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What We Don’t Know Can Hurt Us

Nutrition fads draw attention, but the real harm is in common, processed foods. Food myths abound, but whether or not you try to cure a hangover with food from the greasy spoon or lose a few pounds with a maple syrup fast, you’re probably not doing a significant amount of […]

Foodie Underground: Amateur Is the New Black

Maybe it’s the result of an economy that requires a skill for penny pinching or maybe it’s just a renewed love of food, but whatever the reasons behind it, amateur involvement in culinary culture is happening big time, bringing the power of being a foodie into the hands of everyone […]

The Friday Five, Vol. 16

A weekly roundup of EcoSalon’s top stories. In Part 2 of The Post-Recession Fashion Industry-Discounted Sells, we take a look at how the fashion industry is emerging from its cocoon post-recession, a changed sector where consumers are more cautious, manufacturers are on their toes and designers are struggling to stay […]

Foodie Underground: A Penchant for Gourmet Junk Food

ColumnBeing a junk foodie has never been so hip. It’s always good to leave your bubble. In Portland, Oregon, my bubble is food related and consists of farmers markets, New Seasons and buying quinoa in bulk. But for the past few weeks, I’ve been on the road, which has necessitated […]

Foodie Underground: It’s Up to the Rest of Us

Trashy magazines. You know the ones I’m talking about – the ones with the glossy photos of all the throw away fashion that a conscious fashion lover should certainly never invest in, and all the celebrity gossip that takes up way more brain space than you should ever give to […]

Music Monday: Hype Machine Top 8

EcoSalon’s weekly playlist pick from 8tracks. Over the last few weeks we’ve started to look forward to Mondays. Why? Because every Monday there’s a new playlist by Hype Machine. A notable music blog that keeps an eye on all that’s new and good in the music world, every Monday they […]

Bringing Back Burlap: Chic Coffee Shoulder Bags

You certainly can’t leave for work without downing a few cups of java, but why stop there? Wear your caffeine addiction with pride! Wren, a hand-made South African label, makes very fashionable bags out of coffee burlap sacks.The bags are currently available on Wren’s Etsy site, but an online shop […]

Foodie Underground: DIY Hooch

Country Living (the British version) arrived at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve. It’s a personal favorite of my mother’s and mine. We sat on the couch drinking coffee and flipping through the pages that immediately take you to another world filled with delightful accents, elevenses and quaint, snow-covered gardens. […]

Foodie Underground: Urban Winos

You’re planning a dinner party for all your food-savvy urbanite friends. These days, living in the city isn’t stopping you from sourcing your dinner goods locally. Produce from the farmers market. Check. Cheese from a local artisan. Check. A dash of basil and thyme grown in your own kitchen herb […]

Foodie Underground: Celebrating Tradition

The past month has been a whirlwind, and I’m sure I’m not alone. The holidays have a knack for making a full month seem like only a week. But somehow we all find the time to cram in parties, celebrations and festive attire. Staying far away from any commercial establishments, […]

Foodie Underground: Taking It to the Streets

If there’s one thing better than digging in to a feast with friends, it’s doing it outside. Summer, we’re so glad you’re here. In Portland, this summer welcomes an event that’s part urban revival, part social and part foodie, and it’s all in a beautiful outdoor setting. It’s called Brunch […]

Foodie Underground: When Food Fusion Becomes Confusion

ColumnNovel food combinations aren’t just silly, they’re missing the point. “I’ll buy you a cupcake. They have red velvet ones.” I glared at my friend, Dave. “You know how I feel about cupcakes. Just get me an iced coffee, black.” In recent months, I’ve developed a bit of a vendetta […]

Foodie Underground: Kombucha Gone Wild

Recently, a friend was over for coffee and we were discussing the finer points of my “dirty hippy” qualities. “I’m no dirty hippy!” I exclaimed, thinking of my need for regular showers, my Sunday New York Times subscription, my refusal to drink wine out of mason jars and, of course, […]

Foodie Underground: Cupcake Revolution

In a down economy, we’ve seen lots of underground food trends take off. Limited budgets have forced people to get creative, both with what they buy and what they make at home. Just look at the rise in DIY markets; people are clamoring for goods that support their neighbor instead […]

Foodie Underground: Trentasize It

Creeping ever closer to the McDonald’s model, Starbucks has poured it on with the new Trenta serving size. Do we need another supersize product that tempts our taste buds and throws rationality out the door? Of course not. No one should be drinking 31 ounces of double, mocha, frappy, whatever. But we […]

The Friday 5: Winds of Change Edition

The winds of change are always blowing. With Occupy Wall Street serving as a gauge for U.S. contentment, it’s not hard to see we just aren’t a very happy nation. As with any cause, however, there are always bands of people who do more than walk the talk – they […]

Rocking Out in the Kitchen: Songs to Cook To

Just in time for dinner, bookmark this: EcoSalon’s handpicked playlist to inspire tonight’s cooking and kitchen dancing.  Sometimes cooking is a joy. Other times, when you’re tired and feeling low on creative inspiration, cooking is a chore. Fortunately there’s one thing that helps: music. The EcoSalon team put together a […]

Ecosalon Recipes:10 Best Winter Vegetarian Soups

The gray of winter calls for warm and hearty soups, but what about ones that aren’t made with animal stock? We’ve rounded up some of the best vegetarian soup recipes on the web, full of delicious flavors and packed with great ingredients that are good for your body. They’re sure […]

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Foodie Underground: Give It Up, Butternut

ColumnSuddenly, sweet potato fries don’t seem so bad. Heard of butternut squash? Of course you have. I don’t know how one couldn’t, what with it being whipped into some not-your-average-squash creation in every organic, hipster and farm-to-table restaurant these days. Fitzgerald, were he around today, would have surely noted this […]

Foodspotting Friday: Chocolate Lovers Edition

10 photos to quell your chocolate cravings.  When I discovered that breathable chocolate actually exists, I debated on tracking down a French friend so they could send some over. A whiff of chocolate that you can keep in your purse? That’s like having an instant pick me up right next to […]

Music Monday: Wow, I Feel Even More Epic

EcoSalon’s weekly playlist pick from 8tracks. Full (maybe a little embarassing) disclosure: I have a tendency to continuously hit replay on a song. And by continuously, I mean obsessively. This happened last week when I came across the Wow, I Feel Even More Epic playlist, and got stuck on this track. […]

Foodspotting Friday: Crazy for Citrus

10 photos to inspire your citrus consumption this winter.  Come the holiday season, I always have a box of satsumas. Yes, satsumas. Not mandarins or tangerines; satsumas. Because they’re easy to peel, seedless and perfect for holiday laziness. Plus the box they come in is perfect for eco-friendly wrapping of […]

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