One Does Not Swig One's Craft Beer


What could be better than sitting in the garden, reclining in a sun-baked chair, filled with joy at nature’s bounteous splendor? The answer is: being full of beer while you do it.

Since a little alcohol is healthy, a drop of the world’s oldest beverage fits nicely into a balanced lifestyle. But what about your principles? The good news is that – as with other artisan foodstuffs – the craft-brewing movement is gathering strength (take American Craft Beer Week, for example) and working hard to shake off the boozy male drinker stereotype. Yes, it’s official: craft beer is the perfect tipple for discerning, chic women, and the next generation of brewers reflect that.

But you’ll be thirsty by now, so enough of the big picture. For a guaranteed eco-friendly brew, try one of New Belgium Brewing‘s range. (The name? Years ago the founder cycled through Belgium – celebrated in the brewery’s “Fat Tire” ale). New Belgium has installed the greenest in energy-conserving features including generating electricity from reclaimed methane gas and sensor-regulated ventilation. Connoisseurs agree the beer’s a class act.

Eco-friendly beer: its time in the sun has finally arrived. But maybe you know that already, in which case – what sustainable microbrews can you recommend?

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