Music on the Go: Explore the New Indie Shuffle iPhone App

Mobile music exploration.

Not a day goes by at EcoSalon without a visit to Indie Shuffle. A music blog devoted to music that covers indie rock, hip hop, alternative, folk, punk and everything in between, it’s an excellent place for discovering new music.

With Indie Shuffle’s new iPhone app, (don’t worry, the Android version is coming soon) you can now do all of that music exploration on the go. The app is like the Indie Shuffle blog, using SoundCloud to stream tracks and lets you favorite music, create your own playlists, or just listen to the most recent picks of the Indie Shuffle team.

That means you get a curated music experience, with some of the best in new music, and you’ll certainly be finding a whole lot more hipper stuff than that one Gotye song.

Best of all? No audio or banner ads, meaning you get music without any interruptions of any kind.

Download the app here, and start dancing on the go.

Images: Indie Shuffle

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