Organic, Vintage-Inspired Kids Clothing That Fits For 3 Years

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A new line of sustainable kids clothing is now gathering funding on Kickstarter. Find out how Nula Kids can simplify your life and your little girl’s closet.

There are lots of sustainable clothing brands out there, and plenty that offer organic, toxin-free options for the wee ones. The only problem is that while these high-priced alternatives may be better for us and the planet, they’re outgrown almost before we can say “aww!”

Friends Ashlie Kodsy and Erica Murphy firmly believe that living low-impact lifestyle means choosing fewer, longer-lasting items, so they decided to start a children’s clothing line for families who feel the same.

Nula Kids is a line of playful children’s garments (little girls only, for now) that are designed to grow with your kids for at least three years. Kodsy and Murphy spent more than a year researching different textiles for the line, finally settling on an organic cotton/hemp blend that is extremely long-lasting, sustainable fabric. The designs–simple tops, bottoms, and dresses–are a result of the designers’ love for vintage-inspired textile prints and playful, innocent children’s clothes.

While there’s no doubt that the outfits are adorable, I questioned how Nula Kids could really last three years on an active child. After all, clothes have come with adjustable straps and elastic waist bands for decades, but that doesn’t mean they can keep up with a growing child.

“Most designers include elastic in kids clothes for ease and comfort, but they are not designing styles that will fit for a long time,” explained Murphy. “We’ve worked to perfect the details of how each style fits (each one has gone through many prototypes) and added design elements to make sure they actually look good for three years. Our clothes do not look like they are two sizes too big the first year.”

Closer inspection reveals clever design elements that will allow your child to wear the same garment for three years without looking like they’re swimming in a hand-me-down, or squeezing into something that’s too small.

The waistband of the Lucy Shorts is made with button-hole elastic, which is more adjustable than a regular elastic waistband. In addition, the “paper-bag” style looks good, and intentional, even in the first year, when it’s going to be gathered at the waist.

The Addie Dress has add-on pieces that attach with hidden snaps to make the dress longer.

The Isabeau Jumpsuit has a one-inch wide elastic band at the bottom of the pants and clean finished seams on the inside. So, the pants are easy to cuff and look perfectly normal even when rolled several times. The pants hit at the ankle, so they will not drag the ground or wear thin at the fold lines.

Yes, Nula Kids still costs more than the average garment you could snap up in a Target clearance sale, but you’ve got to think, will that top or pair of pants really last your child three years? Probably not.

Want to see Nula Kids produce their first collection right here in the USA? Consider making a contribution to their Kickstarter project here.

Images: Nula Kids