Naya Organics, Where Less Is More


I grew up thinking it was completely normal to slather my skin with products featuring a complex, unpronounceable list of ingredients. Most of us probably never even thought twice about it.

But awareness is rising and many of us just aren’t tolerating toxins anymore. Smart entrepreneurs are stepping up to fulfill the growing need for skincare made of completely natural (and often edible) ingredients. If you like to feed your skin only the finest, add Naya Organics to the menu.

Stemming from a literal interpretation of the “less is more” philosophy, Naya’s scrubs and body oils literally contain only the simplest, most natural of ingredients. There’s nothing that was created in a lab.

I’ve been trying quite a few of the products. I recommend you use the coarse salt scrubs to exfoliate your skin and the lightly scented oils to protect and replenish. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a hard time deciding – go for the sample pack with a little bit of everything. And be thankful that you don’t have to “treat” your skin to strange, complicated chemicals anymore.