In: Convoys. Out: Carpools


Commuting could take on a whole new meaning with the Safe Road Trains for the Environment (SARTRE) research project funded by the European Commission.

The project, based on the concept of linking vehicles together using wireless sensors, is aimed at finding an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way of getting cars to travel together, convoy style.

The way to do this, according to project SARTRE, is to create road trains of up to eight separate vehicles – cars, buses, and trucks – which has the potential not only to reduce fuel consumption, but also improve journey times and reduce congestion.

Lead vehicles would be driven by a professional driver controlling the road train. Any vehicle could use their sat-nav sensor to determine if a road train’s going their way. If it were, they would be able to approach the moving road train and indicate that they wish to join. The lead vehicle would then take control of the vehicle, positioning it and pulling it closer, allowing the newly joined driver to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery rather than focusing on driving.

The SARTRE project, scheduled to run for three years, aims to first determine the true feasibility of these “road trains” and then track test it in the UK and Sweden, with further plans for public road trials in Spain.

If successful, road trips as we know them will never be the same again.

Read more about this project here.

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3 thoughts on “In: Convoys. Out: Carpools

  1. Oh come now, why has no one made a comment

    about “No Exit”?

  2. Road trains work extremely well. I’ve seen them used successfully and at literally an eighth of the cost of other fast, mass-transit systems in Brazil and in Guatemala.

    For any city that is facing a tight budget, road trains should be seriously considered.

    On a personal level, however, I think that commuters who can’t use mass transit, should consider a hybrid or an electric vehicle.

    If anyone else is from the Washington DC region, the Electric Vehicle Association of DC is doing a workshop on December 5 as part of the Solar Energy Focus Conference. I found the website for the workshop:

    I think I might make the switch. Green cars are trendy and usually cost less.

  3. Commuting can for sure take on a whole new meaning, thanks for sharing with ecosalon and promote sustainable development.

    Commute Greener! is now stepping up with a possibility to set reductions targets, see the progress and share experiences that can help to change habits and even make the daily commute exciting and more valuable for health, wallet and planet

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