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Wearing of the Green

"Just a little green, like the color when the spring is born," is how my childhood idol, Joni Mitchell, waxed poetic about her favorite color. I concur, there’s nothing fresher and more natural than that shade found in wild grasses, sparkling emeralds, fragrant limes, mint ice cream and avocados. Jewelry designers […]

Takeout Blues

Whenever I’m on the run, and I have to grab a quick meal, my heart sinks a little when I take the proffered disposable plastic cutlery. There’s not much can I do right in that moment, but I’m determined to come up with a solution for future situations.  In an […]

Sun and Stripes at Seasalt Organics

I last visited London, a favorite city, two years ago for a natural and organic products trade show. One of my most delightful finds there was Seasalt, a small but growing organic and eco-clothing company that makes some of the most charming, colorful, and well-made organic clothes I’ve seen anywhere. […]

P*Phone: the Holy Grail of Handsets

Picture this. You’re on a packed train filled with commuters. A cell phone rings – and someone in a suit pulls out a retro, bakelite-style telephone handset (as above), with the elastic cord disappearing into their jacket, and starts chatting away. To a child of the Monty Python era like myself, this […]

Shady Business: Stylish, Sustainable Sun Hats

Even without “help” from global warming, the sun can be hard on skin. I love the beach and the summer rays – and I have, on more than one occasion, been sunburned to a brilliant shade of lobster red. These days I’ve learned to avoid extreme exposure, but the risk […]

George Goes Green

Yes, that really is a cat laying out. When my cat, George, isn’t working on his tan, his top three favorite activities, in order, are sleeping, eating, and frolicking with his kitty toys. These cotton mice rope toys from designer pet store Harry Barker are made with AZO-free dyes to […]

Tribal Style Treasures

I’m not entirely sure what to make of Mayan mythology that has the cosmic calendar coming to an end in 2012, but in the meantime, there’s work to be done. Poverty and lack of education and opportunity are probably greater threats to the people of Guatemala. You can help by […]

Sustainable Kitsch

Regardless of what the trends may dictate, in my mind, polka dots are sustainable. As long as this perky print is not overdone, it creates a sense of joy and whimsy. Add some color into the equation, and you have a lively motif that is unmatched by any other pattern. […]

Air Babies

It’s always been hard to design with air purifiers, the unattractive white or beige units that stick out in the nursery like a sore thumb. I was tickled pink to run into the Austin Air Baby’s Breath Air Purifiers because they’re so darn cute. What eco baby wouldn’t benefit from […]

A Good Straw Bag Is Like a Needle in a Haystack…

…almost impossible to find, and very sharp (looking). Why opt for plain old seen-it-everywhere golden straw when you can choose from so many fun candy-colored options? Mad Imports works with artisans from Madagascar and Kenya to create this line of handmade accessories.  Each piece is made using renewable natural fibers […]

Spring Thaw

Can spring come soon enough? I’ve noticed this week that every day brings a little more light, making it a good time to celebrate with a handcrafted bauble like this Spring Melt necklace. It’s a lovely reminder that in a healthy ecosystem, melting ice is a sign of balance and […]

Pillow Talk

It was on the streets of Paris that former logo designer Melinda Cox was moved to create her eco-friendly pillows and totes. "People in that city aren’t just environmentally aware, they live a more environmentally sensitive existence," she says, pointing to the smaller cars and practice of bringing their own bags […]

Oceana Adopt-A-Creature Holiday Gift

Is there an ocean lover in your family? A budding marine biologist, ocean protection activist or surfer? Then we’ve got the perfect eco-gift for you (and them). Oceana – the largest global organization dedicated to ocean conservation – is offering Adopt-A-Creature gift sets to raise money and awareness towards ocean […]

It's About Time

It’s never too late to go green, as evidenced in the cool selection of eco clocks hanging on walls and placed on nightstands. You cannot believe some of the quirky materials being used to design these timepieces. No one is more inventive than Imotime at the Etsy Shop, an example […]

Unraveling the Waste: A Peek Inside Etsy

Even old sweaters deserve a second chance. That’s the thinking behind the community of knitters that forms a part of the oh-so-addictive Etsy, which sells accessories made from the reclaimed yarn of old garments. In knitwear, you’ll find that many of the headbands, bags, gloves and baby wear are all […]

10 Eco Friendly Gifts That Aren't Crunchy, Preachy or Political

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations – whatever the event, a gift is in order. And being eco-conscious, you want to give a gift that doesn’t leave a huge footprint. All the same, no one wants to be political or preachy (well, I hope no one). Here are some eco gift ideas that […]

A Guide to Eco Laptop Bags

I remember when owning a laptop was considered a luxury. Now it seems that everyone who’s anyone has one – my neighbor’s six-year-old, my grandfather (who, by the way, forwards far too many jokes and chain letters to me. I love you anyway, gramps!), writers and investment bankers, artists and […]

Go Vintage with Pendelton

Pendelton blankets evoke so many vivid images from cabins of the rustic Old West to cowboy-themed boy’s rooms of the 50s and the warm decor of upscale A-frame mountain homes in Lake Tahoe. I bought my first Pendelton while spending a brisk winter in Georgetown. The orange and taupe print made of weighty pure […]

Looking for the Best Green Sex Toys? You’ve Hit the Spot!

Once upon a time, sex was a word whispered rather than the topic of college courses and front page news. I’m comfortable with it, as you could surmise from my passionate case for saving the planet by having more sex. We could discuss the pros and cons of the sexing […]

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Take Back The Filter

Having happily sworn off bottled water in favor of refillable pitcher filters (like Brita or Pur), many of us save countless plastic bottles from the landfill. But now we have bulky plastic filters to throw out every couple of months. Sure, it’s less trash than bottles, but still, what gives? […]

Brush Up on Your Tools

Bamboo cosmetic brushes are the fashion buzz, being touted in the December issue of InStyle as one of many new little ways to go green. As the magazine observes, “they’re making floors out of this prolific woody plant, so why not hair rollers and makeup brushes?” The ECOtools, which we […]

Top Drawer Sachets for Scent and Shooing Moths

Sometimes my daughter Syd’s drawers smell a bit gamey, like her soccer uniform after a match of  living up to her title as “the finisher”. She’s a darling girl, don’t get me wrong. But she has a frightful habit of  tossing items into her drawers to avoid that exhausting chore […]

Evergreen Seasonal Symbols

My husband has promised the girls they can have a “yule tree” this year as a non-religious way for half-Jewish kids to bring the splendor of winter indoors. The idea of a yule tree dates back to the folk traditions of the Celtic Druids and Saxons, who collected trees from […]

Found Creative Genius

A move from Berlin to San Diego 10 years ago sparked the creative fire in Micha Kuchenhoff’s mind. The young designer developed a knack for sewing and began to create designs from found objects. Turning vintage materials into one-of-a-kind masterpieces, a loyal following of friends and fans quickly grew. Always […]

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