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Want Michelle Pfeiffer’s Diet Secret? (Hint: Hold Your Breath)

Michelle Pfeiffer revealed to the UK’s Telegraph that when she first came to Hollywood at age 20, she became involved in a cult who called themselves “breatharians”. The now 55-year-old actress explained that when she first met the couple who introduced her to the lifestyle, she thought they were simply […]

Soy Lecithin and the GMO Secret

Take a look through your cupboards. Read the ingredient labels on your organic and natural food products (and your conventional ones). You’ll likely see soy lecithin on a large proportion of labels. You probably don’t know that the soy lecithin in your organic food is most likely from non-organic genetically […]

Foodspotting Friday: Sweet Potato Fry Frenzy

Food porn in the way of sweet potato fries. In Foodspotting Friday we like to bring you some of the best of the best in food photos from our favorite app, Foodspotting. Yeah, yeah, we’re completely and utterly food porn obsessed, but you’re right here with us reading this post, […]

Behind The Label: Nike Better World

ColumnNike has proven that it can “just do it” when it comes to incorporating sustainability into its supply chain… or has it? Not so long ago, the Nike brand was synonymous with sweatshops and child labor. But over the past decade, it has successfully reinvented itself into a poster child for innovation […]

Daily Track: 128 Harps – Four Tet

Every day is better with a new track.  128 Harps by Four Tet Every day we bring you one track for a little musical inspiration. Have a track you want to submit? Email us at contact@ecosalon.com. Image: The Music Ninja

Why Does HIV Stigma Still Exist?: #NowWhat

While there still isn’t a cure for the virus, those with HIV can keep it at bay by taking antiretrovirals (ARVs) and expect to have a long and healthy life (and healthy relationships). Although all humans with an Internet connection and a brain can easily research facts about HIV, many […]

17 More Ethical Jewelry Choices for the Responsible Fashionista

One of the things I struggle with is how to balance my love of fashion with my desire to be a socially and environmentally responsible shopper. I eschew fast fashion, choose more sustainable fabrics, but I struggle with my sustainable jewelry options. I recently went looking for more ethical jewelry […]

How to Grow Vegetables for Fresh Salsa

I just moved into a new apartment where the previous owner raved about growing all kinds of vegetables on the terrace. He left his pots behind so I could do the same. Confession: I’ve never grown something edible in my life. Here’s hoping some good gardening karma got left behind […]

All About Tomatillos, and Making a Mean Green Salsa

Tomatillos are often overlooked. These wonderful, green “Mexican tomatoes” are very easy to make into a versatile sauce. Use tomatillo sauce to enhance guacamole, or serve on steaks, rice, grilled plantains, tacos, omelets or scrambled eggs. Tomatillos are in season now, so it’s green salsa time! When selecting tomatillos, look […]

3 Noteworthy Natural Remedies for Allergy-Prone Dogs

The same springtime allergies that may cause you to suffer from a runny nose, itchy and watery eyes and sneezing can affect your pets, too. Some dogs are allergic to pollen, mold spores, dust mites, fleas and other indoor and outdoor allergens. Since this year’s allergy season is one for […]

Weekend Bag: Spanish Natural Minimalism

When packing for a weekend at Hotel Aire de Bardenas in the North of Spain, take inspiration from the natural surroundings and modern decor. Let that special sense of Spanish minimalism guide you and fill your bag with savvy eco-duds from Spanish designers like Adolfo Dominguez, EcoAlf and Skunkfunk.

Stimulus Bill Paves the Way for a Greener Future

A nearly $800 billion stimulus package passed by our lawmakers contains incentives for we the people not just to follow our hearts, but also good common sense in preparing for the future that awaits us. The thinking is reducing energy waste and investing in alternative fuels go hand-in-hand with reviving […]

Foodie Underground: Can Music Make Your Food Better?

ColumnThe wonderful world of pairing your culinary experience with a musical one. In my world, there’s nothing better than a night in the kitchen, a glass of wine in hand and St. Germain playing at full blast. Music is to cooking like coffee is to a Monday morning; it injects […]

10 Industries and Trends That Will Shape Our Future

What will the future hold? It’s hard to say, but here are ten entities, industries, or trends that will impact it in various ways.  In the past several years, we have all felt out of control of our lives. We have been hit by economic hardship, rising cost of living, plummeting […]

Third Wave Green: A Cold Hard Look at 10 Sacred Cows

The Third Wave Green concept we’ve introduced at EcoSalon means taking a hard look at the environmental movement’s sacred truths and considering whether or not they exclude diversity of thought and, most important, hold up to scrutiny. Not always an easy or comfortable task. Deconstruction – or probing an argument’s veracity by exposing […]

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5 Seasonal White Pieces to Wear After Memorial Day: Friday Finds

Does anyone care about when it’s “appropriate” to wear white? We don’t know, but we do know that these seasonal white pieces would look amazing on your bod all summer long. 1. White romper This outfit could not be more summer appropriate. In our opinion, 2016 should be declared the […]

The Dirt On Facial Extractions: To Squeeze or Not to Squeeze?

Keep hands off your face. And never, ever squeeze. These two are mainstays in the battle against acne, right? But there are times when facial extractions are beneficial (and even a must!) to clear, healthy looking skin. What is it, exactly? Facial extractions are when gunk and pus are squeezed […]

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Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe: Sweet, Dense, and Indulgent

This peanut butter fudge recipe defies the norm, serving a crowd (it makes more than 60 servings!) and taking under 15 minutes to prep. Oftentimes the words “simple” and “dessert” aren’t found in the same sentence. To many, a sugar fix entails grocery store shopping, preparing, mixing, baking, waiting, and […]

The 6 Miracle Natural Skincare Ingredients Every Goddess Needs

These miracle skincare ingredients are not to be missed. They’re inexpensive, reverse fine lines, keep your skin tight and bright and so much more!  When it comes to skincare, you want hero active ingredients in your creams, serums, and moisturizers. They’re natural and you’ll see major results–especially for mature skin. #1 Hyaluronic […]

11 Super Easy Instant Updates to Create Luxe Decor

Luxe decor isn’t really out of your reach with these quick and easy fixes. If you have Nordstrom taste for your home but a Target Budget, join the club. Honestly, get in line. Most of us don’t fall into the category of folks with a limitless budget for our luxe […]

This Sustainable Lamp is Powered by a Salt Water Battery

Most of the 7,000 islands in the Philippines have little to no access to electricity; when engineer Aisa Mijeno discovered this, she decided to team up with her brother Raphael and create a solution–a sustainable lamp that ran on a renewable, easy-to-find resource, in this case, a salt water battery. […]