Easy and Affordable Organic DIY Dog Food Recipes


Anyone who has ever loved and cared for a pet knows how deep and all-encompassing the affection between human and canine can run. Most dog owners would do anything for their furry best friend, especially wanting to ensure that they live as long and as healthy of a life as possible. We take the time to make nutritional, organic meals for other members of fur family, so why not offer our pooches a homemade meal, free of the cancer causing, harmful fillers and questionable ingredients found in most dog food brands, and one we’re certain won’t end up on a scary pet food recall list? It’s time to invite Fido to fine dining!

Here is a menu for a day in the life of a lucky dog – complete with an organic feast for breakfast and dinner that will keep your pup’s tail wagging as he licks his bowl clean. Both of these recipes have been tested and adored by dogs I personally know.

Tailor the recipes below to yield the amount you’d like to feed your dog, whether for one meal, or if you’d like to cook enough to freeze for a week’s worth of food, or just enough to have leftovers for the following day.

Organic Breakfast for Dogs

Organic Oatmeal:

  • Prepare organic oatmeal according to box instructions, or make from scratch if buying organic oats from the bulk aisle of your local health food store.
  • Once oatmeal is cooked, add a couple spoonfuls of organic cottage cheese and sprinkle in organic blueberries, pears or mandarin oranges depending on your pooch’s palate.

Organic Dinner for Dogs

Organic Pasta Salad:

  • Prepare whole wheat pasta according to package instructions, or cook brown rice gluten free pasta if preferred. *Note: spiral, penne or macaroni noodles are easiest for dogs to eat.
  • Toss cooked pasta with mixed organic steamed vegetables (carrots, potatoes, lima beans, broccoli, green beans)
  • Add cooked organic chicken pieces
  • Add organic cubes of cheese

Top tip: A meal of steamed white rice and boiled chicken may help provide relief from gastrointestinal upset for your dog.

As you foray into cooking meals for your dog, for your reference, here’s a comprehensive and informative list of foods that you should never feed your pooch.

Additionally, the ASPCA offers, “Homemade diets require a substantial amount of work to ensure that the final product includes a complete nutritional balance. It is very important to follow recipe directions exactly, not allowing for substitutions or omitting of ingredients. If you wish to use a homemade diet, please consult with your veterinarian or an animal nutritionist for an acceptable recipe.”

The recipes listed here are just a starting off point. Talk to your vet about quantities and specialized recipes that will best benefit your individual dog.

Image: Ed Yourdon