Modern Day Conundrum: Paper vs. Email Invites


Being an eco conscious gal in today’s society means contemplating the paper vs. evite debate when it comes to sending out party invitations. Which method subscribes to modern-day eco etiquette? Should this mother nature lovin’ mama send out snail mail, using paper resources and the fuel required to have postal workers deliver her invites, or should she save the trees and spread the word of a big bash via cyberspace with the touch of a button? Should we turn our backs entirely on the old-fashioned formality and enchanting elegance of opening an envelope in anticipation of an event?

I’m currently facing this conundrum in the planning stage of my upcoming baby shower. My chic and gracious host believes that electronic invites are noncommittal and tend to get lost in the shuffle or overlooked in overflowing inboxes, while tangible invitations received in one’s true to life mailbox are treasured, revered, and more likely to receive a timely RSVP.

As an eco-minded party planner, for the past several years, I have always sent out electronic invitations for events I have hosted: birthday parties, book clubs, clothing swaps, you name it. But I am also an avid fan of sending and receiving hard copy notes via regular mail, and it is true that there is more excitement involved in holding a physical invitation in your hand, than there is in clicking on a link to open one.

There’s also an array of savvy options available in both realms. Pingg, Paperless Post, and Evite offer online options aplenty for fans of electronic invites, and greener hard copy invitations may be ordered from sites including InvitationBox. Visit our previous post on eco-friendly and recycled gorgeous letterpress invitation options if you’re sticking with snail mail but want to keep it green.

Snail mail or email? Which type of invitation do you think really delivers? Let us know in the comments!