OMG – ‘Twin Peaks’ is Coming Back in 2016

Dale Cooper in "Twin Peaks."

Did you hear the news? The wonderful news? “Twin Peaks,” David Lynch’s cult television show from the 1980s, is coming back. To Television. 

On October 7, “Twin Peaks” fans got official word that the beloved series will return to Showtime in early 2016, 25 years after the original run of the series ended. The Showtime resurrection will last nine, glorious episodes. Variety reports that David Lynch and Mark Frost are working on the scripts, and Lynch is planning to direct every episode.

The new episodes will take place in “the present day” and, according to Variety, will “continue the storylines established in the second season.” The episodes will not be a reboot of the original storyline, but a continuation. Frost says the storyline will reflect the years fans last saw the series’ key characters. Frost also told Variety that the story threads being continued were “baked into the last episode” and that the passage of time is an important story element.

So, why are Lynch and Frost bringing the show to Showtime? Gary Levine, executive vice president of original programming, was the ABC executive “who developed and championed the show during its original run,” reports Variety.

While Lynch and Frost have always talked about bringing “Twin Peaks” back to the small screen, it wasn’t until three years ago when the duo began to seriously contemplate the cult classic’s return. Last week, the Lynch and Frost (along with Kyle MacLachlan), began to tease a return on Twitter.

No word on who will be casted in the show or about the show’s shooting location. Also to be determined: If this continuation will be a one-time limited series, or an ongoing show.

To ramp up excitement for the show’s return, Showtime will air the show’s first two seasons before the 2016 premiere.

You can obviously tell by the tone of this article that I am over the moon about this news. This strange show formed my personal tone of humor and oddness, and showed that storytellers can weave yarns in an offbeat manner. Two clips that prove this point:

If you’ve yet to be bitten by the “Twin Peaks” bug and don’t get what all the hoopla is about, you can check out the first two seasons on Netflix.

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