Saving Energy, Saving Face: How To Compliment Organic Wine


Long gone are the days that “Ëœorganic wine’ was synonymous with "vinegar". Organic wines are dazzling our additive-blunted palates, and showing, in the words of the French Culinary Institute‘s Marnie Old, that “everything you do to [the] ingredient, the grape, is in the final product“.

So maybe you’ve acquired a couple of toe-curlingly delicious bottles of  2002 Limoux, Domaine Delmas Chardonnay and you’re ready to continue the re-education of your taste buds. Except”¦the wine needs cooling. And sliding these these beauties into the average inefficient cooler seems so wrong. So how about a nice thermo-electric table top wine cooler? They’re energy-efficient, nearly silent, and ice-cool in every sense. You could try the Vinotemp 6-bottle cooler to get you started, and once your wine storage exceeds the half-dozen mark, go for a Stacks & Stacks 28 bottle model.

You’ll be chilling in sustainable style. (Sorry.)

Image: Vinotemp

Mike Sowden

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