Oh, Bag, You Are So Beautiful To Me

Well, hello there you gorgeous bag, you! I am so happy we have finally found each other. You have traveled a long distance to be with me. Although you did burn some fuel traveling from Finland to meet me, the fact that you are made from 100% natural and sustainable linen and are therefore durable and long-lasting helps to make up for those miles burned.

I appreciate how your Scandinavian designer Hau Nauz took the time to make you by hand and lovingly silk screen your unique print. You’re organic and soft and you come in a variety of interesting shapes to hold whatever I ask of you.  Now if only I could decide which beautiful bag to spend my days with, the over-sized Rumba Bag or the lady like Swing Bag? Either way, I know we’ll be happy together for years to come. Available at House + Wear or Beklina starting at $65.

Images: Hau Nauz and Beklina