Mastering the No Mascara Look

Master the no mascara look by not wearing mascara.

Many ladies have tried to master the no-makeup-makeup look throughout the past year. Well, now you can ditch one makeup product from your no-makeup-makeup look, making this natural look even easier to achieve. So, what’s the cosmetic that many people may be ditching soon? Mascara…

When I first read about the no mascara look at the Daily Makeover, I was all, “oh, dear goodness, no.” The three beauty must-haves I always covet are my bold lipsticks, my BB cream, and my mascara. But after reading the Makeover’s post, I may try this trend soon.

Here are the basics on why this look is now trendy:

1. The pretty and the famous are trying it: File under “duh,” but it’s worth saying that the no mascara look has been all over magazines and models during the past few months. One of the most notable examples was when Uma Thurman went “mascara-free on the red carpet” earlier this year. People freaked, I rolled my eyes.

2. Brows are front-and-center: Oh, man. I have really prominent eyebrows, but I swoon over Cara Delevingne’s brows. This prominent brow look is quite popular even with normals (aka, you an me — people who don’t get paid to look pretty).

3. Bold lips are in… still: When you’re rocking bold lips and brows, you really don’t *need* to wear mascara. But you may still want to because you are human…

So, if you want to try the no mascara look, The Daily Makeover has a few tips.

  • If you wear glasses, start not wearing mascara when you’re wearing your frames. The frames give your eyes an extra umph. (I had no idea I was being so trendy when forging mascara while wearing my frames before — I just assumed I was lazy.)
  • If you don’t want to get rid of your mascara just yet, switch to a light mascara formula that adds color but not thickness or length.

What are your thoughts on the no mascara look? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Do you not care? We love all opinions concerning beauty, so let us know your thoughts!

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