Plant Pots That Can Magically Disappear (I Mean, Biodegrade)

EcoForms: Environmentally Friendly Plant Pots

Do you have stacks of the black plastic pots used for plants in your back shed collecting spider webs? Imagine if you could compost those pots?!

Unfortunately, those pots are not compostable. However, they would be if you’d bought them from EcoForms.

EcoForms is an environmentally friendly company, producing pots out of renewable grain fiber that are ultimately biodegradable. Luckily, they won’t biograde too quickly. The pots are meant to last at least five years, and apparently even promote better plant growth than plastic ones.

This Northern California company seems highly committed to sustainable gardening practices. Not only are their products earth friendly, but the family-run organization is also focused on sustainable business practices, such as the use of solar power to run their facility and bio-diesel delivery trucks. It doesn’t get much better than that!

In addition to selling several lines of pots, they have also developed other products, including organic fertilizer, herb garden kits, saucers and shuttle trays.

True, you may not have complete control as many nurseries sell their starter plants in the plastic-type pots. However, if you ever catch yourself about to reach for pots at the store, it seems you can best garden with a clear, eco-conscience with EcoForms.