Need an Eco House? We Deliver the Nuts and Bolts


Look into the future of custom housing: steel frames and insulated panels delivered to your lot for quick, on-site assembly. That’s what’s being done at Eco Steel, a firm of architectural visionaries that connects with other forward-thinking industry partners to deliver these dwellings to homeowners and businesses. Instead of fully finished prefab, the building systems gives you an excellent shell to be finished by your own green contractor.

EcoSalon has been singing the praises of modular prefab dwellings, not just because they often contain recycled content but because they are energy efficient, space saving and low maintenance. These ones designed by Eco Steel tout thermal efficiency and LEED rating benefits.


A fine example of their custom projects is the Goshawk Ranch in Park City, Utah, where Eco Steel is based. This fabulous structure features solar powered radiant heat, low voltage lighting, electric generating windmills, robust grey water irrigation and an outdoor amphitheater.


The company also used eco-friendly steel to construct these Scandinavian-style three-story residential lofts in the coastal Delaware town of Rohoboth Beach. They are engineered for extreme wind loads, and come in 4-bedroom options for multi-family use. Weathering all kinds of climate (and climate change) is a goal of the architects. They also cut down on the time and cost of building a conventional custom house.

“Our building system is a hybrid that offers faster construction and higher quality than traditional means yet is less expensive and more flexible than full prefab techniques,” says Eco Steel.

Your job is to find the land and the right contractor to complete the task.

Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.