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Fight Prostate Cancer with Nutrition and an Awesome Moustache

Have you noticed a trend among men lately? No, I’m not talking about orange tans or a disturbing move towards overly-gelled coiffing. Rather, some of our brethren are strutting the streets sporting moustaches not seen since Magnum PI was sporting daring thigh-grazing shorts. November is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month – […]

Freedom from SIGG-nificant BPA

This is a new SIGG water bottle with a Keith Haring lady liberty design, part of a limited edition series celebrating America, land of the free, home of  thirsty. Perhaps you could score one of these cool designs for free by getting rid of an old SIGG bottle that contains […]

Recipe: Getting Probiotic with Homemade Kimchi

Cabbage just got more interesting. I have a huge crush on kimchi. If I see it on the menu, chances are you can find it in my mouth several minutes later. The spicy cultured treat is a Korean staple – it is served at almost every meal and Koreans are […]

WTF.com Coppafeel! Breast Cancer PSA?

In which we are asked to consider the assinine. I was so baffled when I came across this video that I had to watch it twice. It’s a spoof video about a health & safety officer (played by Chris O’Dowd) for the Topless Female World Trampolining championships, which, produced by […]

Mouthwash Increases Risk of Cancer

For the love of your friends and colleagues, freshen your breath, but pass on the Listerine unless you want a little cancer to go with that minty mouth. An Australian study of 3,200 people has found that alcohol-based mouthwashes actually increase your risk of developing oral cancer, and that risk […]

Cancer: the Price of Peace?

Once home, many of our soldiers who served in Iraq have to battle chronic rashes, tumors and even cancer. The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) is demanding to know why. Why did the giant contractor KBR knowingly expose our forces to carcinogenic toxins at its power plants in […]

Safe Chemicals Act: What’s A Mother To Do?

What we don’t know about beauty products will kill us. I thought that I was in the clear. That I dodged some bullets. I had two healthy pregnancies, during which I tried to do all the right things: I avoided gas stations and mainstream cleaning products. I didn’t color my […]

Your Manicure Will Kill You – True or False?

The world is ripe with green myth. (And here I thought that it was just ripe with oil spills.) There are so many rumors about what is toxic, what will kill you, and what just might give you a nasty rash that many people don’t know which green end is […]

Spot On Eco Carpet Cleaning

The sad truth is the carpets that hold up best to traffic are the ones coated with toxins. And we don’t want those in a place where humans dwell. If you do have a healthy wool carpet in your home, you can still clean it without harsh chemicals like perchloroethylene […]

Healthy Food News: Cancer Busting with a Side of Bioactive

It seems like every day we’re bombarded with marketing for some exotic “superfood” with seemingly magical qualities that supposedly justify an outrageous price tag. But while the benefits of some hysterically hyped foods are still unconfirmed, other fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and beverages sitting in your fridge right now […]

Now Soy Sauce Causes Cancer?

Recently, a colleague sent me a link with the words “what, soy sauce causes cancer now?” emblazoned across the email. I could sense her frustration through the keyboard. What next, the very air we breathe causes cancer? (Actually, in my city, it does.) Sometimes it seems like we have to […]

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Movember Essentials: Natural Beard and Skin Care for All That Hair

It’s November, er, my mustache got in the way. Make that, Movember. The month of harvest, fall decorations, Thanksgiving, and yes, hairier faces. Sure, beards are hot these days. But in Movember they are actually doing more good than just looking good. As part of the Movember campaign, Mo Bros […]

Immunotherapy: Is the Cancer Cure Inside Our Body?

June is Cancer Immunotherapy Month. Why boosting the immune system is the new big thing in cancer research. Immunotherapy is, much like it sounds, cancer treatment that utilizes the body’s immune system. Also known as virutherapy, the idea behind this type of treatment is getting the body’s own system to […]

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