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Pillow Talk

It was on the streets of Paris that former logo designer Melinda Cox was moved to create her eco-friendly pillows and totes. "People in that city aren’t just environmentally aware, they live a more environmentally sensitive existence," she says, pointing to the smaller cars and practice of bringing their own bags […]

Fall Color Trend: Purple

Eggplant, aubergine, plum, violet, mulberry – any way you slice it, purple is the hot color for fall. This is not your color-sucking pale lavender circa 1987 purple. We’re talking rich, deep hues. Too much of the shade and you’ll end up looking like the grape man in Fruit-of-the-Loom commercials, […]

A Hot Hauz

We’ve all come to learn that Scandinavian is synonymous with cool design (just think Ikea). Meet Hau Hauz. Designer Satu Makkonen draws her inspiration from nature and different cultures. She uses only natural fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, and linen to create an extensive product line. Makkonen adorns her fabrics […]

A Guide to Eco Laptop Bags

I remember when owning a laptop was considered a luxury. Now it seems that everyone who’s anyone has one – my neighbor’s six-year-old, my grandfather (who, by the way, forwards far too many jokes and chain letters to me. I love you anyway, gramps!), writers and investment bankers, artists and […]

Raffia Clutch Adds Artisan Chic to Your Weekend Look

After five straight days of lugging around the eco-friendly grocery bag, the laptop tote, the latest magazines, myriad notepads and other giveaways of editorial geek, I love paring things down on the weekend. I slip my Blackberry and a debit card into a vest pocket or, if I can muster […]

Purists Give a Sheet

When you break open a new package of traditional cotton sheets, the chemical scent can blow you away. Why spend your precious R.E.M. hours enveloped in these chemicals when there are so many soft and stylish organic cotton alternatives surfacing in home stores and catalogs? Recently, I strolled into a […]

Shelly Klein's Sustainable Style

High style meets youthful stick figure drawings and sweet fauna sketches in the gentle motifs that Shelly Klein imbues in her sustainable wall hangings and pillows. The artist teams with her mother, Mary, a contract furniture veteran, to produce the collection for their K Studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While the sketches […]

A Message from the Color Yellow

You can smell the night jasmine permeating the evening air, alfresco dining is available at your favorite restaurant and a few brave souls can be spotted out and about in sandals and tank tops. In short, it’s spring. Yellow has always been the quintessential color of spring to me and […]

For the Ring Connoisseur

You know when you’re at the wrap in a boutique and there is a little basket heaped full of random, sometimes wacky rings? I’m the woman who can’t help but find a diamond in the rough every time. One of my favorite online shops to browse for rings is The […]

Flower Medicine for Spring Fever

Sitting inside on a warm spring day after a long winter drives me crazy, and I’m sure I’m not alone. It’s hard to stay at my desk when just outside there are birds, flowers and sun. Yet there’s no room on that well-used desk for an entire bouquet of blooms […]

10 Eco Friendly Gifts That Aren't Crunchy, Preachy or Political

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations – whatever the event, a gift is in order. And being eco-conscious, you want to give a gift that doesn’t leave a huge footprint. All the same, no one wants to be political or preachy (well, I hope no one). Here are some eco gift ideas that […]

Encircled in Autumn Color

We go to my brother’s Hidden Hills, Calif. manse for almost all holidays, mostly because he has a large, comfortable spread which he embellishes from one end to the other with ghosts and gobblins, Easter bunnies or prancing reindeer. But I put my moccasin-covered foot down when it comes to […]

Spring Thaw

Can spring come soon enough? I’ve noticed this week that every day brings a little more light, making it a good time to celebrate with a handcrafted bauble like this Spring Melt necklace. It’s a lovely reminder that in a healthy ecosystem, melting ice is a sign of balance and […]

How to Raid Your Grandmother's Closet

Grandma’s house can be a great resource for freshening up your wardrobe. It’s free, fun, and inherently green (we all know that reusing reduces consumption of new goods). However, I can say from personal experience, that it’s easy to get overexcited and end up with a closet full of pieces […]

Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby

Just how earthy are you? Do you grow hair under your arms? Do you wear gentle muslin Mary Janes? Do you frequent farmers’ markets with your own hemp shoulder satchels overflowing with sunflowers and kale? If you passed the test, then you might be in the market for the newest […]

A Beadiful World

Beadiful Boston artist Catherine Howe started making her own jewelry five years ago when she had trouble finding looks that fit her style. Not only has Catherine created one-of-a-kind memorable jewelry, but she also gives back as one of the featured artists for Nest. The Build a Nest program helps […]

Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby

Just how earthy are you? Do you grow hair under your arms? Do you wear gentle muslin Mary Janes? Do you frequent farmers’ markets with your own hemp shoulder satchels overflowing with sunflowers and kale? If you passed the test, then you might be in the market for the newest […]

Pure Reflections with Kirei Frames

Kirei is a Japanese word for clean, pure and truthful. It’s also the name of a material called Kirei Board. The material is born of reclaimed agricultural fiber from the sorghum plant. Instead of tossing the stalks in landfills or burning them after harvest, they’re transformed into handsome, non-toxic frames for […]

It's About Time

It’s never too late to go green, as evidenced in the cool selection of eco clocks hanging on walls and placed on nightstands. You cannot believe some of the quirky materials being used to design these timepieces. No one is more inventive than Imotime at the Etsy Shop, an example […]

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Over-the-Door Mat

Meet the rubber beach slip-on that became an urban fashion staple: The Flip Flop. So popular are these rubber thongs, you’ll find barrels full at your favorite boutiques in mod patterns, as well as more sensible Eco versions for the camping set.  College kids (male and female) ride bikes to […]

Hand-Me-Downs Come Out of the Closet

A friend of mine wants to keep it hush-hush when her daughter is gifted a hand-me-down dress, as if wearing used garb signifies poverty or shame that might not fly in her affluent social circle. My friend is a European whose family often struggled to make ends meet. And although […]

Take Back The Filter

Having happily sworn off bottled water in favor of refillable pitcher filters (like Brita or Pur), many of us save countless plastic bottles from the landfill. But now we have bulky plastic filters to throw out every couple of months. Sure, it’s less trash than bottles, but still, what gives? […]

Brush Up on Your Tools

Bamboo cosmetic brushes are the fashion buzz, being touted in the December issue of InStyle as one of many new little ways to go green. As the magazine observes, “they’re making floors out of this prolific woody plant, so why not hair rollers and makeup brushes?” The ECOtools, which we […]

Top Drawer Sachets for Scent and Shooing Moths

Sometimes my daughter Syd’s drawers smell a bit gamey, like her soccer uniform after a match of  living up to her title as “the finisher”. She’s a darling girl, don’t get me wrong. But she has a frightful habit of  tossing items into her drawers to avoid that exhausting chore […]

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