Effortlessly Save Printer Ink with Ecofont


When it comes to green living, even the tiniest steps can make a difference. In your home office, reducing paper waste by printing less is a no-brainier – but when you gotta print, you gotta print. Set to be released this summer, a new font package may save you up to 25 percent of printer ink, so if you can’t eliminate your paper usage, at least you can cut back on toner.

Ecofont is a downloadable font package that saves ink by printing each character with minuscule holes that have no effect on legibility. It’s extremely easy to use, too. When creating a document in Microsoft, simply choose Ecofont as you would Arial, Times New Roman, or any other font you typically use. It’s easily readable on your computer monitor, and automatically prints out on your printer up to an 11-point font.

The font package will run around $20 for home users for a three-year license. Business owners pay a sliding fee, depending on number of users. Admittedly, saving tiny bits of ink here and there won’t save the planet by itself. Every little bit helps, though, especially when you have no other choice but to print a hard copy of something from your computer.