Romper Room


I spotted them on the shelves last year and they’re out again in full bloom this season. The itty-bitty one-piece romper, a throwback to the 70s, is everywhere. My eye goes straight for it each and every time I’m shopping. I pick it up off the rack, stare at it longingly, try to work up the gusto to bring it to the dressing room, and inevitably place it back on the rack after losing courage.

I love the romper look, but I just can’t bring myself to wear something so…catty in public. I almost sped right by this Bonita romper by Natori online at Cocos Shoppe, but suddenly it hit me – a stroke of genius. I can get my thrill out of this style right in my own home. I don’t have to leave the confines of my private space and I can still live out the fantasy of prancing around Three’s Company style. It’s perfect for bumming around indoors, reading the newspaper in the backyard on a weekend morning, or even for doing chores in style. Made of bamboo, cotton, and recycled poly, you can feel good not only about your daring but also about sticking to your green guns.