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In Search of a Stylish Kimono


Vintage Kimono From Kimono Lily

With kimonos, we have freedom from binding elastics, cuffs and buttons. We are interesting, commanding and ready to sweep through rooms and poolsides flowing like a high priestess.

Here’s to the famed kimonos of both old and modern silhouettes that have stolen so quietly into design we don’t even notice the influence anymore. Having been around since Japan’s Heian heyday in 794-1192, a typical kimono wardrobe symbolized the wearer’s age and marital status, indicated through sleeve length (young, unmarried women wore the longest sleeves).

Today, we wear them to be different and glorious in short- or long-sleeved, floor-length or tunic, without or without an Obi – and we rarely worry if they’re a turn-off to men (they are). We didn’t let the muumuus get us down, so why should kimonos?

Here are a few kimono-inspired pieces that are stylish, green and ready for speed, unless of course, you’re trying to cook and have sweeping sleeves stylishly catching on fire”¦


The Obi inspired Whitney and Rose Dress by Mr. Larkin

Aoi Repurposed Kimono Jacket

Nature Vs. Future Mock Tunic Dress With Obi Belt


Wildberry Organic Cotton Kimono by VivaTerra