POV Eagle’s Flight Will Blow Your Mind and Zen You Out [Video]


We’ve all had flying dreams—where you aren’t in a plane or a helicopter, or even attached to a glider, but where you are just somehow able to fly (you’ve had those right?). Well, turns out in my dreams, I must have been a bird of prey, because they are exactly like this amazing POV eagle’s flight camera footage. Yes, this is real film taken from small cameras attached to bald eagles. Sometimes, technology does not suck.  

Enjoy these two videos, which—even if you’ve never dreamed of flying, but have watched birds and wondered what it’s like to be them—are just amazing. Oh, and be sure to go full-screen with them, because the perspective deserves more than a tiny box inside other boxes on your screen. After watching a few times, it started working as a meditation-relaxation video for me. 

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