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The Third Gender: Taking Action in Afghanistan, a Photo Essay

An exclusive photo essay from Shannon Galpin of Mountain2Mountain who rode through Afghanistan by bike and motorcycle. It’s hard not to be inspired when you meet Shannon Galpin. At first look she’s your average smart, athletic woman, living in Colorado. Dig a little deeper and you’ll learn she’s a single […]

40 Gorgeous Photos of Asia

If these photos don’t make you wanna quit your job and travel the world, we don’t know what will. Asia’s diversity never fails to astound. Nowhere on Earth can you find a greater variety of cultures, languages, races, ethnicities, religions, climates, and geography. It’s mind-numbing.

30 Photos of Music Festivals Worldwide

Party time, excellent. It’s the season for music festivals, that special time of the year when thousands of revelers crowd into grassy outdoor venues each weekend for multi-day, multi-act celebrations of rhythm, art, and food. Whether you fancy hard rock, house music, or the horn-heavy beats of New Orleans jazz, there’s […]

25 Photos of Zen Retreats

No laptops allowed. We live in an over-connected world of smartphones, social networking, and 24-hour news cycles. Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all. Whether you dream of a wood cabin in the forest, a cabana on an empty beach, or a treehouse outfitted in sustainable materials, […]

Foodspotting Friday: Fried Frenzy

Foodspotting Friday gets inspiration from deep in the heart of Texas. “Fried pickle chips?” “Obviously.” That’s how food conversations often go when the EcoSalon team is on the road, and this week we’ve been checking out all the local specialties Austin has to offer. So fried pickle chips were clearly […]

10 Things We Just Can’t Give Up for Green

I’m not married to an SUV and don’t recognize the sound of a garbage disposal any longer. Still, there are some impure, clumsy little things that are hard to totally relinquish in my quest to qualify as a steward of the planet.  You might recognize some of these attachments as […]

Foodspotting Friday: Crazy for Citrus

10 photos to inspire your citrus consumption this winter.  Come the holiday season, I always have a box of satsumas. Yes, satsumas. Not mandarins or tangerines; satsumas. Because they’re easy to peel, seedless and perfect for holiday laziness. Plus the box they come in is perfect for eco-friendly wrapping of […]

30 Gorgeous Photos of Farming and Agriculture

From farm, to table. The farm-to-table movement has been around for ages, even before locavore was named Word of the Year. But in recent years, it’s gained serious momentum, especially in urban areas. Yuppies are going vegetarian and joining CSAs, and it seems like everywhere you look there’s a new artisanal […]

Cycle Chic: Female Cyclists Through the Ages

A century of women’s cycling in photos.  Cycling isn’t just a sport, a passion or a hobby. It’s a lifestyle. There is lots of talk of the rise of the bike movement, that it’s becoming more and more a part of the cultural consciousness. But cycling isn’t a trend; pedaling […]

40 Gorgeous Photos of Latin America

In his Chronicles of Peru, Spanish conquistador Pedro Cieza de León marveled,” And to think that God should have permitted something so great to remain hidden from the world for so long in history, unknown to men, and then let it be found, discovered and won all in our own time!”

30 Photos of the World’s Most Uniquely Designed Buildings

A sampling of contemporary architectural gems from around the world. Great buildings have the power to break convention, defy logic, and inspire visions of the future. Here, we celebrate thirty marvels of modern architecture, from the classic Le Corbusier (Frank Lloyd Wright) to mind-boggling inflated plastic biomes. These gems encompass a […]

25 Photos of Islands Threatened By Climate Change

25 breathtaking places threatened by us. Some may try to deny it, but by now there’s next to no doubt that global warming is having real, profound effects on the world we live in. Perhaps one of the most alarming changes is occurring in the world’s oceans and endangering islands […]

10 Most Endangered Rivers in America

The fight for clean water in America. In 1965, high levels of sewage and toxic waste in the Potomac River led President Lyndon B. Johnson to call it “a national disgrace.” Several years later, Congress passed the Clean Water Act, a landmark piece of legislation that has been instrumental in ensuring […]

40 Photos From Flea Markets Around the World

Shop ’til you drop. When I travel, the first thing I do in a new town is check out the local flea market. Nowhere am I better able to get a sense of a place’s culture than by hobnobbing with locals while perusing dusty antiques, trying on secondhand clothing, or sampling […]

21 Incredible World Monuments Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

World monuments are spectacular feats of humankind in and of themselves, inspiring awe in their architectural detail, grandeur or simplicity.  Match that with a keen photographer in just the right moment and the outcome is a new piece of inspiring artwork. Here are 21 incredible photographs of world monuments like you’ve […]

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Best of Instagram This Week: Peaceful Simplicity of Snow

Holidays (for most of us) bring clean, silent, and peaceful snowfall along with the spirit of giving. Here are the most beautiful and best of Instagram photos for this week, based on the popular hashtag, snow. No matter what climate you are in, the holiday season reminds us of the […]

31 (More) Photos of Doors From Around The World

Doors around the world mean shelter, home, familiarity; and mystery and intrigue.  They represent possibilities, juxtaposing new adventures—or refuge—once entered. Their framework and design can be bright and modern, or intricate and hundreds of years old; imposing or tiny; handled or smooth; welcoming or intimidating. 

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