5 Ayurvedic Ways to Relieve Stress



Here are 5 tried-and-true Ayurvedic ways to relieve stress. As basic as they are, they make a world of a difference in your life.

In this day and age, it’s hard not to be stressed. A mere walk down the street puts you at risk of a variety of stressors – car sounds and pollution, large crowds of bustling people and compromised air quality. Then, there are the makeup, the clothing and the jewelry you weigh yourself down with day after day and the oftentimes not-so-seamless work, home and social …

Kelly Slater Launches Sustainable Clothing Line

Kelly Slater Launches is New Sustainable Clothing Line

Kelly Slater is likely the best surfer the world has seen. And now he may also soon be the best eco clothing designer too.

Kelly Slater has won the ASP World Tour Championship a record 11 times. He was both the youngest (at 20) and the oldest (at 39) to win the award. He’s gone farther than any other surfing champion and now he plans to use his fame to launch a sustainable clothing line. It’s called Outerknown and it’s his new surfing lifestyle brand. Last year, …

Anthony Vargas of Tilth Beauty Dishes on Anti-Aging Skincare

An Interview with Anthony Vargas of Tilth Beauty

EcoSalon caught up with Anthony Vargas, founder and CEO of anti-aging skin care line, Tilth Beauty.

What do you get when science and anti-aging meet? That would be Tilth Beauty. The line, created by “Skin Care Scientist and Beauty Expert”, Anthony Vargas, is a combination of anti-aging chemistry and natural ingredients.

Vargas was behind the launch of some pretty big beauty products while working at Elizabeth Arden. He took his knowledge and experience on a mission to create safer products that deliver on a conventional beauty level. …

Moonshine Kombucha Cocktail Recipe

Moonshine Kombucha Cocktail Recipe

Try this re‑creation of a classic cocktail and enjoy the digestive benefits of both kombucha and bitters. The dashes of bitters lend an aromatic, well-balanced flavor to the fresh citrus, resulting in a crisp cocktail.

Jovial King of Urban Moonshine is an expert when it comes to pairing food and drink with bitters, which are made of a variety of herbs, fruits, spices, and roots distilled in a base liquor. She inspired me to add cherry bitters to my Traditional Kombucha Wonder Drink—and what a wonderfully refreshing flavor combination! I recommend …

4 Fair Trade Clothing Brands We Love for Spring

Fair trade clothing brand Marigold.

Finding fashionable clothes that are Fair Trade isn’t as difficult as it used to be. We’ve rounded up 4 Fair Trade clothing brands that are dedicated to selling Fair Trade clothing that considers the communities behind the products and the impact on our our environment.

1. Avatar
Avatar is based in Santa Cruz, California. The company’s mission is to “design and create fun, fashionable, high-quality goods in a manner that is socially, environmentally, and economically responsible.” The …

Is Stevia Healthy? Behind the Label

Is Stevia Healthy? Behind the Label

ColumnThe popularity of the zero-calorie sweetener stevia is on the rise. But is stevia healthy? We go behind the label to find out.

Derived from a plant of the same name, stevia is as much as 150 times sweeter than table sugar but without delivering the spike in blood glucose. It contains active compounds (known as steviol glycosides) called stevioside and rebaudioside, which are responsible for its sweetness.

Once banned in the U.S. from being sold as a sweetener, the FDA approved it for sale as a zero-calorie sweetener in …

Your Best Lip Color: A Month By Month Guide

Your Best Lip Color Month by Month Guide

Most women are lip stuff junkies to some degree. Gloss, stick, stain, balm…whatever your lippy of choice, it’s the cherry on top of your makeup routine. Find out which is your best lip color in our month by month guide.

Have you ever noticed that your favorite lip color looks all wrong as seasons change? You wouldn’t wear black calf high boots or red plaid in the heat of summer or your flowy mango tank in the winter, right? It looks all wrong. Same goes …

How to Save the Planet: A 14-Year Old Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur Knows the Secret

How to Save the Planet: A 14-Year Old Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur Tells All

Meet Maya Penn, a teen who plans to save the planet one idea at a time.

When I was 14 I spent most of my time talking on the phone, fantasizing about my crushes, and doing my homework. I had no plans to save the planet and quite honestly knew little about my impact on it. But Maya Penn, a 14-year-old fashion entrepreneur and environmentalist, doesn’t just put my teenage accomplishments to shame, she’s also quite impressive compared to most …