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Foodspotting Friday: Globetrotter Edition

Seven photos to inspire your culinary travel adventures.  Do you travel to eat? That might be taking it a little far, but if you’re a food lover, culinary experiences probably make up a large part of your travels, from tracking down macaroons in Paris to pasta induced food comas in […]

Foodie Underground: We All Scream for Artisanal Ice Cream

ColumnArtisanal ice cream is keeping the summer streets hot. It’s June, which means you’ve only got one thing on the mind: summer (or at least that’s what I spend my time daydreaming about as we approach the equinox). Long days, dinner parties in the garden and plenty of warm weather […]

Rocking Out in the Kitchen: Songs to Cook To

Just in time for dinner, bookmark this: EcoSalon’s handpicked playlist to inspire tonight’s cooking and kitchen dancing.  Sometimes cooking is a joy. Other times, when you’re tired and feeling low on creative inspiration, cooking is a chore. Fortunately there’s one thing that helps: music. The EcoSalon team put together a […]

Foodie Underground: Local Specialties to Make You Cringe

ColumnTrashy classics are the trendiest. Last week in Santa Fe I walked into a brewpub situated in the Railyard, an urban community of galleries, cafes and businesses blending into the gritty architecture of the railroad tracks. A chalkboard welcomed diners, highlighting all of the local meat and produce that was being […]

Foodie Underground: 5 Articles You May Have Missed

ColumnNew to Foodie Underground? Here are 5 of our favorite articles to get you started. If you’re new to EcoSalon, you might not be completely familiar with the weekly Foodie Underground column. Yes, it’s about food, but it’s about all those things that are helping to shape the underground food […]

Can Gambling Be Green?

55 million Americans played poker in 2005. Las Vegas’ poker industry alone accounts for billions of dollars and players fly around the world to attend high stakes championships. Casinos like the Monte Carlo can have annual energy costs upwards of $5 million. It’s a far cry from eco-friendly…or is it? […]

What’s Your Favorite Fall Playlist? Tell Us and Win!

An exclusive  EcoSalon + 8tracks contest: submit your favorite fall songs to win. Well, it’s fall. Warm weather days are over, hot drinks sound so much more appealing compared to the last several months and if you’re biking to work you’ve started to stash your rain pants in your bag […]

Foodie Underground: Why the French Aren’t Fat

ColumnWhat exactly is the French Paradox? Turns out it’s just a different attitude towards food. Mes amis, let us take a moment and go francophile. But first let me preface this by acknowledging that there was in fact a time when my love affair with France hit a dark spot. […]

Is Your Farmers’ Market Faking It?

You peruse the stands, ogle over fresh berries, contemplate which goat cheese to buy, and smile contentedly as you walk away from the flurry of farmers and produce, full basket in hand. But is that local, organic, shopping induced feeling of happiness all a sham? The Wall Street Journal reported […]

Cycle Chic: Female Cyclists Through the Ages

A century of women’s cycling in photos.  Cycling isn’t just a sport, a passion or a hobby. It’s a lifestyle. There is lots of talk of the rise of the bike movement, that it’s becoming more and more a part of the cultural consciousness. But cycling isn’t a trend; pedaling […]

Foodie Underground: Scandinavian Takeover

Notice how any recent mention of fare from Sweden, Norway and Denmark also denotes how a Scandinavian food trend is quickly making its way into all kinds of food markets? Why it’s taken so long for Scandinavian fare to hit the global market is beyond me, but with simple, down […]

Foodspotting Friday: Fried Frenzy

Foodspotting Friday gets inspiration from deep in the heart of Texas. “Fried pickle chips?” “Obviously.” That’s how food conversations often go when the EcoSalon team is on the road, and this week we’ve been checking out all the local specialties Austin has to offer. So fried pickle chips were clearly […]

Music Monday: A 90s Pop Flashback

EcoSalon’s weekly playlist pick from 8tracks. So there was a lot that was wrong with the 90s: hammer pants, dial up internet, Beanie Babies, raves, fanny packs. But not everything sucked, and this playlist, with some of the most popular female vocalists of the times, proves it. It’s the kind […]

Foodie Underground: Give It Up, Butternut

ColumnSuddenly, sweet potato fries don’t seem so bad. Heard of butternut squash? Of course you have. I don’t know how one couldn’t, what with it being whipped into some not-your-average-squash creation in every organic, hipster and farm-to-table restaurant these days. Fitzgerald, were he around today, would have surely noted this […]

Trendy Travel With Airstreams

Since their introduction in the 1930s, Airstreams have become an iconic emblem of travel. Sleek, hip and, most importantly, functional, Airstreams are the name of the game for those looking to travel in style. But they’ve also allowed people to adventure in smarter, slower and more conscious ways, all integral […]

Foodspotting Friday: Iced Coffee To Get You Going

Five photos for Friday iced coffee inspiration! We’ve had a busy week here at EcoSalon HQ, which means that come Friday we’re still chugging coffee like crazy women! And even though it’s September – how did that happen already? – autumn equinox isn’t here yet and there are plenty of […]

Foodie Underground: Celebrating Tradition

The past month has been a whirlwind, and I’m sure I’m not alone. The holidays have a knack for making a full month seem like only a week. But somehow we all find the time to cram in parties, celebrations and festive attire. Staying far away from any commercial establishments, […]

Foodie Underground: Bulking Up

ColumnDon’t equate bulk foods with your mother’s pantry. How much of what we eat is dictated by our parents? Research shows that our food preferences may actually be shaped before we’re even born, but beyond what we eat, our own eating habits and traditions are certainly influenced by our families. This […]

Foodie Underground: Why So Serious?

ColumnA new web series hilariously mocks the foodie movement. When the Portlandia trailer hit and all my Portland-based friends had it posted to their Facebook profiles within minutes of each other, I had no idea that four weeks down the line people outside of my bubble would be asking me, […]

Foodie Underground: 10 Ways to Improve Your Food Porn Skills

Column10 ways to make sure your food porn skills are up to par. “Ooh, take one of this!” exclaims my mother while rearranging the various plates on the table. Luckily for me, she has yet to get annoyed with my slightly crazy obsession with taking food photos. In fact, if […]

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Gorgeous Watercolor DIY Home Decor Ideas

Watercolor DIY home decor projects to get on trend with! One of the more colorful and fun home decor trends for spring 2015 is incorporating the watercolor effect into your home. Think Georgia O’Keeffe or Thomas Moran, but not in a literal way. Instead this trend is all about bringing […]

4 Healthy Habits to Add to Your Life to Make it Greener

Healthy new habits come in green packages.

OK. We’re all busy women. Making changes can be a difficult. New routines and practices can even trip you up for a few days. But once you get the hang of your new practices they turn into healthy habits. And if those new habits are green, you just helped yourself while helping the environment.

So, what healthy habits could you add to your life to make your existence greener? We’ve got a few ideas.

Adorable Thieving Cats Steal Humans’ Pizza [Video]

Cat videos are the best.

Did you have a rough week? I did! Looking for homes to rent with four animals in tow is a bear. To rid my body of all its excess stress I started watching a bunch of cat videos. I recently adopted a cat, so I’m kind of obsessed.

Recently, I learned the terrible truth that all cats are THIEVES. Here is video evidence of that fact…

France and Lane Bryant are Shaking Up the Modeling Industry

The modeling industry is slowly changing.

We start this piece by stating that we know that not every person who is thin has anorexia. But we do know that in general, the modeling industry is incredibly hard on women of all body types, and we applaud France for monitoring its models’ health…

France is banning “ultra-thin” models. This ban includes models who are underweight (this is determined by a model’s Body Mass Index (BMI).)

The Quickest, Easiest ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look Ever

The bare face is trending this spring. Was that a collective sigh? Here’s how to pull off the simplest ‘no makeup’ makeup look ever. The bare-only-better look made a splash on spring runways this year. It’s easy, elegant, and so perfect for warm weather. Sure, some models were truly makeup […]

‘Gender X': UK May Approve a Gender-Neutral Passport

The UK may soon have a gender-neutral passport.

Times they are a changin’. The UK may soon allow people to obtain gender-neutral passports… I know. I can hardly believe it.

This possible new passport is getting support from a wide smattering of people in different political parties across the UK. If the UK does decide to allow a gender-neutral passport (also called Gender X passports), the country would join “Australia, New Zealand, and Nepal as one of the few places with passports for non-gendered citizens,” Dazed Digital reports.

Treating Water Pollution with Glow-in-the-Dark Tampons?

  It seems there’s a never-ending stream of ideas to curb water pollution. Would you believe glow-in-the-dark tampons are one of them? Newer homes are often equipped with technology that allows unused surface water that doesn’t need to be treated to run straight back into water systems while sending wastewater […]

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Foodie Underground: Why the French Aren’t Fat

ColumnWhat exactly is the French Paradox? Turns out it’s just a different attitude towards food. Mes amis, let us take a moment and go francophile. But first let me preface this by acknowledging that there was in fact a time when my love affair with France hit a dark spot. […]

Foodie Underground: Is Foraging Destroying Our Forests?

Is the food industry’s foraging addiction fueling the destruction of forests and wetlands? That’s what the United Kingdom’s National Trust and Forestry Commission thinks. With the support of local-centric chefs like Jamie Oliver, mushroom foraging has gone from simple pastime to foodie obsession, with many restaurants incorporating wild fungi into their menus. […]

Foodie Underground: American Food Fetishes Abroad

ColumnWhy is it that America is only known for hamburgers and hot dogs when we have a burgeoning foodie culture? A surprising discovery when I lived in France was L’Americain. In the land of gourmet cheeses and perfected baguettes, food is more than something that you just consume for nourishment; […]

Foodie Underground: Where There’s Food, There’s a Camera

This post should definitely begin with an admission: I have a full blown food porn addiction. A combination of a love for aesthetics and cuisine, a food porn addict’s favorite utensil is their camera and having it along is as important as accompanying an excellent meal with a good glass […]