Places & Spaces: Final Globetrot

Travel around the world to nine gorgeous ecotourism destinations.

After two weeks of indulgent ecotourism destinations, my appetite for travel is fierce. The exotic locations, natural luxury, pure relaxation, pristine beaches, handsome forests, rugged adventure, and everything from simple canvas tents to opulent organic sheets have been inspirational. Here’s a quick recap of our two week series.

Alina Villas Uluwatu (Indonesia)

Paperbark Camp (Australia)

Juvet Landscape Hotel (Norway)

Canvas Hotel (Norway)

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay (Vietnam)

Eco Beach (Australia)

In case you are craving something with rustic charm, urban edge, or beautiful snow, check out these sustainable destinations from the EcoSalon archives.

Hotel Basico (Mexico)

Waterhouse Hotel (China)

White Pod Resort (Switzerland)

There’s only one thing left to do – decide where to visit first. Of course we did all the research for our featured destinations, but this piece by Kim Derby will help you ensure any hotel you choose is sustainable.

So, have you made reservations yet?

This is the final installment in our seven-part series, Places & Spaces at EcoSalon, a travel guide to inspire you to carve out a vacation on your calendar. All of the gorgeous locations and accommodations in our guide share our concern for the environment. From tent glamping to lavish built environments, fair warning, you’ll feel compelled to pack your suitcase.