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Name That Eco Baby!

A for Apple, B is for Beluga, C is for Chullo. Pretty baby! Parents on planet Hollywood and elsewhere are headed in that fruity, foamy and woolly direction in declaring devotion to Mama Earth via naming their young. In the roaring Nineties, when real estate and dot comers were soaring, […]

Mid-Week Eco Links

Weekends are precious things: we don’t work them. But we’d still like to click around and have some fun during the week, right? So… Explore how you feel about the way cities blend into the natural world, by watching it happen with Chicago over at urban/rural/wild, hosted by walkinginplace. Eco-houses […]

Air Babies

It’s always been hard to design with air purifiers, the unattractive white or beige units that stick out in the nursery like a sore thumb. I was tickled pink to run into the Austin Air Baby’s Breath Air Purifiers because they’re so darn cute. What eco baby wouldn’t benefit from […]

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

After a morning spent watching National Geographic Carnivore with my 9-year-old future vet (lions preying upon a limping, unsuspecting buffalo), I was happy to encounter this gentle Jungle Friends Mobile in which the only thing eaten is the blankie by the little thumb sucker inhabiting the crib. I love the […]

A Nutrition Guide for the Pregnant Vegetarian

I have a vegetarian friend who just found out she’s pregnant. She immediately looked at me and asked “Does this mean I’ll have to start eating meat?” Her worried family had sternly advised her take up an omnivorous diet again, but I assured her I’d heard plenty of stories about […]

With a Name Like Celery…

…it has to be green! I love this Chalkboard End Panel toddler bed made by Celery Furniture, a company committed to making mod kids’ furniture without harmful materials and sealants. Available in delicious pastel shades, the transitional bed features an updated sleigh design with a chalkboard and eraser/chalk tray for […]

The Healthy Habit of Babywearing

Years ago, when I was traveling in Peru, I became enamored with the way Andean women carried their babies – in blankets tied around their backs. It made so much sense; after all, strollers are heavy, expensive and impossible to push up a mountain trail or crowded cobblestone mercado. The […]

“Cry-It-Out” iPhone App Makes Me Want to Weep

The saying “there’s an app for everything” has become part of our cultural vernacular, and while some apps serve great purposes and provide handy information, the one I’m referring to in this post should have never been created, as it reduces parenting to dismissive gadgetry. Sadly, now you can use […]

Women’s Roundup, Hear Us Roar

Rather than raise our voices, we girls at EcoSalon prefer to write about it, because if you need to scream, my guess is you aren’t so certain what you have to say is worth hearing. And really, who wants to hear a grown woman roar? In the past few months […]

A Toxic Tumble

I’d always had a gut feeling that those laboratory-cocktail laundry scents were toxic. When I would go for a run and smell dryer sheets or fabric softeners waft by, my cheeks felt as if they were on fire and my nose would run. Now there’s scientific proof that my physical […]

Forget Pink and Blue: Nurseries are Meant to be Green

Have a bun in the oven? Maybe some friends who are expecting? Well, it’s never too early to get that baby started on the path to a green lifestyle. Kistner Supply recently launched three brand new eco-friendly product lines that are sure to make you the sustainable star at any […]

Bla, Bla (Yeah, Yeah!)

Now this is an original and unique line that is sure to please any imaginative child. BlaBla products are handmade by Peruvian women in bright, colorful knits from natural fibers grown in Peru.  Florence Wetterwald and her long time friend, Susan Pritchett, traveled to Peru in 2001 where they found […]

A Little Lark for Your Little Bundle

Who doesn’t love a baby? Even if you’re pre-procreation or just undecided in the “bringing a human into the world” department, it’s hard to resist the soft skin and fresh smell of a little bundle. When my sister-in-law gave birth to my nephew I wanted to steal him, I mean […]

Reduce Your Child’s Carbon Bumprint

In a perfect world, all parents would use cloth diapers and reusable baby wipes to greatly reduce the footprint their baby’s bottom leaves on the planet during the diapering stage. But in reality, one-time-use baby wipes are a staple in every parent’s bag of tricks. Used for wiping up messy […]

Catch the Wind

I love to watch babies, enchanted and giggling, as they gaze at mobiles moving gently above their cribs with every breeze and breath. So I was happy to discover an artist who makes stunning, airy mobiles for grown-up rooms, each a tribute to nature’s most graceful branches, leaves and flowers. […]

Serena & Lily Organic

I’m tickled pink that the Bay Area company Serena & Lily – which names its collections with offbeat girl and boy names (Maggie, Hazel, Rye, Lulu) –  has now introduced a new organic line, climbing on the green bandwagon and responding to what customers want in the nursery. “It’s about […]

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Shade Grown Hollywood: The Dark Side of Hollywood Babies

ColumnWhere celebrity becomes conscious. As my grandmother used to mysteriously intone over her crochet needles, “Even kittens can scratch.” Are we really inferring that the adorable, cuddly spawns of joy positioned on celebrity hips everywhere are anything but angels from above? No, the innocents of Hollywood’s loins are blameless. But […]

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