Recycled Glassware Round-Up


I always wondered why I enjoy a glass of wine or a cold beer more at restaurants than from home, and then it dawned on me. Presentation plays a big role, and my old, beat up plastic cups just don’t do the trick. I’ve started a personal wishlist and found plenty to lust after at VivaTerra.

The cool blue hue of the Bottle Glass tumblers will make your favorite drinks all the more refreshing. I just love cobalt anything, but especially in the kitchen and on my backyard table. (Available for $49- $64.)

Good wine is meant to be served in style, and the Clear Recycled Glass wine decanter set reflects this refinement with every sip. Recycled glass used to be sort of…well, recycled-looking. But this is charmingly rustic while still being sophisticated. These days recycled glass is just as chic as the less-sustainable offerings in stores, and it’s often more affordable. (Available for $39- $98.)

Bottles from the famous Mexican brewery are recycled and transformed, label and all, into the playful Sol Cervesa glasses shown above. Now these could not possibly be more whimsical and fun! I think I’m going to order a few sets for my girlfriends, too. (Set of four available for $31.)

Note: VivaTerra is an EcoSalon sponsor. 

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4 thoughts on “Recycled Glassware Round-Up

  1. The elegance of glass and it’s usefullness (not to mention non-toxic properties!) is worth bringing back to popularity. Remember when Katsup and Mayonaise came in glass jars?
    Using glass, re-cycling glass and re-using glass is a partial answer to our planets plastics problems!

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  3. Agreed, JeffConn, to cut our own glass. There’s so much that can be done with bottles, including jewelry made from the necks and rims, and little round windows made from the butts. I’m envisioning a DIY glass-green world. :)

  4. Imagine how green it would be if we could all recycle bottles. Bring back the glass cutting kit!


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