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An Air Purifier Steve Jobs Could Love

Who says your air filter has to look like hospital equipment and command lots of space in your bedroom? The compact module Blueair AirPod is taking the allergy world by sneeze and storm. Call them the little purifiers that could. Perhaps it’s the packaging, even more magnetic than those perky […]

Stay on the Line

Call me wacky (sometimes) or old-fashioned (a little) or someone with too much time on her hands (I wish!), but I like doing my own laundry. There’s something satisfying about separating darks from whites and folding everything just the way I like it. A big part of my laundering “formula” […]

Get Your Car Squeaky Green

Unfortunately, my hometown of Los Angeles is best known for Hollywood, Malibu, Beverly Hills and traffic. Most of us own cars out of necessity, because it’s virtually impossible to get around without one. As a result, there’s a car wash on almost every corner and you dare not drive if […]

Air Babies

It’s always been hard to design with air purifiers, the unattractive white or beige units that stick out in the nursery like a sore thumb. I was tickled pink to run into the Austin Air Baby’s Breath Air Purifiers because they’re so darn cute. What eco baby wouldn’t benefit from […]

Reusable Paper Towels: Smart Design or Ick Factor?

When The Eco Luxe Life sent me SKOY Cloth as part of my quarterly packet of goodies, I was initially skeptical. Really? A paper towel that’s meant to be reused? Is that sanitary? Or perhaps slightly insane? But then I tested it out and discovered that for most cleaning needs, […]

Talkin Trash

I have so little time these days, recycling fliers and other junk mail has become routine. But I’m so grateful a recent pamphlet from SFEnvironment.org caught my eye. It’s easy enough to toss old shampoo bottles in sustainable fashion, but we are lefting scratching our eco-minded heads when it comes to […]

Liquid Soap Is Learning to Love Your Hands

What’s the difference between hand soap and body soap? My opinion is that there shouldn’t be any. I respect the skin of my hands just as much as that anywhere else on my body (after all, finger-tips are in charge of one of our five senses). But conventional wisdom seems […]

Wicked Witch of the Eco-Skies

As a fresh college graduate in the 90s, I liked nothing better than reminding people that I was an "Independent Woman of 90s", totally free to do whatever I wanted. It was during this period in my life that a friend loaned me his copy of the book Wicked. I […]

Hold Your Breath: Liquid Glass Changes Everything

Here at EcoSalon we love glass – and we’ve spent years celebrating its use in milk bottles and gorgeously translucent tableware, its almost magical ability to be renewed and reshaped by the elements into something truly sublime. We want glass to shove past plastic and regain the well-deserved status it’s […]

The Starre Behind Eco Chick

Starre Vartan, founder and editor of the green lifestyle website Eco Chick, is one of our favorite go-to girls for sustainable practices. She offers a wealth of information and presents her knowledge in a fun, practical way. Starre has recently taken her duties one step further to create a book […]

7 Ways To Invisibly Clean the House

I don’t enjoy cleaning and tidying – which is why I do it all the time. Some people seem happy to let things pile up: dust-bunnies, unwashed crockery, bills. I used to be one of them – and then I realised how much I hated the way they lurked at […]

Spot On Eco Carpet Cleaning

The sad truth is the carpets that hold up best to traffic are the ones coated with toxins. And we don’t want those in a place where humans dwell. If you do have a healthy wool carpet in your home, you can still clean it without harsh chemicals like perchloroethylene […]

7 Easy Tips to Spring Clean Your Home

Easy tips to simplify spring cleaning. As of March 2oth, the season has officially changed – spring has sprung. I love the promise of sunshine and knowing summer is just around the corner, but I hate spring cleaning. Hate it. Here’s a guide to minimize the drudgery with efficient and […]

9 Great Eco Cleaners for Your Home

I’m not ashamed to say that I recently searched out a dishwashing liquid as if it were to become my personal signature scent. It began in September, when I attended the Natural Products Expo East in Boston and was handed a fistful of Biokleen Lemon Tyme dishwashing samples. The smell, in […]

Save the Planet, Save Cash: 25 Best Ways to Green Your Green

“Going eco-friendly…doesn’t that cost extra?” Tired of hearing that line? So are we. So let’s bury this assumption once and for all! Here’s how to save a ton of cash. 1. Change to Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs. LED lightbulbs will be greener, but right now they’re pricey – while CFLs are […]

The Air in There

Is all that under-counter composting creating a "curious" scent in your otherwise lovely abode? First, get yourself a composting container like Kim’s that neutralizes odor (and looks so lovely you’ll bring it out from under the sink). Next, brush up on Sarah’s tips to keep the air fresh in your […]

Extend the Life of Your Cardigans

Hand washing a delicate sweater is no fun task. I had to find a way to make this tiresome chore more pleasant. I recently discovered The Laundress, a gentle line of products that will actually help extend the life of your clothes. I was particularly drawn to their Wool & […]

Bladder Blues? Natural Remedies for Healing a UTI

If you’re like me and are prone to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), you  probably dread taking antibiotics and are constantly on a search for natural remedies that allow you to feel normal again. By normal, I mean being able to get to sleep without popping those little brown pills that turn […]

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5 Long-Term Ways to Combat the California Drought

California is facing a drought of epic proportions and combatting it won’t be simple when you consider the sheer size of the state. With all of its territory, running from Oregon down the entire west coast, statewide cooperation is complicated, to say the least. But the California drought is so bad that Gov. […]

An Ode to the Spring Season: Foodie Underground

Winter is gone and spring season is here. Finally.  Spring, I waited for you so long. You’re like a long lost friend who has finally come to visit, taking their time to get here, but when you finally arrive, the memory of waiting so quickly disappears. The waiting for you […]

5 Eco-Friendly Swimwear Brands for 2015

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s about time to start looking for poolside or beach attire. Don’t just resort to any old swimwear brand when it comes to your next purchase. Instead, opt for a swimwear brand that has the environment in mind. The following 5 swimwear […]

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The Dish on Twist

Yesterday I was washing the dishes and found myself contemplating sponges; or rather, imagining huge slimy piles of discarded cellulose sponges in our landfills. I want a biodegradable option. From my Mexican travels I learned of the loofah vine, climbing up rooftops and taking over like a weed. When the […]

9 Great Eco Cleaners for Your Home

I’m not ashamed to say that I recently searched out a dishwashing liquid as if it were to become my personal signature scent. It began in September, when I attended the Natural Products Expo East in Boston and was handed a fistful of Biokleen Lemon Tyme dishwashing samples. The smell, in […]

How to Declutter Your Office In 5 Easy Steps

There are plenty of arguments for the genius that accompanies a messy desk, but I have to disagree. When my mind is scattered and stressed, my purses, closet and office reflect the same all-over-the-place mentality. Consequently, once organization falls apart, it takes twice as long to get a task done. […]

An Easy Green Dry Cleaning Trick

Next time you drop off clothes at the local dry cleaners (an environmentally friendly one, I hope), bring a garment bag along and ask them to hold the plastic and paper. I started doing this about six months ago when my dry cleaner began providing simple, black garment bags for […]