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Pure Reflections with Kirei Frames

Kirei is a Japanese word for clean, pure and truthful. It’s also the name of a material called Kirei Board. The material is born of reclaimed agricultural fiber from the sorghum plant. Instead of tossing the stalks in landfills or burning them after harvest, they’re transformed into handsome, non-toxic frames for […]

Sustainable Kitsch

Regardless of what the trends may dictate, in my mind, polka dots are sustainable. As long as this perky print is not overdone, it creates a sense of joy and whimsy. Add some color into the equation, and you have a lively motif that is unmatched by any other pattern. […]

Be Koi with Me

We’re on a ceramic animal kick these days. Personally, it’s always been part of my inquisitive nature to explore the meaning behind things. After reading the eloquent Japanese short story “Koi-San” by Mukoda Kuniko, I discovered that these colorful fish are known to signify love, affection, friendship and good luck, […]

Tiki Modern: Carrying a Torch for Polynesian Panache

Okay, Listen up Daddy-O’s. Raise your coconut shells if you’ve grooved on the following: The Tonga Room at the San Francisco Fairmont and its sporadic fake rainshowers; The Audio-Aniamatronic Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland; And any of the surviving Trader Vic’s Restaurant (Beverly Hills, Vegas, Emeryville). If your hand is […]

Recycling Time

Uruguay-born artist Eduardo Milieris, whose watches are well known for their unique design and craftsmanship, creates his timepieces by hand with age-old processes in mind. Through his work, he hopes to preserve the tradition of craftsmanship from another time. He toys with the concept of rebirth, breathing new life into […]

Tiki Modern: Carrying a Torch for Polynesian Panache

Okay, Listen up Daddy-O’s. Raise your coconut shells if you’ve grooved on the following: The Tonga Room at the San Francisco Fairmont and its sporadic fake rainshowers; The Audio-Aniamatronic Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland; And any of the surviving Trader Vic’s Restaurant (Beverly Hills, Vegas, Emeryville). If your hand is […]

Where I Left My Heart

I’m feeling nostalgic these days as my husband and I prepare to leave San Francisco after what has been the best 12 years of my life.  We are moving to Utah for an exciting job opportunity. From what I’ve heard mountain living has its rewards, especially in a state with […]

Jewelry Could Be the Culprit of an Unexplained Skin Rash

According to a recent health brief from Baylor Medical Center in Texas, unexplained skin irritations occur in millions of Americans, and for many, the culprit is an allergy to nickel. Lisa Garner, M.D., a dermatologist on the medical staff, said that only real treatment is to avoid contact with items […]

Ruffles Around the Edges

I can’t help but feel more like a girly-girl when my ridges have ruffles. Maybe that’s why the layered trim look is so alluring for fall. The eye-catching Juicy Couture modal dress from S Sense proves y’all can be a Georgia peach and hot tomato at the same time. You […]

Project Runway Greens the Catwalk

Edgy met veggie on Project Runway as designers were presented with the opportunity of a planet’s lifetime: to create green cocktail dresses for their beautiful models.  The new crop of Christian and Jeffrey wannabes cheered after Tim Gunn explained their new challenge of using "environmentally responsible textiles" in episode 502: The Grass is […]

Clutch of Class

Summer seems to call for clutches, diminutive bags that rest ever so lightly on our laps at the Hollywood Bowl or on the side of our chair at a favorite outdoor cafe. With all the hype about the dangers of resting our hefty handbags on the ground (a filthy habit when you […]

Turn Over a New Leaf

When it comes to incorporating elements of nature into my home, I stand firm in my belief that there is no such thing as excess use of such inspiring beauty. I hang wall art depicting the lush reeds in the forest, put out vases to display the vibrant hues of […]

A Message from the Color Yellow

You can smell the night jasmine permeating the evening air, alfresco dining is available at your favorite restaurant and a few brave souls can be spotted out and about in sandals and tank tops. In short, it’s spring. Yellow has always been the quintessential color of spring to me and […]

Practical Flats for Growing Girls

If my 12-year-old’s feet get any bigger we’ll have to shop at stores for transvestites. The drawback is we don’t want kinky boots or stilettos for middle school. When your little one has big feet (size 10 and growing) it can be hard to find comfortable shoes with low heels […]

The Bold & the Beautiful: Looolo Textiles

Are you searching for eco-friendly interior furnishings and home accessories with a bold, contemporary style? Shabby Chic this is not. I love Looolo Textiles‘ pillows and blankets for their unique combination of warmth, texture and totally modern beauty – and because just saying “looolo” is fun. Created by Montreal designer […]

Did You Say Salmon Skin?

We’ve all heard of grilling salmon, smoking salmon, even poaching salmon, but have you ever heard of salmon skin as fashion accessory? I admit, when I first heard this, I curled up my nose in disgust. But then I saw the product and ooh la la is all I have […]

Green Console-ation

There are so many options for encasing plasmas these days, from pricey wall frames that elevate the screens to an artform to pop-up consoles that only reveal the televisions when you’re ready to watch. I can see why Joe Wilkerson’s new “M21 Flat Panel” made of American black walnut is […]

Tea for Two Lives

Tea accoutrements have been my life ever since my husband recovered from the flu and gave up coffee for good. He began collecting everything from brews to pots and cozies and I’ve had my eye out for the fun and unusual to add to his tea toys. I’ve never seen […]

A Bag By Way of the Boys

I love the glossy wood trays displaying colorful neckties you see when walking past the men’s department. If I were a man I’d have a hard time choosing just one! One resourceful designer has found a fashionable and eco-friendly way to let us into the boy’s club with the Necktie […]

For the Ring Connoisseur

You know when you’re at the wrap in a boutique and there is a little basket heaped full of random, sometimes wacky rings? I’m the woman who can’t help but find a diamond in the rough every time. One of my favorite online shops to browse for rings is The […]

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Take Back The Filter

Having happily sworn off bottled water in favor of refillable pitcher filters (like Brita or Pur), many of us save countless plastic bottles from the landfill. But now we have bulky plastic filters to throw out every couple of months. Sure, it’s less trash than bottles, but still, what gives? […]

Brush Up on Your Tools

Bamboo cosmetic brushes are the fashion buzz, being touted in the December issue of InStyle as one of many new little ways to go green. As the magazine observes, “they’re making floors out of this prolific woody plant, so why not hair rollers and makeup brushes?” The ECOtools, which we […]

Top Drawer Sachets for Scent and Shooing Moths

Sometimes my daughter Syd’s drawers smell a bit gamey, like her soccer uniform after a match of  living up to her title as “the finisher”. She’s a darling girl, don’t get me wrong. But she has a frightful habit of  tossing items into her drawers to avoid that exhausting chore […]

Evergreen Seasonal Symbols

My husband has promised the girls they can have a “yule tree” this year as a non-religious way for half-Jewish kids to bring the splendor of winter indoors. The idea of a yule tree dates back to the folk traditions of the Celtic Druids and Saxons, who collected trees from […]

Found Creative Genius

A move from Berlin to San Diego 10 years ago sparked the creative fire in Micha Kuchenhoff’s mind. The young designer developed a knack for sewing and began to create designs from found objects. Turning vintage materials into one-of-a-kind masterpieces, a loyal following of friends and fans quickly grew. Always […]

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