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Grilled Vegetable Gyros Recipe with Cucumber-Mint Sauce

A gyro is a Greek dish of lamb roasted on a vertical spit. Since Greek-style spice blends really pack a flavor punch, you won’t miss the meat with this all-vegetable spin on the traditional dish. This medley of brightly colored vegetables offers an abundance of vitamins and minerals and looks […]

10 Oscar-Worthy Infographics on the Film Industry

Get your popcorn out. In this week’s infographic installment, we tackle the big business of film. Whether it’s breaking down famous quotes into pie charts, tracking the appearance of Apple products as extras, or highlighting how studios are greening their operations, these infographics feature different various facets of the movie industry with […]

On Trend: New York City Girl

Versatile basics with edgy details, easy-to-walk-in wedges and an extra-roomy bag are a New York City girl’s best friends. There’s no doubt that New York City girls have a certain edge to their style. It’s all about basics with unexpected details – and yes, black. Heels are a must and […]

Gratitude and Feminism: That Happened

Gratitude is a big deal this time of year. Here are five things that have happened this year (so far!) that I am grateful for. 1. Wendy Davis Secured her Spot as a National Figure My personal Superbowl took place June 27 when Wendy Davis tied on her pink sneakers […]

Saving the World with Sandbag

Governments let companies pay to pollute. Imagine if you could pay companies not to pollute? Actually, you can. All you need is a web connection and a credit card. Carbon trading is a big part of how rich countries are attempting to meet their targets under the Kyoto Protocol. The […]

One-Two-Three, Grow Me a Tree

I have two thumbs and neither one is green, in any way, shape or form. Nature and plush, pretty gardens fill me with joy, but don’t let me anywhere near a shovel or pruning shears – tragic mishaps are likely to occur. I’ve been responsible for many a premature death […]

7 Stunning Do-It-Yourself Flower Arranging Tips

Flower arranging may be an art form, but it’s one that is attainable by all of us. Sure, we may feel more comfortable leaving our wedding and other special occasions to the pros, but you should feel like everyday flower arranging is a skill you have in your wheelhouse. If […]

Style: Add a Dutch Twist

Dutch designer Van Markoviec seeks to twist styles.  By "twisting" attitudes and styles, the collection emerges triumphant as a balance of sharp and soft, ambitious and playful and entirely green. From fiber to your figure, Van Markoviec is ethical and organic. A favorite textile for their collection is a hemp-silk […]

7 Screen Prints to Decorate Your House Like a Boss

Decorate like an art boss with these screen prints for your home. Do you love typography, illustration, and the resurgence of DIY and folk art spurred on by the rise of both virtual and physical markets celebrating the independent art and craft movement? Of course, you do. Do you love […]

Be Green – Say No to Yellow Pages

Year in, year out, like clockwork, over 500 million Yellow (and White) Pages are delivered to homes and offices, often up to six times a year. That’s a lot of dead trees (around 19 million) and wasted paper (1.6 billion pounds). Does anyone use the Yellow Pages? If gathering dust […]

Oh Canada, I Heart You, Eh?

After a month of living like a gypsy in my 1984 Volkswagen Westfalia, I finally arrive at the last stop on my West Coast synthetic beach tour: Tofino, British Columbia. Along the way, I’ve been looking at plastic pollution on beaches and talking with people from all walks of life […]

Lustables: Chain Bowl from Resource Revival

“Another bike shop’s garbage is Resource Revival’s treasure,” or so say the creators of this reinvented bike part. Resource Revival is an Oregon-based firm that designs and handcrafts décor out of old bicycle parts. They call it “rebicycling.” This particular vintage of rebicycling is both industrial and modern. It’s certainly […]

High Definition: All That Glitters

ColumnWhen all that glitters includes your pretty face. It’s great when a woman feels comfortable enough to walk out of the house without a stitch of makeup on, but there are times when a part of our womanly nature craves putting on something with an eye-catching, glinting sparkle that dances […]

The Myth Of Recycling: Markets, Pollution and Industry Spin

Why recycling plastic bags only worsens our plastic plight. All around the country, states and municipalities are considering legislation to either impose a fee on or outright ban single use plastic shopping bags. The arguments for eliminating plastic bags are sundry – the effects on the environment, the cost to […]


Do you ever find yourself sneezing when there’s incense in the air? Whether at home, at the yoga studio or at a friend’s house, irritating incense defeats the purpose. This dilemma bothered me until I discovered Shoyeido incense, made by a centuries-old Japanese company using natural ingredients. The hand-crafted scents […]

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This Manatee is a Prankster [Video]

Hey, hi, hello! At least that’s what I think this manatee is saying to these girls. In the video below, a very cute and curious manatee pops up to say hi. Watch the fun video below. Related on EcoSalon A Song for the Oceans that Will Change How You View […]

Do Trump Supporters Hear What They are Saying? [Video]

Trump supporters are an interesting lot. They all swear that they don’t have a problem with minorities, etc., but then they open their mouths, and this comes out… Related on EcoSalon Just Play the White Male Card!: #NowWhat Behold: Donald Trump Supporters in all Their Glory [Video] Donald Trump Sets […]

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Vegan, Gluten-Free Crepes Recipe: An Oat-Inspired Take on a French Classic

These vegan, gluten-free crepes bring more sophistication (and nutrition) to your hassle-free breakfast routine. Say au revoir to the egg, butter, and white flour-based crepes of yore and bonjour to their better half: vegan, gluten-free crepes! With a base of oat flour, coconut sugar, almond milk, and coconut oil, these […]

11 Decorative DIY Crafts Using Natural Materials

This summer bring a bit of the outdoors inside with one – or eleven – of our natural DIY crafts. Have you been searching for some fresh DIY crafts to fill your summer weekends with? Then look no further because we’ve got you covered with some of the prettiest home […]

Prep and Eat a Whole Artichoke: No Cans or Jars Required

Learn how to cook and eat an artichoke to perfection with these tips! You may love artichokes, but how often do you prepare and cook them yourself? They come in a rough package with their tough outer leaves,and demand seemingly exhaustive preparation. But, au contraire! Whole artichokes are actually super […]