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A Toxic Tumble

I’d always had a gut feeling that those laboratory-cocktail laundry scents were toxic. When I would go for a run and smell dryer sheets or fabric softeners waft by, my cheeks felt as if they were on fire and my nose would run. Now there’s scientific proof that my physical […]

Liquid Soap Is Learning to Love Your Hands

What’s the difference between hand soap and body soap? My opinion is that there shouldn’t be any. I respect the skin of my hands just as much as that anywhere else on my body (after all, finger-tips are in charge of one of our five senses). But conventional wisdom seems […]

Eco Links to Green Your Weekend

Check out what’s going on in green: Prince Charles is on the warpath again – this time he’s pointing the finger at architects who seek to improve the green credibility of ecologically unsound buildings by adding ineffective innovations, reports the Telegraph. A good anti-greenwashing stance – except his comments also […]

Clorox: Greenwashers or Converts?

Who would have ever imagined the day when Clorox, makers of the ubiquitous chlorine bleach, would come out with a line of eco-friendly cleansers?  But here they are, 7 Green Works natural products such as bathroom cleanser, dishwashing liquid, and glass  & surface cleaner. Fragrance comes from essential oils, there is […]

An Air Purifier Steve Jobs Could Love

Who says your air filter has to look like hospital equipment and command lots of space in your bedroom? The compact module Blueair AirPod is taking the allergy world by sneeze and storm. Call them the little purifiers that could. Perhaps it’s the packaging, even more magnetic than those perky […]

Reusable Paper Towels: Smart Design or Ick Factor?

When The Eco Luxe Life sent me SKOY Cloth as part of my quarterly packet of goodies, I was initially skeptical. Really? A paper towel that’s meant to be reused? Is that sanitary? Or perhaps slightly insane? But then I tested it out and discovered that for most cleaning needs, […]

How to Declutter Your Office In 5 Easy Steps

There are plenty of arguments for the genius that accompanies a messy desk, but I have to disagree. When my mind is scattered and stressed, my purses, closet and office reflect the same all-over-the-place mentality. Consequently, once organization falls apart, it takes twice as long to get a task done. […]

Save the Planet, Save Cash: 25 Best Ways to Green Your Green

“Going eco-friendly…doesn’t that cost extra?” Tired of hearing that line? So are we. So let’s bury this assumption once and for all! Here’s how to save a ton of cash. 1. Change to Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs. LED lightbulbs will be greener, but right now they’re pricey – while CFLs are […]

Eco-Friendly, Organic Linen Spray

I’ve been doing a lot of business traveling of late and my sense of smell is on overload. Maybe I’m becoming more sensitive, or maybe even the best hotel room can turn musty and stale over time. Opening the sliding glass door to the balcony is a lovely option during […]

Extend the Life of Your Cardigans

Hand washing a delicate sweater is no fun task. I had to find a way to make this tiresome chore more pleasant. I recently discovered The Laundress, a gentle line of products that will actually help extend the life of your clothes. I was particularly drawn to their Wool & […]

Bladder Blues? Natural Remedies for Healing a UTI

If you’re like me and are prone to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), you  probably dread taking antibiotics and are constantly on a search for natural remedies that allow you to feel normal again. By normal, I mean being able to get to sleep without popping those little brown pills that turn […]

4mula's Smart Solution to the Packaging Problem

 4mula is a line of aromatherapy bath and body products with a brilliant idea: create holistic potions out of natural ingredients in lasting reusable packaging that is so attractive you’ll never want to toss it. I love the concept of beautiful packaging that you can either refill with the same […]

Stocking Feet Keep the Green House Neat

"Take off your shoes!" commands my friend Jodi from Long Island whenever I arrive at the doorway of her pretty, Mediterranean home. But I’m attached to my ruby slippers or Betty Mullers or whatever shoes I wore over. I don’t want to comply. On the foyer rug, I can see […]

How to Win the Battle of the Junk Drawer

Everyone has one; it doesn’t matter where you live or how organized you are or which candidate you vote for. The junk drawer does not discriminate. And unless you’re a Zen monk, the idea of emptying and sorting said drawer sends you running for cover. Yes, I’m fairly certain most […]

Driving Home a Point

I’m one of those people who quickly tidy up my car before handing it over at the car wash, disposing of the banana peels jammed into paper cups and cookie crumbs taking up residence in the carpet and upholstery. Such treasures are routinely left behind by my daughters who view my Volvo as their […]

Links to Green Your Weekend

Read through all our articles for the week? At a loose end? Curl up with a few of these…The home of Good Housekeeping over in Harlem, NY, has had an eco-friendly makeover. LEED-certified, the new building opens July 30th and is running tours of the premises shortly after. (Ecorazzi gave […]

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Recipes

We all know that baking soda can be used to clean everything from your counter tops to your teeth. But did you know that there are plenty of other eco-friendly cleaners that you can whip up with a few common kitchen ingredients? Here are five of our favorites. Vodka laundry […]

Green Tile Wild

My editor said, “Emily, slow down with the spiritual/personal development articles!” But it’s hard not to let my mind go there as I just read Eckhardt Tolle’s A New Earth. Between us, I’m just going to indulge a sentence or two. As we are evolving our consciousness in many ways […]

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Yellowed Workout Tees? Don’t Sweat It

Summer sunshine and gorgeous weather make for the ideal conditions to get moving – whether hiking, running, biking with your family or simply taking your dog for a walk. But working out in the heat, always comes with a side of sweat, and all too often sweat-stained clothing make laundry […]

Vinegar: The Dark Horse In Your Pantry

If you’re creeped out by the loads of chemicals lurking in traditional cleaning products, one of the purest and safest ways to keep your home spotless is by mixing up cleaning solutions yourself. And if you think you’ll need to turn your kitchen into some sort of DIY eco-friendly cleaning lab, […]

When Composting Goes to the Dogs

Dog gone it, not again! My gluttonous pug – not satisfied with a veggie burger chew toy – has gone bin diving in my compost bucket and recycling bags. These receptacles for reusable waste are placed securely under the sink and not so securely beside the other trash cans in the […]

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