32 Inspiring Quotes to Channel Your Inner Weirdo


Inspiring quotes on the fine art of fitting out.

  1. “Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it.” -Rick Warren
  2. “Honestly, if you don’t fit in then you’re probably doing the right thing.” -Lights Poxleitner
  3. “Maybe it’s wrong-footed trying to fit people into the world, rather than trying to make the world a better place for people.” -Paul McHugh
  4. “To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never

3 DIY Wine Bottle Crafts: Turn Trash into Gorgeous Home Decor


Wine bottles are great at what they do – they hold the elixir of love, laughter and life and I wouldn’t change a thing about that. And wine bottle crafts bring new meaning to these sacred vessels.

But, as we all know, wine can have a huge turnover rate in the household and the recycle bin fills up with bottles that could otherwise be reused around the house in both a functional and aesthetic way. The following 3 wine bottle crafts will bring new meaning to being a “wino.”
3 DIY …

11 Beautiful Bohemian Decor DIY Projects to Add Boho Chic to Your Home


Looking to add some boho chic to your space? Then try out these simple bohemian decor do-it-yourself projects.

It may seem like the height of the boho chic movement may have passed for most, but bohemian decor and fashion never really go out of style for creative types and hippies alike. There are still plenty of folks for whom the anything-goes spirit behind bohemian decor will always be a draw. If that describes you, don’t feel constrained by what may or may not be considered to be on trend. Instead, march to …

Healthy Sexuality in a Dangerous World: Sexual Healing


ColumnLately, it seems like there are too many stories of women being battered, harassed, trolled, stalked and threatened, both online and off. It’s enough to make us feel like there is no such thing as safe space, especially when it comes to expressing and enjoying healthy sexuality.

No matter what your actual exposure to such threats are, these stories have a way of invading our psychic space and making us all feel vulnerable (even as they may make us also feel angry). This can happen even if your life is a veritable advertisement for

Tinder Fat People Experiments….Awkward! [Videos]


Watch this hella awkward experiment to see how guys react to a fat woman whom they thought was skinnier based on her profile pics on Tinder, the mobile dating app. And there’s a guy version, too, which is equally as not so fun. Boo.

Find Jill on Twitter @jillettinger

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11 of the Best Oils for Skin: Natural Plant-Based Beauty

jojoba oil

Ditch the complicated beauty care products and start using the best oils for skin.

One of the best beauty and health care tips I embraced was to stop buying into the sensational firming, anti-aging, silky-smooth claims touted by expensive beauty products. Sure, they may work this so-called “magic” quite well, but coincidentally enough, the best of these brands are often based in natural plant-based oils. So, why load on the extra fillers, fragrances, water and other colorants and preservatives when you can get right to the source?

These oils are incredibly …

7 DIY Autumn Wreaths to Celebrate the Season

Ideas for making your own autumn wreaths.

Now that the Autumnal Equinox has passed it is time to say goodbye to summer and move our attention to celebrating the beauty and bounty of the fall season. Autumn wreaths are a gorgeous way to celebrate the season and to decorate your door or entryway.

The brilliant colors of autumn just lend themselves to being honored–scarlet, goldenrod, burnt orange, moss, russet and more– and humans have a very long tradition of honoring and celebrating the season and the harvest. Decorating with autumn wreaths is one …

How Much Does Electricity Cost in Your State?

electricity by state photo

If you live in Louisiana you likely use twice as much electricity as a New Yorker, according to a recent article in the Huffington Post. Maps created from data at the U.S. Energy Information Administration show electricity use and cost by state. How much does electricity cost in your neck of the woods?
How Much Does Electricity Cost By State?
The maps measured price per capita and electricity usage of energy converted from coal, natural gas, or renewable sources. My state, South Carolina, for example, is among the highest in energy …