Mina + Olya Launch Sustainable Couture Line

Launching a sustainable couture line in a fast fashion world creates challenges.

Heading into 2012, conscious fashion has become a way of life for many with (more than ever) consumers awakening to the impact that their clothing purchases have on the planet. Mainstream fashion houses have also recognized the need to reassess the way they create clothes, essentially breaking down time-tested work models and slowly incorporating new sustainability processes. It’s a situation familiar to many high-end designers these days, who are struggling to figure out how to slow down an industry whose pace insiders agree has simply become too fast.

So when Olya Dzilikhova and Mina Yazdi, decided to leave the world of finance and come together to found their upscale line, Mina + Olya, they began from the bottom up. Their vision for the kind of clothing “we couldn’t find ourselves: organic, timeless garments that could be worn forever,” said Yazdi, rose from their fully established commitment to the principles of environmental consciousness, fair trade, and fair labor.

The company’s first product line launched last month. Named Minolya, it features ready-to-wear coats, suits, blouses, dresses, gowns, skirts, and pants. With a nod to the elegant modernity found in the cut of clothing by designers like Jill Sander, Dries Van Noten and Oscar de La Renta, the line uses all organic and sustainable materials including 100 percent organic cotton, wool, silks and denim. In addition to sustainable fabrics, Dzilikhova and Yazdi are dedicated to producing the entire collection in California, with their goal to promote California’s economy and job force through local partnerships and production methods.

With dresses starting at $800, this is investment dressing.

”Each piece is designed to be worn on its own, or paired with collection pieces that are timeless and sophisticated, It’s a line that breaks the ‘green’ barrier and creates high fashion clothes that are relevant and accessible,” says Dzlikhov.

Rowena Ritchie

Rowena is EcoSalon’s West Coast Fashion Editor and currently resides in San Francisco, CA.