Born Agreen: 10 Offbeat Recycled Wonders We Love


An old mill sack destined for the landfill is born agreen as a useful shopping tote. Old neckties are spun into shoelaces to jazz up Converse high tops. Yes, visions abound in the world of product-storming as a new crop of eco entrepreneurs spot a market ripe for recycling one man’s junk. Some of the treasures emerge as functional everyday items. Others are purely newfangled art. Either way, they are among the new wonders of the world. Here are 10 we love:

1. Silk Necktie Shoelaces, $8, from Etsy


2. Bordbar Recycled Airport Trolleys are on a roll in Europe (also shown at top)


3. Fish Lips Recycled Gift Wrap Paper, $4, has the throw-away mentality covered


4. Re-Lites by Jerry Kott are pendants forged from discarded bottles


5. ReBagz Mill Sack Tote is ideal for the neighborhood farmer’s market


6. Eco-Pop Recycling Container made from 65% recycled materials


7. Bike Furniture table by Andy Gregg is peddled to the stylish young urbanite


8. Found objects take flight in the Moth Sculptures by Michelle Stitzlein


9. Deborah Lindquist’s dog sweaters from recycled textiles, $99, are barking magnificent!


10. High design goes playful with the Gold Toy Mirror by Ryan McElhinney


Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.