Women Dating Younger Men: Why It’s Hot


Women face a lot of double standards. Dating younger men is one of them. 

Age ain’t nothing but a number. Somebody famous said that. It’s true. We’re really only as young or old as we feel. And anyone can drop dead at any second, so it’s not like being a certain age guarantees you’ll live another day. So why is there always such ridiculous fanfare over women dating younger men? Are aging vaginas really that offensive? Do we have to call these women “cougars” and make it seem like some act of desperation …

The Best Stay-Cool Workout Gear for Hot Sweaty Active Days

Women working out

Workout gear you love is important because you want to feel hot emotionally, not literally.

I’m actually getting pretty good at the whole exercise thing, but there’s nothing that deters me more than a sweaty, sticky summer day. Luckily, there’s oodles of functional and fashionable workout gear available that not only helps you stay cool and dry, but upgrades your motivation level from sluggish to Richard Simmons style.

Here are my fave summertime workout gear discoveries:

1. Sunpop Crops

Go from studio to street in these bold and colorful performance …

Raw Salad Recipe: Sprouted Hummus Collard Roll


In the summer, we naturally crave lighter foods. However, your go-to raw salad recipe can become a bore if you repeat it daily. There are ways to enjoy the elements of a salad without taking part in the salad experience. Here’s how.

To tackle this new-age raw salad recipe, you’ll need a tough-skinned dark green that can serve as a “wrap” for regularly salad add-ins. In my take of this concept, I use collard greens to roll around julienned raw veggies and sprouts. To bring more bulk, taste and a …

Extinguish Sexual Shame by Claiming Your Authentic Desire: Sexual Healing

woman in bed

ColumnSexual shame dominates our lives — even when we’re not consciously thinking about sex. Shame is so overwhelming that it can feel impossible to extricate oneself from the ubiquitous, all-consuming spiral of it.

Sexual shame is not just what happens in the act of sex, or post-coitally. It’s not the just the “walk of shame” or guilt about casual sex that you wish you could un-have. It’s something you carry around with you when you commute to work, when you’re hanging out with your friends, when you’re relaxing with your family …

6 Gorgeous & Flowy Maxi Dresses for Summertime

elan maxi dress

Don one of these dreamy, comfortable and flowy maxi dresses this summer season!

July and August are full of days where you can wake up, throw on that easy and breezy maxi dress, simply brush your hair,  apply minimal make up and start the day with some fresh summer fruit. To help you savor these carefree days, we’ve rounded up our 6 favorite flowy maxi dresses that are suitable for casual outings, beach coverups and evening gatherings with friends. Wear them up or down with either cork wedges or simple flats, or go …

Cell Phones and Cancer: Berkeley Wants Warning Labels

women on phone photo

Cell phones have been worrisome for quite some time now because of fears that they cause brain cancer. As a result, Berkeley is attempting to be the first city in the nation to require cell phone packaging carry a warning label. Are cell phones and cancer a real risk?

“Cell phones are a risk, and I believe the public has a right to information that’s credible, readable and understandable about the device they’re using,” said Berkeley City Councilman Max Anderson, who’s co-sponsoring the ordinance and has a background in …

Women Against Feminism: That Happened


ColumnWomen Against Feminism is proof that feminism has a branding problem.

Back in the ‘60s, it was often assumed that if you identified as a feminist, you hated men, loved armpit hair and liked to sleep with the ladies. Fast forward to 2014 and the stereotypes are largely the same.

Briefly, Riot Grrrls made feminism cool in the ‘90s, and there’s now a new wave of toys for girls that are clearly inspired by the radical idea that girls aren’t born hating math and science. But, for the most part, those things haven’t done anything …

OMG Michael Sam, You are Truly Amazing! [Video]

michael sam

What can we say about this young, talented and courageous man that hasn’t been said already? The first openly gay NFL player, Michael Sam, will bring you to a flood of tears in this ESPY Arthur Ashe Courage Award speech. Just incredible.

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