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Foodspotting Friday: Fried Frenzy

Foodspotting Friday gets inspiration from deep in the heart of Texas. “Fried pickle chips?” “Obviously.” That’s how food conversations often go when the EcoSalon team is on the road, and this week we’ve been checking out all the local specialties Austin has to offer. So fried pickle chips were clearly […]

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

After a morning spent watching National Geographic Carnivore with my 9-year-old future vet (lions preying upon a limping, unsuspecting buffalo), I was happy to encounter this gentle Jungle Friends Mobile in which the only thing eaten is the blankie by the little thumb sucker inhabiting the crib. I love the […]

Happy Travels with the Feed Bag Cosmetic Kit

We’ve all been there at one point or another, whether our travels have taken us far away for weeks or across town for a night. I’m referring to the moment when we open our luggage to find something gooey has spilled out from the contents of our toiletry or cosmetics […]

From The Vault: Let It Bee

 We love bees. Two years ago we told you how vandals had attacked bee hives at Hayes Valley Farm, San Francisco, resulting in the loss of over 60% of the resident bees. We’ve just heard it’s happened again, as part of a sustained campaign of vandalism over the last 2 […]

PSA: Protect the Insurance Companies

Protect Insurance Companies PSA from Will Ferrell It has all the straight-faced sincerity of a legitimate PSA – the weepy, corny variety we usually see before a feature film. But this mock Public Service Announcement – called Protect Insurance Companies – hits home with the kind of wake-up-and-smell-the-corruption sarcasm that […]

Healthy Trees Equals Healthy Humans

Our deep connection with nature has roots seemingly as old as humanity itself. Ancient Celts viewed trees as sacred symbols of fertility and rebirth. Conservationist John Muir believed that everyone should have a sanctuary where “nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” A recent study from the […]

StressEraser: Helping You Take a Deep Breath

There’s the good kind of stress, where you’re doing 10 things at once and your body adjusts accordingly, turning you into a whirling dervish of efficiency. But there’s the bad stress – the jittery, helpless feeling of the reins of your life slipping out of your hands, clouding your judgment […]

Sunday Brunch: Creamy Grits with Crispy Leeks

A delicious and creative brunch dish that’s perfect for the vegetarian crowd. Sometimes you need a new spin on culinary classic, and this recipe for Creamy Grits with Crispy Leeks happens to be vegetarian and gluten free, perfect for when you have tired of the bacon and bread combination that […]

8 Sexy Summer Shoes and Cork Sandals We Love


Check out our top 8 summer shoes and cork sandals from brands that walk the eco friendly talk! Sexy, sleek, elegant and totally wearable, these shoes and sandals are timeless enough to last several season’s, yet right on trend with Summer 2014’s hottest runway looks!

13 Fun and Functional Drink Coasters for Entertaining

Get your home ready for the holiday entertaining season with these clever drink coasters to protect your furniture. In our household, as in many US households, autumn and winter are the indoor entertaining months. Spring and summer are the outdoor entertaining months, but the cooler weather removes that most excellent […]

3 Things We Wish Male Nipples Could Make Go Away

So, there’s a new social media trend: Women are protesting bans on female nipples by photoshopping male nipples on their breasts. Now, that’s not a bad idea, really, but if a male nipple can stop female body policing, perhaps those magical nipples can stop other pesky things that annoy us, […]

Sunday Recipe: 5 Seed Crackers with Olive and Cilantro Tapenade

A cracker that’s jam-packed with everything that’s good for you. I recently found myself in an upscale grocery store pulling an overpriced box of “Flackers” down from the shelf. There was a dinner party and I was out of time, but let’s be honest: crackers are the last thing you […]

Did Lily Allen Just Make A Racist Music Video?: That Happened

ColumnLily Allen’s “Hard Out Here” video blurs the lines between satire and racism. Much like Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and Miley Cyrus’ live twerk debacle, both of which Lily Allen openly mocks in her video, “Hard Out Here,” there’s nothing subtle about the message in her new song. The difference […]

Foodie Underground: Truck Farm

ColumnThe film “Truck Farm” proves that small scale urban farming efforts are part of the solution. I’ve seen Truck Farm pop up around the web over the last year, in fact I remember when it was up for a NAU’s 2nd annual Grant for Change. But beyond some cool looking […]

Nutritional Breakdown: Mashed Potatoes Get a Sweet Fix

Mashed potatoes are a holiday classic. They are creamy, smooth and full of buttery overtones. However, they don’t do your body the best of favors. You don’t want to miss mashed potatoes at the dinner table this year, no doubt, but you also want to keep yourself in shape and […]

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Maya Rudolph Wants to Protect Your Vagina [Video]

Don’t you think Maya Rudolph is the best? I sure do. And her stock rose significantly in my book when I saw her latest ad for Seventh Generation’s tampons and pads on Monday evening. In the ad below, Rudolph sings a “vajingle” about how she doesn’t need any chemicals in […]

It’s Political Attack Ad Season [Video]

Are you ready for political attack ads? We sure aren’t. But we might as well have a laugh at some of the more ridiculous ads rather than start crying now because November is so far away. In the add below, two women talk about how Pennsylvania Senate hopeful Kathleen McGinty, a […]

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The 6 Miracle Natural Skincare Ingredients Every Goddess Needs

These miracle skincare ingredients are not to be missed. They’re inexpensive, reverse fine lines, keep your skin tight and bright and so much more!  When it comes to skincare, you want hero active ingredients in your creams, serums, and moisturizers. They’re natural and you’ll see major results–especially for mature skin. #1 Hyaluronic […]

11 Super Easy Instant Updates to Create Luxe Decor

Luxe decor isn’t really out of your reach with these quick and easy fixes. If you have Nordstrom taste for your home but a Target Budget, join the club. Honestly, get in line. Most of us don’t fall into the category of folks with a limitless budget for our luxe […]

Urban Gardens May Be the Key to Solving America’s Crime Problem

Urban gardens are certainly a welcome addition to cityscapes, but that’s not all they are; new research shows that an increased presence of parks and other urban green spaces can actually reduce crime in the surrounding area. While this field of research is relatively young, a few distinct examples have proven the ways […]

This Sustainable Lamp is Powered by a Salt Water Battery

Most of the 7,000 islands in the Philippines have little to no access to electricity; when engineer Aisa Mijeno discovered this, she decided to team up with her brother Raphael and create a solution–a sustainable lamp that ran on a renewable, easy-to-find resource, in this case, a salt water battery. […]