{r}evolution Reel: The End of the Road (Almost)

If you’re new here, we’re on a road trip down the West Coast this summer with our sustainable clothing company, {r}evolution apparel. You can track our journey here!

It’s been an insane summer. We’ve done so much, and we’ve learned so much. On Wednesday, we finished the tour with a lecture on sustainable fashion at FIDM San Francisco.

Now, we’re headed back to our new “homebase” in Boulder, Colorado to continue shipping out Versalettes and prep for the next phase of our business.

So, what’s going to happen to all of the footage and interviews we’ve accumulated over the past two months? We’re not really sure yet. We’ll be working on a long-form documentary and slowly figuring out the best way to share everything we’ve learned from some of the best in the industry.

Next week, we’ll debut the trailer for those interviews and you’ll get a taste of just how valuable our conversations along the road have been. From Justin Dillon of Slavery Footprint to sustainable fashion legends Kate Fletcher and Lynda Grose, we’ll share the best of what’s to come.

Until then, we have one last {r}evolution Reel for EcoSalon!

{r}evolution reel: The End of the Road (Almost) from {r}evolution apparel on Vimeo.