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Moroccan Oil: Ultimate Beauty Elixir or No?

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were wandering through a book release party when we came upon the lovely makeup ladies of Josie Maran Cosmetics. They were offering up complimentary makeovers. Already a fan of the eco-conscious cosmetic line and all things “free,” I quickly hopped into a […]

Foodie Underground: Travel and Tacos

ColumnTravel lessons: Good food, from good places, with good people. Only one day into a trip to Baja, Mexico, and my friend Megan and I had come up with our official “Taco Challenge.” (Because when you travel, you should always have a challenge.) This one involved eating at least one […]

New Favorite: Lucy Notions Vintage Handmade Headbands

It’s getting to be summer, a time of year when head candy is the perfect accessory. Just think of balmy days spent cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway in your sweetie’s old Mercedes convertible. Surely you need something to hold those precious locks back while the wind whips by. I […]

Too Good to Be True? A Green Deal at Saks

If you’re a serious stylista you no doubt religiously pencil sample sales into your calendar, but do you ever expect to find items unaccountably on sale at places like Saks? I recently had the luck of stumbling upon this bamboo strapless dress by green design house Beau Soleil, and voila, […]

DIY: 10 Pretty Little Clutches

Ten pretty little clutches that you can easily make at home. The clutch is, without a doubt, this fall’s it-bag. Instead of dropping major dough on one, revamp one that you already have or make one yourself from scratch. Here are ten of our favorite DIY clutch projects, some which […]

One Woman's Misprint Is Another Woman's Marvel

Do you ever wonder what canned good factories do when their assembly lines churn out flawed logos? Normally, such minor mistakes make waste, until the day an inventive designer had a creative vision of a unique alternative. As it turns out, one man’s trash can truly be an artist’s greatest […]

Lustable: Lizzie Fortunato Medicine Necklace

Sometimes an eye catching accessory is the best medicine for a wardrobe in flux. It’s officially springtime but is your wardrobe caught in flux between winter doldrums and warmer temperatures that haven’t quite arrived? Lizzie Fortunato’s refreshing Medicine Necklace may be just what the doctor ordered.

Winding Up: Crank-Operated Gadgets

When it comes to environmentally-friendly living, we need more cranks. We’re talking about the hand-mechanical energy generation technique that is making it socially unacceptable to use batteries in certain products. (Unless you recharged your batteries with a crank recharger, of course.) It’s a praiseworthy fad that is only a few […]

Sust Disco Top Giveaway

Sust’s Disco Top I love the nightlife, I’ve got to boogie, on the disco round, oh yeah. Oh, Alicia Bridges, it’s as if when you sang that 70s song you just knew there would be a shirt to lay claim to your song’s inimitable fame – that an eco-lable named […]

New Year: Resolutions, Revolutions or Evolutions?

At this time of year, I used to line up all my New Year’s Resolutions. But these days, it’s easy. I’ve only got one, and it goes as follows: I am never going to try to stick to a New Year’s Resolution ever again. (Except this one). On December 31st, […]

5 Chic Pieces of Convertible Clothing for Every Wardrobe

Whether you’re a jetsetter, enjoy owning versatile pieces, or simply prefer to keep your wardrobe to a minimum, convertible clothing is a wonderful addition to nearly every wardrobe – and it’s even better for the environment than you might think. Multi-purpose clothing means fewer pieces, which means the possibility of […]

From Thailand With Love: Mango Wood Vases

Saifon Lertromyanant grew up in a small village in Thailand watching her father create beautiful designs on the furniture he made. After earning her degree and marrying, Saifon decided to open a business of her own. "My father is an excellent carpenter and I inherited this skill from him," Saifon […]

Lustables: Organic Green Cardamom Pods

A spice that’s the perfect fit for sweet and savory dishes.  Cardamom, as you may have noticed, is making its way into everything. It’s in tea, in tart crusts, in fruity drinks, in fig jam, in curries and if you haven’t tried it in a cup of coffee, you’re missing out. […]

The Best Organic Makeup Brands | Consumer Guide

You no longer have to sacrifice performance in the name of healthier products. Still, shopping for natural cosmetics can seem daunting. There are so many natural beauty brands around these days. How can you tell which are the best organic makeup brands? We’ve evaluated many natural cosmetics lines, zeroed in on the cream […]

Venezuelan Coffee Basically Doesn’t Exist Anymore

If you’ve ever sipped on Venezuelan coffee, consider yourself lucky. During the last several decades, Venzeula’s coffee industry has been in a steep decline. Once prized for its coffee, including varieties from the Maracaibos port and Caracas (named after the capital city) of the country’s eastern mountains, Venezuela now makes […]

Solay Simple Makes Cleaning Easy and Eco-Friendly

We’ve all purchased household cleaners that weren’t as effective as their commercials led us to believe, but those days are over. While the leading ingredient in the Solay Simple multi-purpose cleaner is pure Himalayan crystal salt, you don’t have to take its label’s ardent claims with a grain of salt. […]

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Free People Goes Natural with New Beauty Products

We hope you have a bit of extra beauty cash on hand because Free People now carries natural beauty products. Yeah, you read that right. Your favorite boho-inspired fashion brand is now selling some pretty impressive beauty brands. We’re particularly fond of the following Free People beauty products. 1. Schmidt’s […]

Muppets Kill it at Music Festival [Video]

Musicians are interesting creatures. And while we think the human musician variety is okay, we are much more smitten with the Muppet variety. Watch why below. Related on EcoSalon Oooh, We Bet Trump Did Not Like This [Video] Miss Piggy (Finally!) Receives the Ultimate Feminist Recognition Sesame Street Now Resides on […]

5 Easy to Follow Fashion Tips to Go from Summer to Fall in a Snap

If you’re looking for a handful of fun and functional fashion tips for a summer-to-fall wardrobe transition, then you’ve come to the right place! Before you can even think about saying, “pumpkin spice latte,” fall will be here. If you’re anything like me, you’ll already be daydreaming about carving pumpkins, […]

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11 Decorative DIY Crafts Using Natural Materials

This summer bring a bit of the outdoors inside with one – or eleven – of our natural DIY crafts. Have you been searching for some fresh DIY crafts to fill your summer weekends with? Then look no further because we’ve got you covered with some of the prettiest home […]

Get Inspired with Easy Weekend Sewing Projects

Looking to show off your sewing skills, but don’t want to take on a huge time commitment? Sew up one of these easy weekend sewing projects. Want to use your sewing machine for something else besides collecting dust, but don’t have time to start a labor intensive project. Turn to […]

4 Vegan Lifestyle Leaders: Influential People You Should Know

A vegan lifestyle often goes beyond abstaining from certain foods. For many, like the four individuals below, it becomes a chance to spread awareness about animal, social, and environmental issues through the use of their talent and individuality. Veganism is essentially defined as a person who does not consume any […]