Reclaiming Sustainable Style


Former Sunset Magazine Staff writer Bridget Bradley has written enough home improvement books to know where to go to greenify an environment from top to bottom. Tapping the best resources at her fingertips, she and her husband, Kirk, have opened Reclaim, a green home boutique store in the Bay Area suburb of Menlo Park. 

Not far from Stanford University, the ritzy suburb has always been "conservative", but not necessarily in terms of energy and innovative use of materials. Shoppers entering the well-appointed space graced with displays of colorful prints and patterns learn fast that green has a spiffy new sheen.

"Our store shows that you can be green and not compromise your personal style," says Kirk. "In the past, if you didn’t like bamboo, hemp, and off-white fabrics, you were out of luck. But now there are choices for almost every aesthetic."

What’s in the name Reclaim? First, high quality green products such as Yolo Colorhouse paint; Eco Timber wood flooring and cork flooring; organic sheets and towels; vinyl-free wallpaper with non-toxic ink; pretty upholstered sofas and chairs; Green Sleep and Savvy Rest organic mattresses and even non-toxic home cleaners.

There’s a line of locally made, custom kitchen cabinets (FSC-certified and formaldehyde-free) and countertops from recycled materials such as Vetrazzo (which Ecosalon has told you about), IceStone and Syndecrete. The couple also reclaims the baby room, locating cribs and bedding from greener pastures containing non-toxic wood and treated fabrics.

"We want to be a resource for the community on all green building and decorating issues," says Bridget, alluding to Reclaim’s other lure, a green home-designing service staffed by local architects, designers and artisans on a track to save our precious planet with better living quarters.

The store’s website is unusually helpful, with room-by-room guides explaining key environmental concepts and certification information, along with suggestions to green each space.

Located at 855-A Santa Cruz Avenue, Menlo Park.

Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.