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From Yoga to Yardwork, 5 Great Picks for the Eco-Material Girl

Considering that the average American now consumes over 28 gallons of bottled water each year, all packaged in single-use plastic, it’s a good thing that many companies are now incorporating recycled PET (the stuff those bottles are made out of) into their lines. Yes, recycled PET has made its way […]

The Friday 5: Making a Good Impression Edition

The best of EcoSalon’s stories this week. How do you want to come across to a new acquaintance – strong and dignified, or whiny and self-obsessed? As The Hunger Games goes ballistic at the box office, we celebrate a better cinematic role model for women than a certain “emo teenager […]

Green Travel Tip: Ditch the Ziploc and Get Organized

You’ve been planning your eco-friendly vacation for ages, and now you’ve picked an eco-resort that only feeds its customers organic, locally sourced food, you’ve purchased your carbon offsets and you even went all out and bought a solar charger for your laptop. Now all that’s left is to pack. With […]

Can Gambling Be Green?

55 million Americans played poker in 2005. Las Vegas’ poker industry alone accounts for billions of dollars and players fly around the world to attend high stakes championships. Casinos like the Monte Carlo can have annual energy costs upwards of $5 million. It’s a far cry from eco-friendly…or is it? […]

Foodie Underground: The Brine Bubble

It was a warm and humid afternoon, and all I wanted was an iced coffee. Being from the Northwest, I’m used to drive-through coffee shops in even the most podunk of towns, but now I was in the heart of the Louisiana Bayou, and there wasn’t any type of coffee […]

The Friday Five, Vol. 20

Great stories from EcoSalon you may have missed this week. In San Francisco’s Fashion Incubator At Macy’s Heralds New Designers, fashion writer Rowena Ritchie notes that over the years there have been numerous efforts to breathe life into San Francisco’s struggling fashion scene, “so it was a thrilling day for […]

Foodie Underground: A Penchant for Gourmet Junk Food

ColumnBeing a junk foodie has never been so hip. It’s always good to leave your bubble. In Portland, Oregon, my bubble is food related and consists of farmers markets, New Seasons and buying quinoa in bulk. But for the past few weeks, I’ve been on the road, which has necessitated […]

H&M Spring Collection: Fresh, Floral and Sustainable

It might be gray and raining outside, but a few days into 2010 and I’m already looking forward to spring designs. This might be because as far as fashion goes, more and more designers and big names in the industry are opting for sustainable materials. Today’s spotlight is on fashion-giant […]

Foodie Underground: Top 10 Oddest Food and Foodie Blogs

ColumnThanks to the internet, there’s a blog for every kind of food, no matter how weird. The only thing more important to a foodie than a kitchen is the internet. How else are you going to showcase all of your favorite food porn shots that you take at dinner every […]

Tons of Trash: Tour America’s Largest Landfills

Beyond the smell and decay, landfills are considered modern archeology sites, collections of discarded items that give clues to the lifestyles of those who used them. In fact, Harvard-trained archeologist Bill Rathje recently told the LA Times, “The best time capsule in the world is a landfill.” But that time […]

Music Monday: Morning Coffee Music

EcoSalon’s weekly playlist pick from 8tracks. Two French presses in and overlooking a foggy San Francisco, you need some good morning music. Fortunately there’s Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes to help with that, all on the Morning Coffee Music playlist. A killer playlist, not just because it’s perfect with that […]

Foodie Underground: From Trendy to Tradition

ColumnWhy we have to stop thinking of the “foodie” movement as a trend. Luxury continues to inspire the culinary world, and its eager diners. From $3,000 dinner reservations to a select list of the world’s 50 best restaurants, the top tier of the food chain is elevating the art of […]

Foodie Underground: Illegal Delicacies

At first glance, foodies might come off as organic-touting, free-range loving, culinary gurus. But not all foodie trends are friendly. Some go far for their delectable delights, so far that they embrace the controversial. We’re talking about whale meat: the other other white meat that’s keeping an entire violent food […]

Foodie Underground: Should Kombucha Be Your Party Drink?

If you haven’t understood my love for kombucha, you mustn’t been spending enough time reading Foodie Underground. But as I discussed a couple of months ago, there’s really no point in spending $4-5 on bottled fermented tea when you can make your own. And if there was ever a time […]

Foodie Underground: Euro Cheapo

When it comes to Europe, I’ve always been a proponent of fresh baked baguettes, a good chunk of cheese and a bottle of local wine as your best bet for a good meal; European culinary travel means not always having to shell out a fortune for good food. But Europe […]

The Friday Five, Vol. 23

A weekly roundup of EcoSalon’s top stories. The Permacouture institute is a transatlantic business, with education programs in both the UK and U.S. Their courses span small scale school projects to university programs, marking seeds at seed libraries for their fiber and dying potential to running workshops like Dinner to […]

Foodie Underground: Where There’s Food, There’s a Camera

This post should definitely begin with an admission: I have a full blown food porn addiction. A combination of a love for aesthetics and cuisine, a food porn addict’s favorite utensil is their camera and having it along is as important as accompanying an excellent meal with a good glass […]

Foodie Underground: Eat Drink Local Week in NYC

ColumnCelebrate all things local with NYC’s Eat Drink Local Week. Who says you need a bucolic setting to eat locally? Urban metropolises are showing that they too can provide sustenance for their inhabitants in new and creative ways, and this week New York City takes the crown. Eat Drink Local […]

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Foodie Underground: Give It Up, Butternut

ColumnSuddenly, sweet potato fries don’t seem so bad. Heard of butternut squash? Of course you have. I don’t know how one couldn’t, what with it being whipped into some not-your-average-squash creation in every organic, hipster and farm-to-table restaurant these days. Fitzgerald, were he around today, would have surely noted this […]

Foodspotting Friday: Chocolate Lovers Edition

10 photos to quell your chocolate cravings.  When I discovered that breathable chocolate actually exists, I debated on tracking down a French friend so they could send some over. A whiff of chocolate that you can keep in your purse? That’s like having an instant pick me up right next to […]

Music Monday: Wow, I Feel Even More Epic

EcoSalon’s weekly playlist pick from 8tracks. Full (maybe a little embarassing) disclosure: I have a tendency to continuously hit replay on a song. And by continuously, I mean obsessively. This happened last week when I came across the Wow, I Feel Even More Epic playlist, and got stuck on this track. […]

Foodspotting Friday: Crazy for Citrus

10 photos to inspire your citrus consumption this winter.  Come the holiday season, I always have a box of satsumas. Yes, satsumas. Not mandarins or tangerines; satsumas. Because they’re easy to peel, seedless and perfect for holiday laziness. Plus the box they come in is perfect for eco-friendly wrapping of […]

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