Music Festival Beauty Must Haves

Music Festival Beauty Must Haves

What’s better than the arrival of spring and summer? Choosing which music festivals you’ll be going to.

It’s music festival season. Have tickets will party, right? Better make sure you also have your festival look essentials ready to go.

SXSW was in March. Coachella is quickly approaching on April 10th. And there are tons of other shows and festivals coming up, too.

Sure, you are going to hear great music and have lots of fun, but we all know music festivals are a fashion show of their …

Fresh Asparagus Salad Recipe with Cucumber, Radish and Goat Cheese


One surefire sign of spring is fresh asparagus at markets and in your garden. Not many people have eaten asparagus in its raw state, but this asparagus salad introduces fresh, uncooked asparagus in a deliciously light, crave-worthy way.

With summer around the corner, focus on nutritionally-dense salads that incorporate local, seasonal ingredients like asparagus. That way, you stay satisfied and fit. Dig into this fresh asparagus salad for lunch or a light dinner. Enjoy!

To make the raw asparagus stems more edible, they are peeled so that they resemble thin ribbons. The dressing, …

7 Trending Decor Ideas You’ll Love This Spring

8 Trending Decor Ideas You'll Love This Spring

Stunning decor trends you just might fall in love with.

Now that the snow’s finally taking a hike, I’ve never been more excited to spiffy up my apartment… or more overwhelmed with decisions. With the oodles of paint colors, furniture pieces, and wall decor options to choose from, I feel like my head could pop right off. To ensure it stays attached, I’ve decided to start the journey with some good old fashioned Internet-creeping to see what everyone else is up to (natch).

Here are 7 trendy …

Why Don’t Women Help Other Women at Work?

Women at work.

Women at work are awesome. Women at home are awesome. Basically, women are just awesome. (Duh.) But there are some women – women who don’t help other women — who are downright toxic to the rest of us gals who just want to learn and bond.

Women who don’t help other women are everywhere and we’re sure you’ve encountered a few of these ladies in your lifetime. These women work with you and sit next to you in your college courses. Although these ladies do get on my nerves, I …

Dude Polish? The Manicure for Men is Trending

Dude Polish? The Manicure for Men is Trending

We love some good male grooming. But how much is too much? The manicure for men seems to be showing up in unlikely places.

Black nails are a rock god staple. No surprise there. But the manicure for men, or shall we say menicure, is popping up on less likely digits these days.

Yep, guys like Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Zac Efron have been spotted with buffed, polished, and deco’d fingernails. Even Snoop Dogg has been known to rock some fresh nail …

Self Pleasure 2.0: 32 Funny Places Women Have Masturbated

Self Pleasure 2.0: 28 Funny Places Women Have Masturbated

These women have brought self pleasure to a whole new level.

While we don’t sound off about it as much as the guys, I have to say women are super lucky in the self pleasure department. We can pretty much get busy anytime, anywhere. We don’t have anything to whip out, no mess to clean up, and we have many ways to go about our business without anyone knowing. That’s hot.

There are the more traditional naughty places you might find yourself quietly flicking the bean—movie …

The Recipe for a Great Anti-Rape Campaign Includes Sanitary Napkins and Social Media

This anti-rape campaign is using sanitary napkins... you read that right.

A German artist created a brilliant anti-rape campaign that uses one of things that makes men stand aghast in horror: sanitary napkins.

Elone, the German artist who got the idea to “post” all sorts of anti-rape, pro-feminist messages (for example: “Rapists rape people, not outfits”) atop sanitary napkins throughout her German city after she saw this hilariously true tweet from @cutequeer96:

Anit-rape tweet

Elone embarked on this artistic journey to show that feminism is all about …

Does Earth Hour Really Make a Difference?

Does Earth Hour Really Make a Difference?

The short answer is yes, Earth Hour makes a big difference.

When Earth Hour started in March of 2007 in Sydney, Australia, no one knew the phenomenon that it would become. And now just eight years later, what started in one city has spread to nearly 7,000 cities and towns worldwide. Today, nearly 2.2 million people globally turn their lights out in a sign of solidarity. Earth Hour represents the need for action on global climate change. The event makes a big difference and you can …