A Drug-Free Solution to Snoring


Yeah, I’d seen boxes of those ridiculous-looking nasal strips on drugstore shelves but never took them seriously. Then, one day last month my husband had a few guys over to watch a movie and one appeared wearing a strip across the bridge of his nose.

I thought he’d had some sort of accident – a fender-bender or maybe walked into a door – but it turned out he had been getting ready for bed when my husband called, had already applied the band-aid-looking adhesive, and didn’t want to waste it. He swears that the 2-inch adhesive strip has changed his life, allowing him to have deeper, more peaceful sleep by opening up his nasal passages.

I was skeptical. But I was also desperate.

The past few months, my husband’s snoring has been so bad it’s been driving me out of our bedroom a few nights a week, leaving me groggy. (We’d ruled out sleep apnea, which can be life-threatening.)

The next day, my husband came home with a small cardboard box of nasal strips and gave it a try. And they worked.

According to an news story in MSN lifestyle,  Dr. Adam Moscovitch, medical director of the Canadian Sleep Institute, said more often than not  snoring can be corrected by relieving blocked or congested nasal passages. And sometimes solutions can be as simple as using nasal strips like Breathe Right or generics like CVS, which work by increasing the space of the nasal passage, thereby enhancing breathing.

As of now, my husband isn’t partial to any particular brand. I love them all.

Image: Javivi au chibata