Seattle Tops GrubHub’s List of Top 10 Vegetarian Cities

Is your city on the list?

Vegetarians and vegans won’t be surprised. GrubHub, the nation’s number-one food ordering service, recently analyzed the over 15,000 restaurants now in its database to find the cities that offer the highest percentage of vegetarian restaurants. Seattle, Washington topped the list, followed by San Jose, California. Half of the cities on the top 10 list were on the West Coast and three were in California-San Jose, San Diego and San Francisco.

But in a surprising twist, Texas also landed three spots on the top 10 list, with Houston, Dallas and Austin ranked 4, 5, and 6, and all three beat San Francisco at number 7. While this might be welcome news to Texan vegetarians, it’s important to remember that the results might not be entirely trustworthy. GrubHub’s offerings are naturally skewed towards what might be termed “eateries of convenience,” and many vegan and vegetarian restaurants aren’t listed. For example, Berkeley’s Cafe Gratitude, a staple for Bay Area vegetarians and vegans, isn’t listed.

Still, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike can rejoice at the increasing number of options for both convenience and sit-down restaurants alike. GrubHub filters also allow customers to select for different dietary needs, like gluten-free options. And their customer service team will be a helpful mediator if there’s any confusion over how or what to order online.

Image: ecstaticist.