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Bow Wow and Baby

Nothing is more exciting than bringing home your brand new bundle of joy! But for your dog or cat, a new baby can be a stressful change. However, there are a few steps you can take before and after your baby comes home to make the transition easier on your […]

A Nutrition Guide for the Pregnant Vegetarian

I have a vegetarian friend who just found out she’s pregnant. She immediately looked at me and asked “Does this mean I’ll have to start eating meat?” Her worried family had sternly advised her take up an omnivorous diet again, but I assured her I’d heard plenty of stories about […]

Serena & Lily Organic

I’m tickled pink that the Bay Area company Serena & Lily – which names its collections with offbeat girl and boy names (Maggie, Hazel, Rye, Lulu) –  has now introduced a new organic line, climbing on the green bandwagon and responding to what customers want in the nursery. “It’s about […]


Sigg, the feather light aluminum bottles from Switzerland have become ubiquitous with every age group and style subculture. So popular, in fact, that SIGG said they were forced to close down MySIGG, their custom design shop, and are no longer accepting new Internet clients to carry their products. Why are […]

With a Name Like Celery…

…it has to be green! I love this Chalkboard End Panel toddler bed made by Celery Furniture, a company committed to making mod kids’ furniture without harmful materials and sealants. Available in delicious pastel shades, the transitional bed features an updated sleigh design with a chalkboard and eraser/chalk tray for […]

Should Babies Be Exposed to Plastic Bottles?

While we’re on the topic of milk today, here’s a related issue that deserves serious consideration. With all the recent news about BPA (bisphenol-A, an endocrine disruptor) leeching from plastic bottles and into bottled water, it’s time to look at plastic baby bottles, too. The most obvious alternative to plastic […]

Yo! Yo!

We all got a major wake-up call last year about imported plastic toys for kids. They’re made from non-renewable oil, there’s a risk of lead or other contaminants, and some plastics may have cumulative harmful effects when ingested – and we know those toys are going in tiny mouths. Keep […]

Rocket Fuel Chemical Found in Infant Formula

Move over, melamine; your infamy as a contaminant in Chinese infant formula is being pushed aside by one that’s made in the USA. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has found some samples of American brands of infant formula (although they won’t divulge which) are contaminated with perchlorates – which […]

“Cry-It-Out” iPhone App Makes Me Want to Weep

The saying “there’s an app for everything” has become part of our cultural vernacular, and while some apps serve great purposes and provide handy information, the one I’m referring to in this post should have never been created, as it reduces parenting to dismissive gadgetry. Sadly, now you can use […]

Good News for Women Everywhere

In the West, the advent of motherhood is usually cause for a flurry of showers, brunches, shopping trips, parenting classes, and anticipatory bouts of wrestling with crippling feelings of inadequacy. In the developing world, it’s all too often still a life-threatening endeavor. Infection, high blood pressure, obstructed labor, and hemorrhaging […]

Mid-Week Eco Links

Weekends are precious things: we don’t work them. But we’d still like to click around and have some fun during the week, right? So… Explore how you feel about the way cities blend into the natural world, by watching it happen with Chicago over at urban/rural/wild, hosted by walkinginplace. Eco-houses […]

Women’s Roundup, Hear Us Roar

Rather than raise our voices, we girls at EcoSalon prefer to write about it, because if you need to scream, my guess is you aren’t so certain what you have to say is worth hearing. And really, who wants to hear a grown woman roar? In the past few months […]

When Are Men Too Old for a Baby?

Recently, an issue so-powerful-it-could-only-be-emailed was batted around the hallowed halls of EcoSalon. The issue was complex, kind of like asking 24-to-39-year-old women to name their favorite Jonas Brother. Sure, the middle one seems a bit cute, but is it really okay to have an opinion on the matter? And while […]

Surprise: Cloth Diapers Carry a Big Footprint

I’m sorry everyone, but this is going to be a difficult read for proponents of the cloth diaper. Apparently, they’re not as easy on the environment as we’d all wish (or assume) them to be. A study by the British government to find out the real carbon footprint of diapers […]

New Law Protects Children from Phthalates and Lead

The past year has been a bad one for toxic kid’s products, what with lead paint on imported toys and phthalates in plastic toys. For once, Congress has been quick to act. A new law is set to go in effect on February 10th that will require all products such […]

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Shade Grown Hollywood: The Dark Side of Hollywood Babies

ColumnWhere celebrity becomes conscious. As my grandmother used to mysteriously intone over her crochet needles, “Even kittens can scratch.” Are we really inferring that the adorable, cuddly spawns of joy positioned on celebrity hips everywhere are anything but angels from above? No, the innocents of Hollywood’s loins are blameless. But […]

Women’s Roundup, Hear Us Roar

Rather than raise our voices, we girls at EcoSalon prefer to write about it, because if you need to scream, my guess is you aren’t so certain what you have to say is worth hearing. And really, who wants to hear a grown woman roar? In the past few months […]

Baby Wearing: Do You Sling?

Don’t accuse me of sacrilege by pushing babies as mere accoutrement, but I see so many adorable baby slings out there, who needs a pretty purse with a pet chihuahua? In fact, I’m almost ready to ready myself (and my uterus) for one of my own just so I can […]

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