Power Hour: Elevate Success By Mastering Your Morning Routine


The way you start your day has a drastic effect on how the rest of it will unfold. Getting into routine of taking quality time for yourself–a power hour–could be a key to not only a successful day, but a successful life.

Inspired by Fast Company’s “What Successful People Do With the First Hour of Their Day” here are tips for a successful day and thus, successful life.

1. Your email isn’t going anywhere, don’t check it first thing.

This might seem like career suicide to some, or waking up without your left arm attached, but get in the habit of avoiding reading your email first thing.  Looking at emails first thing will make your head spin with things you have to do, people who didn’t yet get back to you or that what’s happening in the middle-east. Yes, these are all important things, but with the busy lives we live, taking that time to ourself to clear our head is vital. Plus, don’t worry all those emails, they’ll still be there when power hour is over.

2. Are you doing what you want to be doing?

Yes, I know–this could sound a little overwhelming and perhaps broad, but really, are you? Ask yourself if what you are going to do is exactly what you want to do today. Will it make you happy? Fulfilled? Life is short and the time is now. Power hour is a great time to evaluate progress toward the goals that matter.

3. Get your blood pumping.

Take a walk, run, stretch, kickbox–even if it’s only for seven minutes, get your body moving!

4. Do the big stuff first.

The first hour of the day can be the best for power hour. Use it to take time for yourself to reflect and prepare for the day ahead or use the time to tackle your daily demons. Do that one thing you don’t want to do. Or that one thing that scares you. By doing this first you’ll clear it out of the way, make room for everything else and feel extremely accomplished throughout the entire day.

5. Gratitude and gratefulness.

What are you grateful for? Say a little Grace for all the wonderful things in your life that are so often over looked. Take time during power hour to visualize what you are grateful.  This gratitude will fill you with a sense of abundance, but will also allow you to see clearly what else you want to manifest into your life.

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Juliette Donatelli

Working in the field of sustainability for over seven years, Juliette is passionate about its intersection within the fashion industry. Juliette began studying ecological conservation, and led consumer awareness campaigns around the world from water usage in southern California, riparian restoration in South Africa, food distribution in Paris and bison habitat in the Great Plains. She has launched her passion--consumerism and sustainability--into a place where it hits home--fashion. Juliette is the founder and editor-in-chief of spadesandsilk.com, Director of Sustainability at Manufacture NY, and loves to read, dance, swim and enjoy the occasional glass of champagne.