PETA Calls For Higher Insurance Rates for Meat Eaters


Ever the agent of controversy, PETA is at it again. The notorious animal rights activism group has requested that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont raise their health insurance rates for meat eaters (and drop rates for vegetarians). They base their request on studies showing that vegetarians have lower rates of many illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. PETA claims that this rate shift would save the insurance company money in the long term. A representative for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont stated that basing rates upon dietary habits is not allowed by state law.

As a vegetarian myself, I’d welcome a rate drop, but I know meat eaters and the meat industries wouldn’t let it happen without a fight. Besides, vegetarianism, though healthier for many people, is certainly not for everyone. I think PETA should spend less time on radical tactics that discriminate against certain groups and focus on encouraging people to reduce meat consumption and eat only meat which is ethically raised. But what’s your opinion?

Image: stu spivack