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Quick 'n Dirty Cleaning

There’s a lot more involved in maintaining a green home than organic cotton towels or reclaimed wood. Green products are the obvious choices when you’re ready to make a purchase, but day-to-day green choices are important, too. With the quick tips below, you can set about the with an eco-friendly […]

Get Your Car Squeaky Green

Unfortunately, my hometown of Los Angeles is best known for Hollywood, Malibu, Beverly Hills and traffic. Most of us own cars out of necessity, because it’s virtually impossible to get around without one. As a result, there’s a car wash on almost every corner and you dare not drive if […]

Yellowed Workout Tees? Don’t Sweat It

Summer sunshine and gorgeous weather make for the ideal conditions to get moving – whether hiking, running, biking with your family or simply taking your dog for a walk. But working out in the heat, always comes with a side of sweat, and all too often sweat-stained clothing make laundry […]

Hold Your Breath: Liquid Glass Changes Everything

Here at EcoSalon we love glass – and we’ve spent years celebrating its use in milk bottles and gorgeously translucent tableware, its almost magical ability to be renewed and reshaped by the elements into something truly sublime. We want glass to shove past plastic and regain the well-deserved status it’s […]

How to Win the Battle of the Junk Drawer

Everyone has one; it doesn’t matter where you live or how organized you are or which candidate you vote for. The junk drawer does not discriminate. And unless you’re a Zen monk, the idea of emptying and sorting said drawer sends you running for cover. Yes, I’m fairly certain most […]

Reusable Paper Towels: Smart Design or Ick Factor?

When The Eco Luxe Life sent me SKOY Cloth as part of my quarterly packet of goodies, I was initially skeptical. Really? A paper towel that’s meant to be reused? Is that sanitary? Or perhaps slightly insane? But then I tested it out and discovered that for most cleaning needs, […]

The Starre Behind Eco Chick

Starre Vartan, founder and editor of the green lifestyle website Eco Chick, is one of our favorite go-to girls for sustainable practices. She offers a wealth of information and presents her knowledge in a fun, practical way. Starre has recently taken her duties one step further to create a book […]

A New Method

We all know Method as one of the originators of eco-friendly cool. The masterminds behind this company turned the consumer packaged goods industry on its head when they came up with the idea to develop a line of cleaning products that were both green and stylish enough to openly display […]

Non-Toxic Tips for Cleaning Household Metal

As the sun moves through its yearly apex, the bright rays shine through my windows and bring light to all those dirty little things I was able to ignore in the darker winter months. There are great tips all over EcoSalon for naturally removing the nitty gritty from your kitchen […]

Stocking Feet Keep the Green House Neat

"Take off your shoes!" commands my friend Jodi from Long Island whenever I arrive at the doorway of her pretty, Mediterranean home. But I’m attached to my ruby slippers or Betty Mullers or whatever shoes I wore over. I don’t want to comply. On the foyer rug, I can see […]

7 Easy Tips to Spring Clean Your Home

Easy tips to simplify spring cleaning. As of March 2oth, the season has officially changed – spring has sprung. I love the promise of sunshine and knowing summer is just around the corner, but I hate spring cleaning. Hate it. Here’s a guide to minimize the drudgery with efficient and […]

Talkin Trash

I have so little time these days, recycling fliers and other junk mail has become routine. But I’m so grateful a recent pamphlet from SFEnvironment.org caught my eye. It’s easy enough to toss old shampoo bottles in sustainable fashion, but we are lefting scratching our eco-minded heads when it comes to […]

Stay on the Line

Call me wacky (sometimes) or old-fashioned (a little) or someone with too much time on her hands (I wish!), but I like doing my own laundry. There’s something satisfying about separating darks from whites and folding everything just the way I like it. A big part of my laundering “formula” […]

Green Clean Your Home into Spring

I trudge through winter – the rain and cold and dry skin – with as much enthusiasm as possible for someone whose fingers go numb walking from my car to my front door.  That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy the coldest season of the year – the cashmere sweaters […]

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Recipes

We all know that baking soda can be used to clean everything from your counter tops to your teeth. But did you know that there are plenty of other eco-friendly cleaners that you can whip up with a few common kitchen ingredients? Here are five of our favorites. Vodka laundry […]

9 Great Eco Cleaners for Your Home

I’m not ashamed to say that I recently searched out a dishwashing liquid as if it were to become my personal signature scent. It began in September, when I attended the Natural Products Expo East in Boston and was handed a fistful of Biokleen Lemon Tyme dishwashing samples. The smell, in […]

Let Your Inner Goddess Shine With EcoSalon’s The Box!

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to look and feel radiantly sexy for those hot summer nights. EcoSalon’s The Box is here to help! This fun, flirty box features more than $490 worth of refreshing, restorative treats to help you welcome summer with open, super moisturized arms. Let your inner […]

4mula's Smart Solution to the Packaging Problem

 4mula is a line of aromatherapy bath and body products with a brilliant idea: create holistic potions out of natural ingredients in lasting reusable packaging that is so attractive you’ll never want to toss it. I love the concept of beautiful packaging that you can either refill with the same […]

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Yellowed Workout Tees? Don’t Sweat It

Summer sunshine and gorgeous weather make for the ideal conditions to get moving – whether hiking, running, biking with your family or simply taking your dog for a walk. But working out in the heat, always comes with a side of sweat, and all too often sweat-stained clothing make laundry […]

Vinegar: The Dark Horse In Your Pantry

If you’re creeped out by the loads of chemicals lurking in traditional cleaning products, one of the purest and safest ways to keep your home spotless is by mixing up cleaning solutions yourself. And if you think you’ll need to turn your kitchen into some sort of DIY eco-friendly cleaning lab, […]

When Composting Goes to the Dogs

Dog gone it, not again! My gluttonous pug – not satisfied with a veggie burger chew toy – has gone bin diving in my compost bucket and recycling bags. These receptacles for reusable waste are placed securely under the sink and not so securely beside the other trash cans in the […]

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