Someday/Today: Swanked Out Wall Tiles

Someday, swanky boutiquey wall tiles. Today, a DIY trip to the local hardware store. 

These swanked out dimensional wall tiles by Inhabit are eco-friendly, biodegradable eye candy made from bamboo pulp. There are no chemical additives in the product and wastewater from production is distilled and reused. This is a very responsible and clean product. You can also paint them, or cover any flaws on your walls. A box of ten costs $86.


Today, I can use ceiling medallions to bring dimension to my walls. You can pick them up at a local hardware store (or go big box at Home Depot) for $13 and install them in an afternoon. How easy is that? Found in Country Living.

Someday/Today is a new Shelter column that inspires you to dream big for your home, and scale it to your lifestyle, always keeping sustainability of the planet – and your wallet – in mind.