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H&M Conscious Beauty Line Fast Cosmetics?

H&M could definitely be called the mover and shaker of fast fashion. These guys must offer energy drink mainlining in the breakroom. And with H&M Conscious Beauty soon to launch, they do not appear to be slowing down any time soon. What began is a little Swedish women’s clothing shop […]

Healthier and Tastier Living: Make Your Own Strawberry Jam

Strawberries are one of the most important fruits to buy organic. Large-scale farmers often use massive amounts of pesticides to grow strawberries – pesticides that have often been linked to causing cancer. Ironically, some of the nutrients naturally occurring in strawberries are thought to prevent cancer. All the more reason […]

On Salt Obsession: Isn’t It All Salty?

I’ve heard that, when asked what kind of salt to use for a dish, Julia Child once replied, “salt is salt”. Even though I’m not sure if she really said this or if it’s a Julia legend, it certainly sounds like something she’d say. I can relate. Sometimes, when faced […]

Foodie Underground: All Things Pork at Cochon 555

As you’re planning your foodie calendar for 2011, you might want to take a moment and pencil in Cochon 555. We all know that pork is often the favored meat of underground foodies (think about how many things wrapped in bacon you’ve been offered over the last couple of months), […]

School Uniforms: Sustainable Garb for the Under-17 Crowd

Perhaps the most compelling argument you can make to your teenage daughter about wearing a school uniform is that the pleated skirt looks totally amazing with Uggs. “Your legs look sooo long, honey!” Tell your son girls have always had a weakness for the classics. Google Gregory Peck. Naturally, there’s […]

8 Reasons To Turn Your Life Upside Down

Spending more time upside down through yoga inversions can deliver serious health benefits. When I first tried yoga I just couldn’t imagine being upside down. I thought handstands and headstands were things that you did as a kid on the playground, not in a yoga studio. Today, I couldn’t imagine […]

EcoMeme: Super Bowl Ad Controversy

National Super Bowl ads have been universally fun or relatable through the years, making up for their glib materialism with some entertainment value and giving fans of pop culture but not the sport a reason to watch. Cute frogs croaked for beer (“Bud-wei-ser!”) and babies sang off-key (eTrade) in memorable […]

7 Gorgeous Vegan Backpacks You Probably Can’t Live Without

  The carry-all gets an upgrade: vegan backpacks are all the rage and for good reason. Out of the way simple, basic bags! Backpacks are taking over the world and we’re totally jazzed about it. The past few seasons have been boasting some pretty stylish, inventive, and functional designs, proving […]

Visions of an Organic World

John Patrick envisions a world in the near future where people won’t ask, “is it organic?” but rather exclaim, “of course it’s organic!” This is the kind of motto everyone here at EcoSalon believes in and we applaud John Patrick’s success at initiating this attitude with his line of organic […]

Do You Know These 9 Natural Tooth Care Tips?

A few years ago, a dentist told me I’d need dentures by the time I was 50 – that’s how bad my teeth and gums were. Granted, they didn’t look bad – my teeth are strong, straight and pearly white – but my gums were already declining. I was brushing […]

Trimming an Alternative Tree

Don’t be pining away for the disposable tree when you can conceive a brilliant alternative, like Tara and Thyme’s rendition carved of recycled wood and copper pipe. How lively are their branches! Even the star is close to the spirit of the nativity, made from the siding of an old […]

Awake at the Wheel

While perusing the gritty and authentic Awake at the Wheel, I came across a post about an experiment measuring the added benefits of chocolate enhanced by the power of good intention. It only confirmed my personal belief that many of our small daily choices can be enhanced with conscious intent. […]

The Friday 5: Warm and Fuzzy Edition

Can’t we just be soft and cuddly this Friday? What’s more cute and loved than our favorite animals? We walk them, we talk to them, we gaze upon their beauty in the stillness of nature and still, there are never enough words to explain how much we appreciate them..until this […]

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5 Eco-Friendly Businesses to Visit This Black Friday: Friday Finds

Yes, it’s back Friday. Loads of box stores are hocking outrageous deals. But we know all of you would rather get your goods and wares from companies that have human beings and the Earth’s well-being in mind. So, for this week’s Friday Finds, we’ve rounded up 5 eco-friendly businesses you […]

Drink the Thanksgiving Day Stress Away [Video]

The big day is 24-hours away… How are you coping? I just finished working 40-plus hours in three days at a bakery, so I’m ready to kick back, relax, and drink my stress away. Sure, it may not be the healthy thing to do, but sometimes it’s necessary. Luckily, Sookie […]

Ballet Inspired Beauty Looks Just in Time for Nutcracker Season

Making holiday plans yet? Whether a viewing of The Nutcracker is on your agenda or not, ballet inspired beauty is hot this holiday season. Ballerinas always radiate serene beauty. That’s why the look is a fabulous way to add classic femininity to your holiday vibe. Greys, blacks, and whites are […]

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3 Perfect Days in Rome

Get a local’s insight and insider secrets on how to spend 3 perfect days in Rome! Rome, the eternal city, never ceases to mystify me with its concealed courtyards and mazes of vine covered passageways revealing 2,000 year-old ruins. Just like its famous recipe for artichokes, Rome is best peeled […]

Modular Furniture Ideas for Every Room in the House

Multipurpose furniture is beneficial in more ways than one, obviously. Utility, convenience, waste reduction, compactness, and originality are just a few of the reasons why we’re urging you to give these modular furniture ideas a try next time you’re in the market for new furniture. According to municipal solid waste […]

Get Your Holiday Cheer On With EcoSalon’s The Box!

EcoSalon’s The Box, Holiday Cheer Edition, features items that will make your holidays sparkle with all its might! Celebrate the most festive of seasons with a box of 25 glittering items from 15 fabulous brands – worth $466.95–all for just $129 + free shipping! Fa la la la la! The holiday season is officially in […]

EcoSalon’s Fair Trade Fashion Guide

Welcome to EcoSalon’s Fair Trade Fashion Guide—your destination for sustainable and ethical fashion alternatives! Learn all about the benefits of Fair Trade, who’s making great Fair Trade fashion, and where to find it! What is Fair Trade Fashion? Fair Trade certified fashion is considered clothing and accessories made from materials produced in a way that helps producers in developing […]

5 Savvy and Chic Money-Saving World Travel Tips

These 5 money-saving world travel tips make exploring the world in comfort and style easier than ever. After twenty-three years traveling to over twenty countries, I’ve discovered tips, tricks, and tactics that make exploring the world a whole lot easier, more comfortable and fun. With all the new airline baggage restrictions, […]