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I'm Not the I'm Not a Plastic Bag. But I'm Not a Plastic Bag.

Last spring there was incessant buzz surrounding a certain canvas bag. This year, designers from Louis Vuitton to Goyard are churning out a canvas bag assortment to give us plenty of apparently eco-luxe options. The trouble, of course, is separating the greenwash from the real thing. The Beau Soleil Beau […]

Winter Ingredient Twist: Sweet Potato and Leek Pizza Recipe

This winter, try your hand at a different kind of homemade pizza. Add some seasonal vegetables to the mix and you’ll bring more excitement and diverse flavors to pizza night. This sweet potato and leek pizza recipe is just one way you can mix it up. Enjoy! The stars of […]

Between the Lines: Living The Hail Mary

ColumnConscious life, hear me roar. I was brought up Catholic by two parents born and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The seaside city is still dotted with my French Canadian relatives who must still believe that religious statues bleed and cry when we sin and masturbate. If you go today […]

Vertical Greenery as Living Wall Art

  The Vertical Garden Kit is your own personally-designed green installation. Trimming optional. We’re all fans of vertical gardens, but as living art, mounted on a wall inside your house? This green square allows you to create your own piece of live contemporary interior styling. It’s very calming, having shaggy, wall-mounted foliage to […]

Get Kids to Eat Healthy by Presenting Fruit as ‘Fun’

Most parents of finicky eaters have tried everything to get their picky tots to eat healthy foods. We’ve all heard by now of tried and true tricks like pureeing and sneaking fruits and vegetables into kid-friendly, recipes (i.e: disguising cauliflower in banana bread) à la Jessica Seinfeld’s book Deceptively Delicious. […]

Serenity with Amenity

Taking an active interest in protecting the environment and appreciating the aesthetic value of its sweeping beauty go hand in hand. So, it’s easy to see why so many of us green gals like to adorn our homes with spectacular scenes from nature. Here’s the catch: many of these patterns […]

Fall Tunics: Keeping It Really Real This Season

While contemplating fashion’s currently-favored editorial doctrinaire (this season’s return to so-called “real” clothes), I was tickled by a fellow EcoSalon writer’s Facebook status update, ” Just discovered I will make an effort to brush my hair for Skype but not for actually leaving the house. Technology wins this round. ” […]

Antioxidants on a budget: Black Rice

Blueberries and blackberries have topped the charts for their antioxidant qualities, but hovering at $5 a  pound, they have to scream “Buy Me” a little louder than most produce on the farm stand. Now foodies have a healthy and inexpensive alternative: Black rice. At the 240th National Meeting of the […]

5 Travel Hot Spots That Need a Break

Travel is one of the best ways to open your perspective. Seeing and experiencing new places can be a strong catalyst for making us aware and more conscious, but those experiences can also come at an environmental cost. With a rise in eco-tourism, it’s tempting to think that sustainable travel […]

NYFW: Gretchen Jones Channels the Literature of Joan Didion

Gretchen Jones channels Haight Ashbury and pom pom flower power for a stunning Spring/Summer 13 collection. It’s no secret we’re Gretchen Jones fans here at EcoSalon so catching up with her post GenArt Fresh Faces show this past Sunday was like sitting down with an old friend. Known on Project […]

Leggings and Tunics – How Not to Look Pregnant

I don’t know how many times I have women tell me they can’t wear leggings and tunics: “I look pregnant!” While it’s true it takes a bit of finesse to avoid looking like you’re with child, leggings and tunics are a wardrobe staple and they’re not going anywhere soon. How […]

Miss Piggy (Finally!) Receives the Ultimate Feminist Recognition

Finally, Miss Piggy gets the feminist recognition she deserves. Last week, Brooklyn’s Sackler Center for Feminist Art recognized the one and only Miss Piggy with an award that honors “extraordinary women who are first in their fields.” Longtime feminist Gloria Steinem presented the award to Miss Piggy. Previous winners include Toni […]

Ecosalon Recipes: 12 Easy Salad Recipes for the Hopeless Cook

I have empathy for the lousy cook, because I’m one, too. I keep my meals quick and easy and I’ve learned to love simplicity. But even with my less-than-stellar cheffing skills, salads are something I’ve gotten good at throwing together. With next to no cooking involved, how can you go […]

8 Grooming Products Guys Should Add to their Skin Care Routine

Skin care routine merch no man should be without. Even if your skin care routine has moved beyond the whole disposable razor and soap thing, a modification every now and then doesn’t hurt. I mean, there are so many issues your skin faces every day—breakouts, blackheads, razor burn—it’s important to […]

Wall Stencils Are The New Paint: Where to Buy, How to DIY

In case you didn’t know, painted wall stenciling is the new paint—and the new wallpaper. Wall stencils are the latest rage in the home design world because it’s a fairly easy and inexpensive way to create custom wall treatments in your home. And in case you are wondering just what […]

21 Seasonal Plum Recipes for Late Summer

Hungry? Here are 21 plum recipes to put that farmers market bounty to good use.  Late summer offers the chance for plums, and whether you foraged them off of the neighbor’s tree or picked up a pound at a farmers market, there’s no end to what you can do with […]

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6 DIY Lamp and Lighting Ideas to Light Up Your Life, Naturally

Living in the modern age, it would be difficult to imagine a life without lighting and electricity, even when it comes to choosing more eco-friendly materials and low consumption options. Fortunately, we’ve gathered some of our favorite ways to add some pizzazz to your digs with a few DIY lamp […]

Caroline Allen’s ‘Air’: Jarring, Authentic Prose Explores Leaving Home

Caroline Allen‘s “Air,” the sequel to “Earth” and the second novel in Allen’s ‘Elemental Journey’ series, addresses the universal theme of growing up via the unique, other-worldly voice of her début novel. In the case of protagonist Pearl, growing up means growing away, leaving her rural Missouri for the resolute foreignness of Tokyo, an […]

Learning About Schizophrenia, One Video at a Time [Video]

NPR recently did an article about Rachel Star, a YoutTube star who is incredibly open about her mental illness status. Star has schizophrenia and in her videos, she discusses her hallucinations, feelings, etc. at length. The NPR article is pretty interesting, so you should give it a read, but also […]

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Cute Rescue Dog is STOKED to Go to Bed [Video]

It’s been a rough week, so, we thought we’d send it off with something sweet: a video of a cute rescue dog. Rescue dogs and cats are the best. They’ve got so much love to give, plus, when you give them anything — and I mean anything — they freak. […]

7 Perfectly Unexpected Plaid Patterns for Around the Home

Get all tartaned up with the plaid pattern for your home. Whether in fashion or home decor, plaid patterns never really goes out of style–whether your style is more British punk, Town and Country, or retro 1970s, plaid is perfectly on point. What exactly do we mean by “plaid pattern” though? Plaid […]