Normcore is the Latest Trend in Modern Home Decor: Making a Statement with Neutrals


Whether in fashion or in home decor bland is in. Learn more about the normcore fashion trend.

2014 saw the rise of normcore, an ironic hipster fashion trend featuring the blandest of mom jeans, khakis, plain button up shirts, neutral palettes and the like, and all with the goal of making a statement by not making a statement with fashion.

The Oxford Dictionary blog weighed in on the trend and Vogue has called for it to end, but normcore has persisted. Many have realized that normcore, albeit in a less ironic way, existed before hipsters adopted it as their latest fashion statement. And the normcore trend has shifted gears from just a fashion focus to being the latest modern home decor trend.

Let’s face it, some people enjoy unfussy, staid and practical fashion and home decor that isn’t about making a statement. Instead, the goal is to be comfortable, blending in and not standing out. While for some, the idea of neutrals and normcore in home decor sounds like a nightmare, others are drawn to the concept because to them our homes should be about function and not necessarily form. This balance between form and function is what defines the various trends of the modern home decor movement. If you choose artistic color combinations and world market pieces, then your decor is Boho Chic, but if you go for neutral walls and furnishings with an emphasis on functional living, then your decor could be called normcore.

Examples of the Normcore Modern Home Decor Trend

Modern Home Decor Chair

Brasserie Dining Chair – There are no frills about this chair. It’s long on function and short on form and is a pretty standard chair that you’d run across at any banquet hall.

Modern Home Decor Loveseat

Henry Loveseat – This loveseat in neutral taupe is pretty just about clean lines and easy comfort. The goal is to not try to create any particular statement, but just to offer seating.

Modern Home Decor Table
Christopher Dining Table
– This unfussy table and practical table is perfect for this new neutral trend.

Modern Home Decor Lamp

Hektar Lamp – This lamp isn’t going to knock anyone’s socks off, but it is going to provide light and that’s enough.

Modern Home Decor Bed

Merrick Bed – A bed should keep your bed off of the drafty floor and provide support for reading in bed, any other decoration is pretty much unnecessary.

Modern Home Decor Rug

Montague Rug – When you need a rug to warm your feet, a neutral color without pattern will suffice.

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