Safe Houseplants for Your Furry Secret Snackers


Both cats and dogs have an affinity for making a fibrous snack out of houseplants. This is an instinct Mother Nature has given our companion animals, and normally it’s a health-promoting habit. The trouble is when toxic plants grace your home. Here’s a list of plants to be careful with if you have animals in the home. While it’s not necessary to stop enjoying these plants altogether, use extra caution.

Place high or avoid:

1. Amaryllis
2. Calla Lily
3. Daffodil
4. Hyacinth
5. English Ivy
6. Oleander
7. Philodendron
8. Azalea (Rhododendron)
9. Holly Berries
10. Poinsettia*

Safer bets for steps and low shelves:

1. African Daisy
2. African Violet
3. Bird of Paradise
4. Bamboo
5. Coleus
6. Camellia
7. Easter Lily
8. Geraniums
9. Spider Plant
10. Swedish Ivy

Plants, when ecologically-sensitive and safe, help to purify the air in your home and are therefore health-promoting. (Not to mention attractive!)

Bookmark this list for handy future reference.

* Poinsettia are not toxic, but their sap may be.

Source: Home & Garden Education Center

Image: Dr. Hemmert