Places & Spaces: Canvas Hotel

Canvas Hotel is a playground for adults (and bicycles).

Southern Norway is home to the enviable Canvas Hotel, sited on an island in a small lake, surrounded by big adventure. The Canvas Hotel is no ordinary hotel, the simple yurts take a backseat to a passion for peddles. This destination is about bicycles, offering courses, riding, trails, and training that ranges from beginners to skilled experts.

The adventure starts the moment you arrive. You will be picked up at the nearest train station or airport; your luggage will be transported for you while you jump on a bike and savor your first spin into camp.

After you conquer the granite trails on two wheels, head back to the yurts and plunge into the lake for a refreshing cool down. Then soak in the healing powers of a sauna (disguised as a yurt) or saturate your tired muscles in a designer hot tubs. The bathtubs are portable, so you can relax and soak anywhere you like (I would go for the floating platform suspended above the lake).

Just in case your definition of vacation includes indulging your palate, you’ll be relieved to hear the food at the Canvas Hotel is local, delicious, and hearty. The aim of the chef is to delight your appetite and fuel your rides, so there is no shortage of taste or quantity.

The playful atmosphere of the hotel is evident in this phrase from their website, “You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing.” Who wouldn’t want to play here?

Rates start at $900/day – indulgent food, scintillating adventure, two wheels, pedals, and a generous guide included.

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