Plight of the 'Eco-Birkin'


I’m not one to knock working hard and rewarding yourself with a few indulgences from time to time. I do draw the line, however, at overindulgence. You’ll still catch me rolling my eyes at anyone who aspires to one day own the infamous Hermès Birkin bag. Not only does the price tag start at $7,500, but the wait list to get one also averages two years.

Why, oh why, I ask myself, would anyone want to wait that long and pay that much to own something that isn’t even unique anymore? Yet, just as I say this, I discover the latest hot ticket. And yes, ladies, it just happens to be green. The Kooba tote, which is making its second exclusive debut at Barney’s, is made of unbleached organic cotton canvas with recycled metallic cork trim.

I have to admit, it is tres stylish and much more reasonably priced than the Birkin (only $245), but it’s yet another “it” bag. If you’re lucky, you may be able to score yourself one online, but from what I’ve heard, the wait list for this summer’s most wanted bag may just rival its overpriced couture counterpart. To each is own, but I say get your own style and bypass this bag.

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