Self Pleasure 2.0: 32 Funny Places Women Have Masturbated

Self Pleasure 2.0: 28 Funny Places Women Have Masturbated

These women have brought self pleasure to a whole new level.

While we don’t sound off about it as much as the guys, I have to say women are super lucky in the self pleasure department. We can pretty much get busy anytime, anywhere. We don’t have anything to whip out, no mess to clean up, and we have many ways to go about our business without anyone knowing. That’s hot.

There are the more traditional naughty places you might find yourself quietly flicking the bean—movie theatres, planes, bathroom stalls, even your cubicle at work—but when it comes to self pleasure in unconventional places, women across the globe are really bringing their A game.

Here are 32 unconventional places a woman may be getting randy with herself (like, right now):

  1. In a church pew (Amen!)
  2. Baskin Robbins
  3. In the dentist’s chair
  4. Behind a transport truck
  5. On top of a car
  6. In a corn field
  7. In a porta-potty
  8. In the boss’s office
  9. Walking to class (?!?!?!)
  10. On an escalator (?!?!?!)
  11. In jail
  12. On a riding lawn mower
  13. On a paddle board
  14. In the doctor’s office
  15. In traffic
  16. The Louvre
  17. A rock-climbing gym
  18. On a hammock
  19. In the steam room at the gym
  20. On a tanning bed
  21. On top of a piano
  22. At a skating rink
  23. In a walk-in freezer
  24. In a carpet store
  25. In a library
  26. In a dressing room
  27. Piano teacher’s living room
  28. In class
  29. At a concert
  30. In a storage closet
  31. At a bus stop
  32. In the middle of a Starbucks

Did any of your self pleasure locales make the cut?

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