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MAC Attack

I am not what you would call adventurous when it comes to makeup. I wear lipstick, a little tinted moisturizer, some mascara and nothing more. This is not because of any God-given beauty that renders me naturally stunning – it’s just that I am supremely clumsy and untalented when it […]

Sex by Numbers: Modesty is the New Sexy

ColumnExcess is an unsustainable path, leaving little to the imagination. Modesty doesn’t necessarily mean donning a chastity belt, but it certainly means keeping your legs firmly crossed if you’re wearing a skirt. Moderation doesn’t mean giving up alcohol to spend every evening reading Gertrude Stein while cuddling your pet cat, […]

The Insider’s Guide to Life: Kids These Days

ColumnArmed with an iPad. And dangerous? After a weekend in New York for eco fashion, it was off to Cape Cod with our managing editor, Amy DuFault, who makes her home here with her family: a musician-designer husband, two children and a cockapoo named Mick. They live in a classic […]

Foodie Underground: 5 Simple Serving Classics

ColumnServe your food up simple with these 5 classics. How often are we seduced by sexy packaging? All. The. Time. We live in a disposable world, full of plastic forks, coffee cups and styrofoam takeout boxes. At the same time, everywhere we turn we’re tempted to improve our culinary prowess […]

heARTbeat: Ali Golzad Recycles Cardboard to Capture Empathy

ColumnHow civilized are we, really? When artist, Ali Golzad was ten years old, he was forced to flee his native Iran, and live as an orphan in Sweden until he was reunited with his parents three years later. As a result, he has a strong affinity for the estimated twenty […]

From an Ex-Pat…with Love

ColumnStaving off depression during a dark Berlin winter sometimes means a communal sauna and a cold beer. In the popular American imagination, Western Europe is still a bastion for in-the-buff recreation. The mere mention of the Mediterranean, for many of us, calls to mind glorified, sun soaked stretches of impossibly […]

On Trend: Red Hot Fall

Forget the muted tones, embrace fall in all its splendor. It’s going to be a red hot fall, at least inside our closets. Red, in hues ranging from dark rust to neon-bright, is one of the hottest colors right now, and will also carry nicely into the spring. If you […]

Foodie Underground: Is Foraging Destroying Our Forests?

Is the food industry’s foraging addiction fueling the destruction of forests and wetlands? That’s what the United Kingdom’s National Trust and Forestry Commission thinks. With the support of local-centric chefs like Jamie Oliver, mushroom foraging has gone from simple pastime to foodie obsession, with many restaurants incorporating wild fungi into their menus. […]

heARTbeat: Kirsty Mitchell’s Inspired Wonderland Series

Column“Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” -The King from Alice in Wonderland What inspires you?  The drape of a fabric?  A stone washed smooth by decades in a stream? The look in your child’s eyes that is pure love? Well, for […]

The Insider’s Guide to Life: Friends with Benefits

ColumnDefining friendship online. “We need a new word for friend.” This, from a web-savvy colleague who is one of the seventeen remaining people on the planet not to be grasped by the far-reaching fingers of the Facebook people garden, after I mentioned a study finding people have twice as many […]

The Cape Side of Good Hope

On the east side of the Cape of Good Hope is False Bay, so named I presume because ancient mariners rounding her would think they’d gain the passage to the east, when in reality, the terminus of Africa lies just beyond to the east at Cape Aguhlas. From Cape Town, […]

heARTbeat: Shawn Huckins Tweets Over 18th Century Paintings

ColumnAre we LOLing our way to cultural bankruptcy? Shawn Huckins‘s work reminds us that painting takes time. By appropriating 18th century American artworks juxtaposed with instant messaging lingo, Twitter language and urban slang, Huckins presents the idea that perhaps we have little patience for the simplicity of correct spelling, appropriate […]

Between the Lines: Mercury in Retrograde

ColumnConscious life, hear me roar. Coming home on a ferry Sunday from Martha’s Vineyard, I pulled out my iPhone and checked emails. I should have waited until Monday. A close friend emailed me she’d had the most bizarre weekend ever: running over a stray dildo in a bike lane, a […]

Change We Can Believe In

I hate to admit it, but I’m an instant gratification kind of gal. On the rare occasions that I rouse myself to do something positive, I like to be rewarded with the immediate and obvious results of my efforts. When I clean, I want to see a sparkling and orderly house […]

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Oil

Have you ever been confused about which vegetable oils are healthiest? Or which ones to use for what purposes? You’re not alone. Vegetable oils are a slippery minefield. We’ve read it all: Canola oil good. Canola oil bad. Expeller pressed or cold pressed? Refined or unrefined? With so many differing […]

A Spring Trend to Dye for

Tie dye conjures up snap shots of music festivals in mud from a period past, but with a modern spin this trend is back in! In fact, it has a sister trend to support it – the dip dye. With both, the key is to not have the dye look […]

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Sugar Addiction and Nutrition Labels: Foodie Underground

Would a revamped nutrition label help us deal with our sugar addiction? When you grab a food product off the shelf, do you look at the nutrition label? Chances are you do, but statistically more people look at the general nutrition facts than they do the ingredients. Our misunderstanding of […]

4 Years of a Column About Good Food: Foodie Underground

Four years of Foodie Underground means a lot of column writing. Here’s a look back. Something last week made me go and search for the first Foodie Underground ever written. I remembered that it was around springtime, but couldn’t remembered the month. As it turned out, my first column devoted […]

Foodie Underground: Is Technology Killing Our Relationship to Real Food?

ColumnIn our modern, technology filled world, we’re busy, and so we cut corners, but food shouldn’t be one of them. Checking your iPhone during dinner is rude (well, unless you’re food porning it up… and even then, there are limits). But what’s worse? Making your iPhone your dinner partner. That’s right […]

Foodie Underground: Everything in Moderation

ColumnHow does a foodie decide what to eat and what not to eat? It was early in the morning, NPR was on, and my mother and I were sitting at my kitchen table drinking tea. An interview came on the radio with an executive of a certain well known specialty […]

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