5 Natural Flea Care Tips


You’re resolved: toxic chemicals are out of your life. Now how about your fellow creatures? Our pets deserve natural care too, but fleas are often the biggest pet problem we have to buy chemicals for – or do we? Here are some non-toxic flea care ideas to help you keep your animal companions – and your home – safe and organic.

-B vitamins and garlic are natural insect repellents, so supplement your pet’s diet with a pet safe vitamin. Healthier animals are more resistant to pests and diseases, too. It might take a few weeks to notice the effects, so consider this part of your long term flea treatment.
- Regular flea combing is essential to making sure eggs and insects never stay on your pet long enough to matter. Simple daily brushing pays off! Plus, it helps you bond with your little buddy.

-Castorand Pollux makes a flea collar infused with naturally insect repelling essential oils.

-Keep the environment flea-free too. Use diatomaceous earth or boric acid to keep fleas and other pesky bugs at bay. These are minerals that cut up bug’s stomachs, without having any toxic effect on humans and animals.

-Biological control: There’s a nematode, called the ‘killer roundworm’, that feeds on flea larvae, and you can buy bottles of it, add water, and spray the tiny worms around your yard. Supposedly they will die out once they run out of fleas to eat, but I’d do a little more research before introducing another species into the garden. Ask your vet about it.

And we love to hear your personal pet stories, so let us know what has and hasn’t worked for you.

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10 thoughts on “5 Natural Flea Care Tips

  1. The roundworm route seems a bit scary! I’ve heard of success with garlic pills for dogs but my cat won’t go near it (they aren’t tricked by wrapping it in bacon like dogs, lol). I’m going to try the other suggestions, thanks.

  2. I’ve tried everything!

    Nothing works, not even the harsh chemicals like frontline for me because I live in a urban city where my little dog is exposed everyday to more fleas from the parks, dog encounters, and cafe floors.

    The only thing that works is combing him everyday. I have a natural spray for the house of neem oil and a natural eucalyptus collar. I don’t know if it really helps or not?

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  3. Great idea to let our pets having a green life too. It will have a positive effect for everybody.

  4. put eucalyptus cuttings under the furniture. my mom used to do this when i was young, perhaps it’s placebo but it seemed to work.

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  7. Living in dry Arizona we don’t have major flea problems, but our catch does have the itchies and after some rainy weather I noticed a few bites on my own body. So every morning I’d take her outside and rub tea tree oil and lavender into her fur. She hated it, but those strong smells probably made her few fleas jump away…and it seems they’ve never come back!

  8. Great tips. I seem to be victimized even more than my cat and dog. Avon calling!

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