: Why should women care about the ingredients of the mascara they put on their lashes? What makes conventional mascaras toxic?
GR: The eyes are extremely vulnerable and commercial mascaras contain several harsh ingredients, like petroleum-based ingredients, harsh waxes, chemicals and synthetic fibers. Because mascara gets so close to the inner eye tissue, your eyes end up exposed to the harsh chemicals and bacteria, and are therefore vulnerable to infection.

To learn more about the RMS Beauty line, check out this fabulous tutorial. In it, Geoffrey teaches you how to achieve the perfect look for both day and night, while explaining the benefits of each product. It’s multitasking at its finest:

Are you ready to get your summer glow on? Check back on Tuesday, May 27th for our exclusive flash sale featuring RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer and new mascara! There’s only a limited quantity available, so get here early!

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