Someday/Today: Mediterranean Staircase

Someday, a vintage Spanish staircase. Today, hand stencils straight out of Marrakesh. 


I would like build a staircase using vintage Spanish tiles like designer Betsy Burnham. Betsy believes in mixing thrift with couture, my beloved style. The unapologetic use of colors and patterns is spot on – both ponderous and exotic.


I can use stencils to create a Moroccan inspired staircase. Melanie Royal offers some pretty stencils for your home projects, particularly in the black and cream color palette, which is sophisticated. The mix of patterns is duly lovely. Care of My Marrakesh.


Someday/Today is a weekly column that inspires you to dream big for your home, and scale it to your lifestyle, always keeping sustainability of the planet – and your wallet – in mind.