Rat Population Explosion Blamed on Green Living


Looks like Britain is experiencing an explosion in their rat population. In fact, according pest control company Rentokil, there are probably more rats living in Britain than humans.

There are various theories floating around as to why this is. Some experts are blaming a shift from weekly to bi-weekly trash collection. Others are saying it’s all tied into the fact that many households have “poorly secured household waste” lying around, a problem that could become more prevalent as the recession takes hold and more properties are deserted and remain empty.

But one enterprising pest-control company, HomeServe, issued a press release this week placing the blaming solely on “the trend for urbanites to live a greener, organic lifestyle unwittingly attracts rodent visitors to the plentiful sources of food and shelter.” Apparently influenced by celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey, there are up to 1.2 million households in Britain who -¦admit to keeping chickens whilst 8.8 million admit to having a garden compost heap. 19.5 million households say they leave out food for birds and animals. All this is likely to have contributed to the 6.5 million Brits who’ve reported rats in their gardens.”

Image: asplosh