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An Improvement for Ultraviolet Water Disinfection

Chemical-free water disinfection is less harmful to the environment and to workers in plants of industries that depend on ridding water of pathogens – such as food and beverage, dairy, aquaculture and municipal drinking water providers. In other words, why use chemicals to get rid of chemicals? A Hydro-Optic Disinfection […]

Let Us Grow Lettuce

When I was growing up, I never wanted salad on my sandwich, salad being the operative word for lettuce. Clearly, I had yet to learn about one of the greatest vegetables on earth. Luckily, I decided to plant some in my garden for the first time last year and that’s […]

Too Good to Be True? A Green Deal at Saks

If you’re a serious stylista you no doubt religiously pencil sample sales into your calendar, but do you ever expect to find items unaccountably on sale at places like Saks? I recently had the luck of stumbling upon this bamboo strapless dress by green design house Beau Soleil, and voila, […]

Taking Toxic Triclosan Out of Your Soap (By Making Your Own)

The benefits of natural soap, plus two recipes shared just for you. You step into the shower, pick up a bar, and start suds-ing. For a few minutes, you’re transported to a spa, splashing about in steam and scents, luxuriating in bubbles. Or—you’re lathering up as fast as you can […]

Choice Doesn’t Hurt

Does abortion cause psychological trauma? No, but judging might. The imagined link between abortion and psychosis is just that: imaginary. But just in case we weren’t sure, last month, the New England Journal of Medicine published a Danish study showing definitively that abortion does not put a woman at increased […]

Is the Fabled Fashion Ship Sinking?

A fashion industry insider reports. Charles Frederick Worth was one of the world’s first noted fashion designers (See his Court Dress, above). In 1845, a fashion designer was an artist, highly regarded and sought after by the society of the royal court to advise on their wardrobe choices. Worth’s main […]

Tidy Little Trend Guide

I have been indulging in the trends of 2011 for a few weeks now, so it’s only fair to dish up all of them in a single giant serving of shelter forecasts and aesthetic predictions for the eleventh year of the new millennium. Each of my shelter and design trends […]

Step Right Up for a Natural Summertime Glow

The sun is our friend. Except when it gives us wrinkles. And sun spots. And skin cancer. But of course we love the sun and every wrinkle and blemish it gave us while we kayaked/hiked/skied/biked under its rays. But anyone who has peeled their skin off in black, burnt chunks […]

‘Selfie’ Is Our Word of the Year: That Happened

ColumnI’m guilty of the occasional selfie. So, I took a new one in honor of 2013’s word of the year—and highlighting one of my favorite words. The fact that “selfie” is the  2013 Word of the Year doesn’t say good things about how we, collectively, behaved this year. Selfie. Just […]

Summer Trend: the Infamous Gladiator Sandal

The gladiator sandal may be a trend we’re all sick of hearing about – I know I am. But, I felt it my duty to bring you an eco option just in case. After all the hype, I finally found a greener version of the oddly popular (in my opinion) […]

LBD Giveaway Time from Deux FM

Alright, so for this giveaway you might have to get a little sun, a little water sprayed on your face for that dewy glow, and most definitely some blue liner to go with the dress. This model is smoking! But if we look beyond her and see this amazing Ebony […]

Kristen Arnett’s Earth Day Natural Beauty Chat Roundup

On Earth Day, we hosted a Natural Beauty Chat on the EcoSalon Facebook page with celebrity green make-up artist and beauty expert, Kristen Arnett. Kristen expertly fielded questions covering a wide range of beauty topics, from BB and CC creams to applying foundation, dealing with dark circles, to dry skin. […]

Sweet Beet Juice Recipe with Kombucha

Pull out your juicer to make this fresh combination of a beet juice recipe with kombucha, or simply buy the juices to make this sweet and tangy blend with a subtle ginger flavor. Beet Juice Recipe with Kombucha Serves 2  Ingredients 11/2-inch knob peeled fresh ginger 11/2 cups plain kombucha (plain […]

Summer Fashion Ahoy!

Though it’s still spring, I can’t help but dream of warm summer days: lounging lazily in hammocks, taking in the ocean breezes and hitting as many cocktail parties and barbeques as humanly possible. But what to wear? Well, first, take into consideration that this is your season to shine in […]

EcoSalon Shops! Presents: H Fredriksson

Yesterday I wrote about the fun part of your closet with Feral Childe but forgot to mention another, more curious section you might want to consider: The dramatic. When it comes to this niche, where you find yourself actually wanting to wear art and channel Film Noir, you should consider […]

The Next Generation of Fabric Hails From Hemp

Over the past few years we have witnessed the exponential growth of sustainable fabrics. And we are all aware that this is a movement and not a trend. Organic cotton, hemp, tencel, recycled polyester and organic wool are gaining popularity, evidenced on the international runways and in fashion media. By […]

7 Easy Tips to Spring Clean Your Home

Easy tips to simplify spring cleaning. As of March 2oth, the season has officially changed – spring has sprung. I love the promise of sunshine and knowing summer is just around the corner, but I hate spring cleaning. Hate it. Here’s a guide to minimize the drudgery with efficient and […]

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5 Fall Colors to Wear This Autumn

Fall is creeping up on us, you guys! And that means you’ll soon begin to wear different colors… fall colors. And while the cooler months used to mean “it’s time to start dressing drab,” that’s not so this year. Fall 2015 is filled with all sorts of beautiful hues to […]

The Real Reason You See Faces in Things

If you see faces in things where no one else does, congratulations! You’re neurotic. Welcome to the club. Here, have a t-shirt. Yep, seeing faces in inanimate objects is a thing. It’s called pareidolia, and recent research from the NNT Communication Science Laboratory in Tokyo suggests people who think their […]

Plan a Trip to Europe’s 8 Most Luxurious Eco Spa Resorts

Before summer disappears completely, maybe it’s time to plan a trip to Europe. When you stay in one of these luxurious European eco spa resorts, you’ll never need a “vacation from your vacation”. Perfectly situated to explore Europe’s most beloved regions from Tuscany to Spain’s Costa Blanca, imagine coming back from […]

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7 Awesome, Influential Women in Sustainable Fashion

Women have been the driving force behind sustainable  fashion, and we want to honor some of the industry’s most awesome ladies by highlighting their achievements and undeniable passion for creating a fashion system that serves us all! 1. Yael Aflalo This LA based dame first started her fashion career as […]

Eileen Fisher Isn’t Half-Assing Sustainability

Eileen Fisher is the real deal when it comes to sustainability. Back in 2011, when I was a wee lass who had just been accepted to business school, I attended a panel discussion titled “Sales with an Impact: The CSR Advantage in Consumer-Facing Businesses” at Boston’s Simmons College. It was a […]