10 Fall Decorating Ideas with Farm Fresh Apples

Apple ideas for after a visit to the apple orchard.

Need some fall decorating ideas for all of those apples you picked up from the apple orchard? Consider using them to creatively decorate your home for the season.

Autumn is prime apple season and visiting the apple orchard is one of autumn’s sweetest treats. Enjoying the crisp autumn air while picking out your favorite apple varieties like Pink Lady, Rome, Cameo and Ginger Gold, is one of life’s simple pleasures.

What often happens after we get home from our annual pilgrimage to the apple …

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Tipped Restaurant Workers Prime Targets

Woman at work in restaurant.

We can file this under, “totally not surprised, but really wish it wasn’t the case:” Tipped workers are prone to sexual harassment in the workplace more than their non-tipped peers.

Jezebel’s “Kitchenette” recently wrote about the results of the study “The Glass Floor: Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry” conducted by the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC). The results clearly show that tipped workers who received the lower-than-standard minimum wage (it typically sits right around $2.13 an hour) get sexually harassed a lot more than people not working for …

Roasted Eggplant Recipe with Arugula and Avocado Salad

Roasted Eggplant Recipe with Cumin and Smoked Paprika

It’s very rare that I’ll make a salad without avocado, so naturally it’s ended up in this delicious roasted eggplant recipe with the aromatic spices of cumin and smoked paprika. 

I was craving the sweet spiciness of an Indian curry but didn’t want the heaviness of a stew so I took two of my favorite curry flavorings and used them as a coating for roasted eggplants. Cumin and smoked paprika have such rich flavors that I didn’t want to dilute with too many other …

Cat Eye Makeup Done Easy: 2014’s Purrfect Fall Makeup Trend


Fall is all about that sexy cat eye makeup, from winged liner to metallic to pops of color.

Although I tend to gravitate towards a strong lip I must admit that a beautiful eye, artfully embellished, does catch my attention. Cat eye makeup may seem like a lot more work than simply swiping on some lip color, but in fact, dramatic results can be achieved rather easily. With so many fabulous products and a little know-how you’ll be wondering why you’ve hesitated to try something new. Let’s begin with eyeliner.

A perfectly applied …

Pure Thread Hosts Sustainable Fashion Pop-Up Shop in Bedford, NY


PureThread is a Manhattan-based showroom and stylist company presenting a sustainable fashion pop-up shop from October 20-26th!

Presenting Fall 2014’s most sustainable and fashion-forward pieces, PureThread’s pop-up shop offers up luxury fashion that caters to the tastes of the urban businesswoman and the suburban fashionista alike. Customers will have the chance to peruse ethically made items ranging from basic wardrobe staples to exclusive luxury garments and accessories ideal for special occasions or statement ensembles.

suzanne rae

Brands that will be on show include Humanoid, Mayiet, Jill Platner (pictured below), …

3 Films that Prove Feminist Movies in the Horror Genre Exist

Movie poster

The horror genre is an amazing place to explore the horrible stuff society does to the “other,” so, its ability to depict feminist storylines is rife with opportunity.

Now, not all horror is created equal. There are plenty of films that are not feminist friendly. The whole “have sex and get murdered” slasher shtick is hardly progressive (but sure is a lot of fun) and gory torture porn is nothing more than a boring, story-empty 90-minute waste. But there are many classic films in the genre that allow female characters to …

13 Fun and Functional Drink Coasters for Entertaining

Clever drink coasters for your home.

Get your home ready for the holiday entertaining season with these clever drink coasters to protect your furniture.

In our household, as in many US households, autumn and winter are the indoor entertaining months. Spring and summer are the outdoor entertaining months, but the cooler weather removes that most excellent option for outdoor entertaining and forces hosts to entertain guests back inside their homes. Between Halloween and New Year’s Eve, most of our homes will have had enough relatives and friends traipse through to wreak havoc on …

The 7 Best Beauty Products for a Post-Workout Glow

adidas yoga bag

So, you made it to the gym, or the mountain, or the pool or your exercise location of choice? Getting there is half the battle, so congratulations! These are 7 of the best beauty products to keep in your gym bag after an intense workout.

Now you’ve had a great workout and are feeling energized, but perhaps also sweaty and grimy. You don’t have time to run home and shower so keep these beauty products on hand to feel refreshed without much time or effort. Reward yourself for your hard …