Recycle This Book: a New Way for Kids to Look at the 3 R's


Looking  for ways to encourage your kids to be greener?  Then maybe the book Recycle This Book: 100 Top Children’s Book Authors Tell You How to Go Green can help.

Kids might not always listen to their parents, but they usually can be influenced, good or bad, by people they admire – athletes, celebrities, and writers of their favorite books, and that’s the premise behind this book. Each of the 100 authors writes a short essay about how they’re living greener.

Kids are going to love some of the green tips,  like the suggestion from David Lubar (“In the Land of the Lawn Weenies”) to leave grass clippings on the lawn instead of raking them up. And Jane Yolen’s (“Dragon’s Blood”) idea of eating leftovers for breakfast. Cold pizza, anyone?

Of course, they might not like all the tips, like the one from mystery writer Lois Duncan (“Killing Mr. Griffin”) who thinks that too many students drive to school and suggests they should ride the school bus instead. And that Anne Brasheres (“ËœSisters of the Traveling Pants’) thumbs her nose at car ownership.

Reading this book will have your kids (and you) soon looking the three R’s – reduce, recycle, reuse – in a whole new light.