Movember Essentials: Natural Beard and Skin Care for All That Hair

Movember Essentials: Beard and Skin Care for the Natural Man

It’s November, er, my mustache got in the way. Make that, Movember.

The month of harvest, fall decorations, Thanksgiving, and yes, hairier faces. Sure, beards are hot these days. But in Movember they are actually doing more good than just looking good.

As part of the Movember campaign, Mo Bros let their mustaches grow for a cause by setting aside their razors to raise money for men’s health issues. (No Shave November is a different campaign that encourages men and women to forgo their facial and body hair maintenance for the month, and donate what they would have spent on razors and waxing to the American Cancer Society.)

Great causes, but all of this extra hair needs some tending to. Unless you plan to get your Grizzly Adams look on, you are going to need some good grooming products. And thanks to the facial hair fad, natural men’s grooming products abound.

Movember Natural Beard and Skin Care Essentials for the Hairy Man

Beard Oils: As with facial oils, beard oils are hot on the organic personal care scene. These healthy oil combos keep skin and hair soft and moisturized, and help to maintain a well-groomed look. They also smell terrific. Some to try are Brooklyn Grooming Beard Oil – Red Hook, Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil, and Valor Beard Balm – Firewood.

Beard Balms: If you like a bit more structure to your ‘stache or beard, or have a longer beard you need to wrangle, a balm may be more up your alley. Emollient like an oil and not quite a wax, a decent balm will help with hair maintenance while giving a smoothed effect. Try Beard Balm’s selection of waxes, or Badass Beard Balms in an even wider selection.

Mustache Wax: So you’ve decide to go full on handlebar for this whole no shave deal, huh? Okay, you are going to want to invest in a ‘stache wax. Get some firm hold going with Badger Mustache Wax. It also gives a glossy shine.

Beard Soap: Keep your scruff sparkly clean with the help of Brooklyn Grooming Beard Soap. The perfect way to start your day. Or suds up with a slab of Honest Amish Beard and Body Soap.

As for you ladies…if you do decide to take on the no shave challenge, at least it is pants and long sleeve season. To help keep your spirits up while enduring the fuzziness, have a scroll at these hairy beauties.

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