Click and Plant: How You Can Participate in Reforesting the Globe


Boris Trajanov, who organized the planting of 6 million trees in one day in Macedonia, knows that such huge efforts are not impossible when you put your heart and some great organization into it! Now, Mokugift, a leading online tree gifting service, pledges to plant 5 million trees by the end of 2009.

Mokugift is in partnership with the United Nations Environmental Programme’s Billion Tree Campaign. The UNEP is sending out the call to citizens globally to plant over 7 billion trees, or roughly one tree per global citizen, by the close of 2009.

It’s being called Plant for the Planet: The Billion Tree Campaign. The campaign got a head start in the first 18 months following its launch in 2006. Individuals and communities, private sector companies, organizations and governments in 166 countries have planted 2.5 billion trees already, making it one of the UN’s most successful environmental campaigns yet. The campaign has exceeded all expectations because of strong grassroots support and well-planned global outreach strategies.

“Plant for the Planet: The Billion Tree Campaign” stresses the power of solidarity because everyone matters, and every tree counts.

If you missed out on the action in Macedonia, Mokugift makes it possible for ordinary people to join in the fun!  Each tree planted cost only $1. All you have to do to plant a tree is make a few refined turns of the index finger, click the mouse and – this could be the hard part – choose a country in which you want your tree(s) planted. In mere moments, you can go from web surfing to becoming a global tree planter participating in the reforestation of the planet.

Giving a tree really is as easy as sending an e-card.  When that someone special receives a tree, they can proudly display their trees online at Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle and other popular Web sites. Mokugift even enables iPhone and iPod touch owners to plant a tree and they make it as easy as buying their favorite song.  Plus, Mokugift plants a tree when iPhone and iPod touch owners purchase A Real Tree application on Apple’s iTunes AppStore.

Image: McPig