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Foodie Underground: What Does It Take to Be a Foodie City?

When it comes to cuisines, a city’s status isn’t just about collecting restaurants with 3 Michelin stars. These days it’s all about a holistic approach: numerous hole-in-the-walls serving up hard-to-find goods, ample access to fresh and local (preferably organic) produce, a local wine culture. Just as the underground food movement […]

Teach Me Nothing Just Be My Friend

ColumnWe don’t need our friends to teach us composting, we need them to have our back. In a recent article for the Huffington Post, eco-activist Laurie David wrote earnestly (maybe a little too earnestly) about what she wants from her girlfriends. Her words were heartfelt and lofty (and maybe a […]

Sex by Numbers: Can I Stay Single but Commit to One Man?

ColumnIs it possible to fall in love while still retaining your freedom? This week I received a philosophically-compelling letter from a friend back in the States. This year, like me, she has elected to be single after a long term relationship and has been savoring the sweetness of her alone […]

Eating Local and Organic By the Seasons

Okay, so you know how to shop the farmers’ market and you know that when you shop the farmers’ market, it’s easy to buy what’s local and in season because that’s what the farmers are selling. But most people still do the majority of their shopping in grocery stores. When […]

Shade Grown Hollywood: Materialism at the Multiplex

ColumnWhere celebrity becomes conscious. The stock market is on a roller coaster, financial oligarch Warren Buffet is calling for all the other financial oligarchs to get real, and everyone has been holding their breath about Greece. Such are the times. We  would all do well to tighten our belts and […]

On Trend: A Pop of Mustard

Liven up your monochromatic winter wardrobe with pops of mustard yellow. Even though bright yellow seems to work best in summer, you can still sport some sunny color right now, if you just tone down the saturation a bit. Mustard-yellow hues happen to work very well with grays and blacks, […]

Africa and The Elephant

Driving east beyond the Cape of Good Hope and the true terminus of Africa, Cape Agulhas, where the convergence of the Indian and The Atlantic Ocean dance to support untold stories of life and struggle in the ocean – the land of South Africa opens up. For the wild beasts […]

Foodie Underground: The Beauty of Eating Outdoors

ColumnA stove, a tent and a sunset is the formula for appreciating simple food. Mediocre wine is excellent if you have a view, coffee is exponentially more delicious when brewed after a night in a tent, and trail mix can compete with the fanciest hors d’oeuvre when you’re in the […]

Foodie Underground: Why the French Aren’t Fat

ColumnWhat exactly is the French Paradox? Turns out it’s just a different attitude towards food. Mes amis, let us take a moment and go francophile. But first let me preface this by acknowledging that there was in fact a time when my love affair with France hit a dark spot. […]

heARTbeat: Shawn Huckins Tweets Over 18th Century Paintings

ColumnAre we LOLing our way to cultural bankruptcy? Shawn Huckins‘s work reminds us that painting takes time. By appropriating 18th century American artworks juxtaposed with instant messaging lingo, Twitter language and urban slang, Huckins presents the idea that perhaps we have little patience for the simplicity of correct spelling, appropriate […]

Between the Lines: Mercury in Retrograde

ColumnConscious life, hear me roar. Coming home on a ferry Sunday from Martha’s Vineyard, I pulled out my iPhone and checked emails. I should have waited until Monday. A close friend emailed me she’d had the most bizarre weekend ever: running over a stray dildo in a bike lane, a […]

Weekend Bag: Scottish Eco Pod

When packing for a stay at the Eco Pod in Scotland, take inspiration from the interiors and mix black, leather and metal with natural materials & hues. Pack for a weekend at the Eco Pod in Scotland by filling your bag with a mix of Scottish and American eco-design. Take […]

Foodie Underground: Everything in Moderation

ColumnHow does a foodie decide what to eat and what not to eat? It was early in the morning, NPR was on, and my mother and I were sitting at my kitchen table drinking tea. An interview came on the radio with an executive of a certain well known specialty […]

Foodie Underground: Why Are We Food Porn Obsessed?

ColumnWhat motivates us to share our culinary adventures. When four different people, who don’t know each other, all send you the link to the same article, an article that poses the question “are your friends bombarding you with food porn?” you know you have a problem. Been inundated with food […]

California Water Issues Divide Farmers, Fishers, and Urban Dwellers

If you’ve ever seen the movie Chinatown, in which private investigator Jake Gittes (played by Jack Nicholson) stumbles upon a gigantic water scandal in the course of investigating an adultery case in Los Angeles, then you know that California’s water issues go way back. Water is contentious here because we […]

Bounty Towels: The Crystal Meth of Paper Products

In general, I am not one to brag; but I can be a little smug when it comes to trumpeting my eco credentials. Because the fact is, I consider myself pretty darn green. I buy products made of sustainable materials whenever I can (unless they’re really expensive or hard to […]

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Sugar Addiction and Nutrition Labels: Foodie Underground

Would a revamped nutrition label help us deal with our sugar addiction? When you grab a food product off the shelf, do you look at the nutrition label? Chances are you do, but statistically more people look at the general nutrition facts than they do the ingredients. Our misunderstanding of […]

4 Years of a Column About Good Food: Foodie Underground

Four years of Foodie Underground means a lot of column writing. Here’s a look back. Something last week made me go and search for the first Foodie Underground ever written. I remembered that it was around springtime, but couldn’t remembered the month. As it turned out, my first column devoted […]

Foodie Underground: Is Technology Killing Our Relationship to Real Food?

ColumnIn our modern, technology filled world, we’re busy, and so we cut corners, but food shouldn’t be one of them. Checking your iPhone during dinner is rude (well, unless you’re food porning it up… and even then, there are limits). But what’s worse? Making your iPhone your dinner partner. That’s right […]

Foodie Underground: Everything in Moderation

ColumnHow does a foodie decide what to eat and what not to eat? It was early in the morning, NPR was on, and my mother and I were sitting at my kitchen table drinking tea. An interview came on the radio with an executive of a certain well known specialty […]

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