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Oh Hai 2011

To help you ring in the New Year, here are some EcoSalon treasures to get you thinking about your past, present and future – because ultimately, isn’t that what this day is all about? Happy New Year! Top 10 Trends We Loved (And Hated) From 2010 Top 10 Environmental Stories […]

5 Reasons Why Honey Is the Ultimate Beauty Must Have

Want a centuries-old beauty trick? Tie on your sunbonnets and lean in. (Yes, now I am whispering.) Honey is the secret to everything. Okay, maybe not everything, but it comes pretty darn close. It’s the multi-tasker of natural beauty. Cleopatra made milk and honey baths infamous. Poppea, wife of Rome’s […]

Alicia Silverstone’s 5 Tips for Earth Day

Is Alicia Silverstone just another Hollywood pretty face? As if! This adorable, animal rights “Betty” is anything but Clueless. Ever since the release of her best-selling book, The Kind Diet, the vegetarian celebrity’s become a leading voice for the green foodie movement, advocating the benefits of a plant-based diet to […]

It’s in the Bag: 7 Vegan and Eco-Friendly Handbags

Finding eco-friendly handbags can be a real challenge. We present some fashionable solutions. As a vegetarian who is also committed to environmental sustainability, I find that being fashion presents some difficulties for me. I enjoy fashion, but I also want to be a conscientious shopper. One of my biggest fashion […]

Nu? Eco Ketubas, Kippots, Bagels and Wine for Repairing the World

Jewish is going greenish. It’s a phenomenon I like to call Oy-Soy, the marriage of ethical Jewish values with eco alternatives – everything from the artifacts that help color our heritage to a back-to-nature approach to living more sustainably. I guess it’s all in line with the goals of tikkun […]

Lustables: Edun’s Fair Isle Wool-Blend Sweater

Edun’s Fair Isle crewneck is an edgy departure for this year’s sweater season. Tribal prints are popping up everywhere this season. From ethical lifestyle brand, Edun this Fair Isle crewneck is an edgier take for urbanites looking to reference the tribal knitwear trend without sacrificing their downtown groove. With its […]

World’s First Farmers’ Market Backpack: The Cornucopia Bag

Heading to the farmers’ market? Remember last time when your arm went numb, laden with a heavy bag filled with your bountiful purchases? I’ve often pondered the dilemma facing market shoppers – particularly my own frustration regarding “the bag” issue. One way or another, I don’t bring enough bags or […]

Nimli ‘Strange Fruit’ Jumper Giveaway

When eco-boutique Nimli contacted us for this week’s giveaway, we were so excited, not just because we’re fans of this cute romper, but because we love Nimli as a company. If you’re not familiar with the retailer, visit the site for all the best in sustainable clothing, accessories and beauty […]

Mother's Day Giveaway #5: Cool Linen Shawl

Here’s our final Mother’s Day giveaway: this versatile splashy cool linen shawl. Whether you’re taking an evening stroll around town or sauntering through the sand in the hot summer sun, this tropical piece can be worn as a shawl or a sarong. Chic and eco-friendly, its bright hues are made […]

Eco-Friendly Business Cards: From Watermark to Watercress

Have you ever been jealous of a colleague’s business card? Remember the classic scene in American Psycho when a business card with a watermark made Patrick Bateman enraged with jealousy? Well, a simple watermark has nothing on these amazing business cards that act as a house plant. That’s right, you […]

The Carbon Footprint of a Dozen Roses is Huge

Why a dozen roses isn’t necessarily the best way to show your love, especially if you love the planet as well. Say no to the dozen roses pressure and instead choose creative crafty ideas this Valentine’s Day.  The tradition of giving flowers made sense in the ancient world because love letters […]

Foodie Underground: Taking It to the Streets

If there’s one thing better than digging in to a feast with friends, it’s doing it outside. Summer, we’re so glad you’re here. In Portland, this summer welcomes an event that’s part urban revival, part social and part foodie, and it’s all in a beautiful outdoor setting. It’s called Brunch […]

How to Green Your Fitness Routine

Lights, treadmills, fans, air conditioning. Unless you pump iron at the Venice Beach outdoor gym chances are you’re burning as many kilowatts as calories. Here’s how to green your fitness routine. Does your health club have recycle bins near the sports drink vending machines? If not, contact your city hall […]

12 Fun DIY Projects for the Chic Green Geek

The fun of going green is that it’s a personal thing. You’re joining the worthiest of causes – securing the future health of the planet you call home – and doing it yourself. Eco-friendly DIY projects are satisfying, challenging and almost always money-saving, and frankly we can’t get enough of […]

Lustables: The Grass Mirror

H20 Architects’ creation of a living mirror allows you to create your own reflection. From where we sit, the grass is looking pretty darn green with this creation from French architectural design firm h2o Architects. Called a Miroir en Herbe, not only is it lustable, it’s edible, too. Planters are […]

Hanging with Ada

The oh-so-sophisticated you might say “vaaaaaz”, but however you pronounce it, a vase is really just a vase. Not so with the ada hanging vase from cb2. It says “I’m not your ordinary vase, I’m so much more than a vase because I hang here growing out of the wall  […]

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Watch John Stamos Break the News about ‘Fuller House’ [Video]

Ah, television nostalgia. You’re the reason we still watch “Saved By the Bell” episodes like they’re new. And you’re also responsible for the fact that I — a 32-year-old woman — am kinda excited for the upcoming “Full House” reboot. “Fuller House,” the “Full House” reboot, will definitely feature a […]

7 Hair Rules All Dudes Should Follow (You Know, No Pressure)

Hair rules to follow that will leave you looking all fine and stuff. (Promise!) That perfect haircut of yours won’t last very long unless you take care of your tresses—but don’t worry, a little TLC goes a long way in keeping your hair (and scalp!) happy and healthy. Best of […]

Dolly Parton Is a Badass And You Need to Know It [Video]

Dolly Parton is the best. If you don’t agree with me then I feel bad for you. PBS’s Blank on Blank posted an amazing interview with Dolly Parton from 1978. It’s an animated joy of a video filled with tales of Parton’s youth. Related on EcoSalon  10 Almost Forgotten Songs […]

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The Nordic Diet: Eating Like a Viking is Good for All of Us

Is the Nordic Diet just the new “it” thing or is it actually a sustainable approach to food? If it’s not one diet, it’s another, because let’s face it: we want the magic trick that will keep is fit and slim. The truth is, there is no magic trick, the best […]

12 Weird Things Women Do to Their Vaginas

Seriously, what did our vaginas ever do to us? Ever since back in the day when pubic hair became uncool, women have been doing some pretty batshit things to make their vaginas feel better, look prettier and smell like anything other than a vagina. It turns out there are even […]