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New Life for Old Transit Tokens

Have you ever wondered what happened to all of those shiny gold and silver subway tokens that used to jingle in your grandpa’s pocket? The folks at tokens-coins.com have saved them from the abyss (and landfills) creating cuff links, key rings, jewelry and money clips. Choose from such cities as […]

Clutch of Class

Summer seems to call for clutches, diminutive bags that rest ever so lightly on our laps at the Hollywood Bowl or on the side of our chair at a favorite outdoor cafe. With all the hype about the dangers of resting our hefty handbags on the ground (a filthy habit when you […]

Go for Warm Chic with the Cloche

The “Ëœ20s-inspired cloche hat is the solution to keeping your head warm in style during the blustery winter season. A seemingly simple task, finding a quality cloche for a reasonable price is actually quite the challenge. Add an eco layer on top of that and it’s like finding a needle […]

Take Back The Filter

Having happily sworn off bottled water in favor of refillable pitcher filters (like Brita or Pur), many of us save countless plastic bottles from the landfill. But now we have bulky plastic filters to throw out every couple of months. Sure, it’s less trash than bottles, but still, what gives? […]

Everyday Eco Jewelry to Cherish

When all else fails, buy jewelry. A generalization, yes, but I’m confident of its accuracy. We women love jewelry. You can’t go wrong showing up at her birthday party with a pretty pair of earrings or a sweet and simple bracelet – or both. I’m not referring here to bling. […]

Pillow Talk Too

I can’t help myself. Have you ever seen a sexier pillow? Yes, we’ve talked about pillows before, but this pillow is hot. A pillow like this could take a sofa or a bed or a room and push it into another dimension. I can see your questioning glance, your raised […]

A Good Straw Bag Is Like a Needle in a Haystack…

…almost impossible to find, and very sharp (looking). Why opt for plain old seen-it-everywhere golden straw when you can choose from so many fun candy-colored options? Mad Imports works with artisans from Madagascar and Kenya to create this line of handmade accessories.  Each piece is made using renewable natural fibers […]

New Favorite: Lucy Notions Vintage Handmade Headbands

It’s getting to be summer, a time of year when head candy is the perfect accessory. Just think of balmy days spent cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway in your sweetie’s old Mercedes convertible. Surely you need something to hold those precious locks back while the wind whips by. I […]

Raffia Clutch Adds Artisan Chic to Your Weekend Look

After five straight days of lugging around the eco-friendly grocery bag, the laptop tote, the latest magazines, myriad notepads and other giveaways of editorial geek, I love paring things down on the weekend. I slip my Blackberry and a debit card into a vest pocket or, if I can muster […]

Jewelry Could Be the Culprit of an Unexplained Skin Rash

According to a recent health brief from Baylor Medical Center in Texas, unexplained skin irritations occur in millions of Americans, and for many, the culprit is an allergy to nickel. Lisa Garner, M.D., a dermatologist on the medical staff, said that only real treatment is to avoid contact with items […]

Antiques of the Future

The antiques of the future might be a bit difficult for dealers to classify. For instance, in the year 2060, when an antiques dealer is inspecting some Verdier Jewelry, she might have some trouble in determining if the piece came from 2008 or 1933. This is because Verdier uses authentic […]

The Artisan Bookshelf: Kim Parker Home

Remember when everyone was clamoring to be the new Martha? Instead of just one uber-maven of the domestic and decorative arts, we’ve seen a whole plethora of talented designers, chefs, sustainable lifestyle guides, and experts come to the fore with aesthetic gifts and business smarts. In the design realm, Kim […]

Fine China for the Happy Bedroom

You won’t find the formula for decorating a great kids’ space in a fortune cookie but you will find the path to joyful bedding at Spacify including this delightful Lantern Festival Twin Duvet Set (from $118). I don’t know what it is about lanterns that rock my rickshaw, but I […]

Sold on 'Old' Gold

We’ve all seen Blood Diamond, but I’m waiting for The Truth About Gold. We’ve blogged here about how the standard gold mining process is destructive to humans and our environment. For starters, extracting gold from the ground means separating it from surrounding ore. There are two methods used to do […]

Fasten Your Pillows

The most recent Project Runway challenge had designers racing to fetch piles of seatbelts and other materials from Saturn hybrid vehicles to use as material for innovative outfits. The clear winner, although the one not selected, was the Oleg Casini-inspired woven seatbelt coat fashioned by Koto. With its three-quarter sleeves […]

Fall Color Trend: Purple

Eggplant, aubergine, plum, violet, mulberry – any way you slice it, purple is the hot color for fall. This is not your color-sucking pale lavender circa 1987 purple. We’re talking rich, deep hues. Too much of the shade and you’ll end up looking like the grape man in Fruit-of-the-Loom commercials, […]

Message in a Bottle

The Rust Belt company makes jewelry sourced from 100% reclaimed materials. The jewelry comes packaged in reclaimed glass bottles – but probably won’t be spending too much time inside them. The designers know how to grace your neck and ear with delicate, fluid designs. The Alluvial jewelry collection features re-purposed […]

Mohair Flair: a Fair Trade Flourish for Your Home

My passion for travel is evident in my home décor. Whether it’s a jewelry box from China or a wooden vase from Morocco, my living space is a three-dimensional photo album of my worldly adventures. Unfortunately, I’m stuck at home base for a while and can’t indulge my nomadic yearnings. […]

A Beadiful World

Beadiful Boston artist Catherine Howe started making her own jewelry five years ago when she had trouble finding looks that fit her style. Not only has Catherine created one-of-a-kind memorable jewelry, but she also gives back as one of the featured artists for Nest. The Build a Nest program helps […]

Dreaming of an Organically Sound Sleep

I have some strange bedfellows whom I rely on for a peaceful night’s sleep. I like to refer to them as The Four B’s.  I have Bucky, the neck pillow, Bunny, my old stuffed rabbit, Blankie, my tattered baby blanket – and the hubs, whose name, incidentally, starts with B.  […]

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Over-the-Door Mat

Meet the rubber beach slip-on that became an urban fashion staple: The Flip Flop. So popular are these rubber thongs, you’ll find barrels full at your favorite boutiques in mod patterns, as well as more sensible Eco versions for the camping set.  College kids (male and female) ride bikes to […]

Hand-Me-Downs Come Out of the Closet

A friend of mine wants to keep it hush-hush when her daughter is gifted a hand-me-down dress, as if wearing used garb signifies poverty or shame that might not fly in her affluent social circle. My friend is a European whose family often struggled to make ends meet. And although […]

Take Back The Filter

Having happily sworn off bottled water in favor of refillable pitcher filters (like Brita or Pur), many of us save countless plastic bottles from the landfill. But now we have bulky plastic filters to throw out every couple of months. Sure, it’s less trash than bottles, but still, what gives? […]

Brush Up on Your Tools

Bamboo cosmetic brushes are the fashion buzz, being touted in the December issue of InStyle as one of many new little ways to go green. As the magazine observes, “they’re making floors out of this prolific woody plant, so why not hair rollers and makeup brushes?” The ECOtools, which we […]

Top Drawer Sachets for Scent and Shooing Moths

Sometimes my daughter Syd’s drawers smell a bit gamey, like her soccer uniform after a match of  living up to her title as “the finisher”. She’s a darling girl, don’t get me wrong. But she has a frightful habit of  tossing items into her drawers to avoid that exhausting chore […]

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