Ruffles Around the Edges


I can’t help but feel more like a girly-girl when my ridges have ruffles. Maybe that’s why the layered trim look is so alluring for fall. The eye-catching Juicy Couture modal dress from S Sense proves y’all can be a Georgia peach and hot tomato at the same time. You grow, girl!

Now, you won’t catch me in lacy bloomers but I’d certainly don any one of these frilly dresses and separates. The reason? They’re frilly but not silly. Instead, they flaunt soft and sophisticated lines.

Demure meets knock-out in Kate Organic ‘s Julianne Dress ($150) at The Green Loop. And what could be more angelic than the ruffled sleeve of this choirgirl’s tunic from Camilla Noorback?

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Keep warm and trendy in these ruffled wraps, including a Lilac cardi from Indigenous Designs, a fair trade and organic line; an elongated and ultra flowy red Alpaca Duster ($249) and Tweedy Wrap scarf ($59 from VivaTerra), and the White and Warren Ruffle Wrap in black or camel ($275).


The Ruffled Cloud Scarf ($89), also from VivaTerra (below) makes a soft, ethereal statement in a watercolored palette. The Lilac ruffled tank from Soul Flower ($18) is great for layering, as is the Stewart+Brown eco cashmere cami ($75) at The Green Loop.


Even if you’re preggers you can still crave ruffles. Slip on this two-tiered, Tutu dress by Nest by Swanky ($75) and it’s just like when you went to the prom with that guy with the afro in platforms (of course, now it’s okay to have a bun in that chiffon oven).


Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.