Do You Know These 9 Natural Tooth Care Tips?

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A few years ago, a dentist told me I’d need dentures by the time I was 50 – that’s how bad my teeth and gums were. Granted, they didn’t look bad – my teeth are strong, straight and pearly white – but my gums were already declining. I was brushing twice a day, but I wasn’t flossing and I was eating plenty of sweets.

After two root canals (and I’m only 30!), I take much better care. I still don’t floss as often as I should, but at least it’s more than I used to. I’d like to save my teeth, and save money too. Here are my natural dental care tips:

-First and foremost, use a tongue cleaner. I know, it sounds icky, but the slimy stuff on your tongue when you wake up is plaque. It’s ickier to leave it on.
-You have to floss. There’s no way around it. Do anything to make it fun! My husband and I have made a pact to remind each other to floss every morning. Do we always remember? No, but it’s a start!
- Use ayurvedic toothpaste for the best blend of warming, astringent and detoxifying herbs. These herbs will promote gum circulation, tightening and cleansing.
-Sprinkle baking soda on your toothpaste for extra cleansing and whitening.
- Brush a few times a week with a paste made of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Rub this on your gums too.
-Rinse with green tea for a natural fluoride wash.
- If you get a toothache after all that, clove oil works wonders. Apply directly to the painful tooth with a Q-tip so you don’t get the burning oil on your gums. A paste of ginger and cayenne powder also works.
- Check out Pristine Planet’s dental care page for a variety of natural products for teeth and gums.

- May as well green up the routine, too! Use a Preserve toothbrush made from recycled plastic.

I often grumble about all the work and time it takes to care for my teeth, but I suppose it’s better to have teeth to take care of in the first place! Let us know your own dental care tips in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “Do You Know These 9 Natural Tooth Care Tips?

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  2. These tips would be helpful to my childhood friend back in Los Angeles, ’cause she just contacted me and asked for ways to dental care. I’m wondering if she smokes already, and if that, made her ask some advice from me. Anyways, I’ll just send this link to her via e-mail for her to self.nn

  3. Hi your fine ive got problems with my mouth to i have a gum disease. Look i just wanna get to know u first okko.

  4. I was recently in kenya where a lot of people used a natural soft twig as a substitute for a toothbrush and it seemed to work quite well.

  5. wow what a brilliant site – and Lisa I am going to try your mix when I get home lol

  6. I make a powder mixture of baking soda,zylitol (kills plaque),seasalt, and powdered sage. Mix these and dip your toothbrush, with a little toothpaste on it, into the mixture. do this before bed.

  7. Good insights about the teeth! Also watching sugar intake will help, I think. Some will brush their teeth at night, but then have a drink and go to sleep. That sugar gets to work all night.


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